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  1. What were they, and how did you get them to work?
  2. Days Gone Plat 121!
  3. I haven't played zombies on COD in about 2 years. So how hard do you guys think these trophies out of 10. Do you think there on the 3/10, or more like a 7/10 difficulty to get all of them for the Platinum trophy?
  4. I'm seeing the usage of this gun skyrocket after the nerf, but it honestly seems more deadly now than before.The kill feed is almost 75% BAR and barely anything else. I wonder if they meant to nerf it, and accidentally nerfed the M1941 bc that gun seems weak as dish water post patch compared to it use to be one of the best guns in the game pre-patch. Anyone else notice similar things after the patch?
  5. Thanks for the info. And I'm pretty good on the sticks. Would this be easier with a team, or is it possible with randoms?
  6. So I need rogue kills, but I'm looking any advice to get them. If your friend goes rogue, and you spawn near them without joining there group, does that count as a rogue kill? What tips can you give 1) trying to find a rogue player and 2) whats the best way to kill another player and 3) do you have to have to be the one to get the final blow for it to count, or can you be just one of the people to damage him before he heals? My PSN is BMJ2K7, feel free to message me on there, reply to this topic or however you want. Just looking tips, maybe find other players who need the same and we work together or give each other pointers, anything really to speed up the process since the player count in the DZ seems to be dwindling .
  7. I've done this more than a dozen times with 2 controllers. People are saying online the trophy is glitched, and it wont work 2 player anymore, and it wont work with the punter method either. I've done both ways, and the trophy didn't pop either way. Anyone know a way to make it unlock?
  8. Did this patch, make the game more unstable then it was? Random people get teleported when fighting them, game crashed every couple hours and lip syncing sometimes seems off. Anyone else having problems with this update, that they havent had before?
  9. Can you help me with NG++ rings? PSN BMJ2K7, can I add you? Whats your PSN ID?
  10. Redania's most wanted, if I wait to give the megascope to Yenn does this disable any trophy progression? As in does this make it to late in the game to get the Assassin of Kings trophy. And does Redania's most wanted to have to done before A Matter of Life and Death? I'm trying to get Full Crew, Assassins of KIngs in this play through. Also does getting Gwent Master effect any other gwent quests?
  11. Im 2 trophies away from platinum, and I need to max out my exo suit. The only challenges I have left are the grenade kills. Only problem is, when I complete that level of the challenge, go to the next mission and exit, then my stats go back to what they were before the mission I did to kill enemies with grenades. And I lost the point that I put into my suit. How can I make my stats stay, so I can finish this trophy? Also any good places to farm grenade kills? Nevermind, a friend help me figure this out.
  12. Thanks, will try this. Im going for all trophies this play through. So when I do Death March, I only have to do Death March and no missable trophies.
  13. I just started playing this game a couple days ago. For the 1st 5 hours or so I have 90 carry weight. Now that I started actually doing quests and not just explore I see that my carry weight has dropped to 60. Now my equipment is the exact same, still have level 1 gear on. So then I think maybe its bc one save is close to the horse, and the other is not. Well I get on the horse on both saves, yet my save about 2 hours in has 90 weight, and the one 5 hours in has 60 carry weight. So that's not it. So is this one of the many bugs this game has, that has yet to be fixed or what? If I go back to my 2 hour save will this happen again, so its not worth the time , so stick with my 5 hour save? Or if I go back to that 2 hour save and lose 3 hours of quests but get my carry weight back, will it not get that bug again and everything will be fine?
  14. We should keep this updated. It seems a lot of people were never able to download the day 1 patch, including myself. And with a new patch coming out in the next week or so, lets keep updating this thread or atleast Bethesda, to get bugs (which this game has a lot of) fixed in the 3rd patch.
  15. So I'm playing right now, and I go to buy a house at Diamond City. But says I don't have enough caps. Which I thought was weird bc last time I checked I had over 12,000. Well now it says I have a mere 200. I check every save for the last hour and it says I have the exact same number of caps. I even go back to a save 3 hours ago, and it says I have a mere 5500 caps. When I played last night, I had over 8,000 on that save, except I played an hour or two since except I increased it to around 10,000 yet still says 5500. Apparently I got hit with a serious bug, so make sure you guys back up your save every hour or two, to prevent this from happening. Bc I lost over 12,000 caps, and I dont have the money anymore to buy what I want. Edit: So I uploaded from save from last night onto the PS4. And everything is back to normal except for the wasted hours today. So whatever bug this is, that effected my saves on the PS4, only affected the ones on the PS4. So my save from my USB is fine. This proves it was a bug, bc the save I uploaded from the USB is the same one on the PS4 from the same play time. And my caps and everything now is back, even though I wasted 3 hours today for nothing. But at least all my caps and stuff is back. Good thing I backup my saves each night, or I would have been screwed. Hope no one ever gets this bug!
  16. For me it has to be helmets. If you try and snipe someone with a helmet on, if you aim any higher than the mouth it seems to register as a head shot and go "ping" like it hit them helmet. Another thing with the helmet I'd like to see fixed is the riot gear. I knocked a soldier with it on unconscious, he was on his back and my laser clearly was on his neck, cheek, face etc and ever single time it went "ping" even though you could see the shot not hit the helmet, the game still registered it as a helmet shot. Speaking of riot gear, why can't we shoot through it with anything besides a rocket launcher? Why can't they be stunned to a shot to the helmet with a sniper rifle? Enemies who never miss even when there 200 yards away with no scope, or attachments with a base gun. Why can't we view the weapon upgrade were about to buy? See what the new attachments actually do. And if that weapon attachment fits onto my gun. I bought a drum mag for 2 different AR's yet neither of them actually fit my AR that I use. They should do something about the very slow health regen system, as slow as it is it would have been better if they added health items or something. You'll lose the enemy by just running away faster than our health will come back. Why do we upgrade our base, but weapons (even ones at the beginning of the game) when your at the end of the game still take 18, 36 minutes, 1.2 hours. You can't decrease the time. Its kind of the same for decreasing time for making your base bigger. It's like they want you to believe your actions mean something, but they never finished the concept. I may add to this bc it's not hard too honestly, but for right now what are things you would like fixed or added that would make the experience better?
  17. Good on them. I'm actually surprised they weren't full of crap when they said they were doing this! Now if they keep doing this once ever 2 weeks or some, to keep them from coming back and preventing new ones from coming out. They should be able to fix there multiplayer. However if this is just a 1 time thing, I see they online staying broken until Destiny 2 now rumored to be coming out next fall.
  18. There not only going after hand cannons, there going after other exotics that are popular. There going after Ice Breaker and GJALLARHORN. Now they say this update is to re balance weapons, but I don't believe it. This update is suppose to attack hand cannons, but going after other exotics makes no sense. Now to me this seems like they want these weapons to be good not that much longer. Remember Taken King is now a year 2 dlc, not a year 1 dlc so all weapons wont get the new damage increase except exotics. But if you make old exotics worse, people have to buy the Taken King to get better gear (WE HOPE) so it increase your reason to buy a over hyped $15 dlc which there charging $40 for. If this is how they do year 3 dlc gear, by nerfing everything popular in the three year 2 dlc's. What's the point of us buying the new dlc, if your just going to nerf it when a new dlc hits?
  19. Well it is coming to PS4 but yeah probably in april may would be my guess, X1 will get it around january february. And i love the idea of mods for a game like this. Just look at the graphical upgrades Skyrim has gotten with mods. I would love to be able to make Fallout 3 look as good as Fallout 4. And make Fallout 4 keep looking better and better at least so it ages gracefully considering these Bethesda games only come out every 3-4 years. Even if it's supported for just a year or two. Means when the next game is announced, we can come back to older games and it won't be as much as a difference than playing a semi new games that came out after it.
  20. I have personally seen a +20% max hp and +20% stamina run from a streamer I was watching, while at a friends house. Now I know where the stamina rune is, where is the health rune? Has anyone seen or know where the +20% Max HP rune is? I know that one of the recent update increased the drop rate of high rarity items, does this have anything to do with it?
  21. Trust me, the second I find out where he got it. I will farm as much as possible to get it, and once it's mine I will post the glyph code in this thread. And your not the only one trying to find it, my friends who saw it have been trying to find it as well. We all want it for that slight boost of bonus hp for pvp. 5% can make all the difference in the world in a close fight!
  22. Yeah well I've seen different. When I was hanging with friends the day after the new update, we were watching twitch. He even said (the streamer) it only drops now bc of the increased rarity drops that we can only get after the update. Not only that he showed his stats of having a +20% health, +15% health and a +20% stamina. They were in english so we could read them. Can't remember his name, but I look through twitch everyday for the amount of people he had, which was about 60 when we were hanging out. They saw it too. So it does exist, it's just extremely rare bc he said someone had to tell him where to get it. So thats 2 people who have it, and now I'm trying to find it. Bc I seriously doubt he hacked his ps4 just create a new rune that gives him more health.
  23. With the astronomical increase in cheating in Destiny, with hackers, modders, lag switchers and cheaters across all platforms. Bungie now sees just how hacked there game is. It seems now more than every before the hackers are starting to completely take over PvP (Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner specifically). That if you see someone cheating, if you report them after the game Bungie is now starting to look into these players to determine if there playing legitly or not. IE people taking 4 point blant Felwinter's Lie 365 and not even losing there shield, not dying from an entire heavy clip, 1-2 hit killing enemy players, lag switching, putting a 4-5 second delay on trying to take over an objective, shooting through walls, having infinite super and both subclass supers and using them almost one immediately after the other seems to made a significant comeback. These aren't even all the hacks/cheats I've seen, let alone the ones my friends have seen. I know the fanboys will say its lag or its your connection, but it literally has gotten so out of hand that Bungie themselves came out and said if you report somene they will look into the matter. I know PvP is about to change within the next couple weeks with the nerfing of handcannons coming soon, specificly Thorn, Last Word and Hawkmoon so that should make a lot of people change tactics. But now that BUNGIE ACTUALLY CARES about PvP and cheating in there game, maybe playing it this summer with guns more balanced and hopefully cheaters getting banned, atleast some of them. It should be worth another look for those who quit playing it bc cheaters and unbalanced weapons. So please start reporting players who you suspect are cheating! Letting it slide will only make the matter worse. We have a chance to finally fix this online, and make it a fair playing ground, it's up to the PLAYERS to make this online better, so let's do it. And with 13,000 players getting banned from H1Z1, and what it takes for them to come back. If something like this happend, pretty much everyone caught would prevent them from coming back, atleast on that account.
  24. So me and 2 others were on the round 5 checkpoint for the 34 POE strike. We had been failing to kill the final boss to get the chest for well over two hours. Then the server messes up and we all go back to orbit wondering what happened. So we lost over 4 hours of work bc Bungie doesn't think they need checkpoints. But how many time during the VOG or Crota raids have you seen people back out to orbit to see if the server gets better, or get a new server all together? For me, we do it a whole lot, like all the time bc the server's haven't ever been stable. So why knowing the amount of people going on your server's is going to sky rocket, so why not add in protection against it? And the feature they patched in to keep this from happening doesn't seem to be working. Not a surprise considering the reason the patch came out so late, was bc they were having major issues with it making it stick, which is why we only got about half the patch we thought we were getting. So has this happened to you yet, do you guys think we should get checkpoint system for POE? (prison of elders)
  25. Any advice for the Watchdog in the defiled chalice dungeon?