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  1. You start a world in survival, and when in game enable cheats and change to creative, wait 10/20 seconds then close application, then go the same world, u can get trophies while in creative. Works for every trophy except multiplayer ones if u dont have the 100% yet. Got then in less then 3 min. (The new ones)
  2. im getting 1 lvl per game with the double xp so its worth playing for sure
  3. thx for the help everybody. I got the plat around 4 days ago and shut myself from here and from playing game of how infuriated i was. thx all again
  4. U think u can help me?
  5. The cop at the end
  6. Did u get it at least?
  7. as title says i've been trying for 2 days now havent gotten it
  8. I Did the 5 of the uncharteds, Really enjoyable Concrete Genie is already a done plat, and about Gravity Rush i'll have to get PSNow again.
  9. NGL i know this is a hot take but i didn't enjoy that much
  10. This is my second acc ( The account i play games that i dont know if i should plat or not ). Do you guys have any recomendations of what i should plat? Thx in advance.
  11. i got 3 out of 3 in the chest in the valkyrie area idk if it was just for me but yeh ( my luck stat was no more than 50 )
  12. did this on my alt only the time machine , rocket and another random one popped any help? edit: forgot to toggle off a single cheat yikes
  13. Can the mvps be boosted tho?
  14. There are plenty of games that have the online portion of the online trophies separated.
  15. Just bought the game, still instaling, took a look at the trophy list, why tf are the online trophies not separated for the single player ones?