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  1. A helpful tip for the ‘A Lot of Cheddar’ trophy, you can just buy as many shares of a stock that you’re able to with the money you do have, then immediately sell them. Just do this over and over until the trophy pops.
  2. I can confirm this method still works. Used password ‘Cake’ to start on Room 750 and didn’t save. And for those wanting to save a bit more time, you can get the trophy ‘It Was Never a Mask’ this way as well, just make sure to hit every cardboard cutout (Specimen 1) and non-spectral specimen when possible. Specimen 3 and Specimen 6 are particularly easy to hit.
  3. The platinum for Black Ops 3 honestly isn’t too bad, at least in terms of difficulty, it’s just very grindy. If you’re having trouble with the combat simulator on realistic difficulty, there is an invincibility glitch.