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  1. Looking for a Lvl 50 Crew Inv Thanks in advance Psn:ChronoDimension
  2. if u still looking for help i believe its like if u get 6 Double kills / Triple Kills / Rampages that sort of pop up in the in the same game. i could be wrong but im pretty sure its it
  3. Wild rift or even valorant. could both be really nice on console
  4. Does Great EntryCount For This Trophy? I Never Got Anything Called Fast Entry Or What The Guide Says "Awesome Entry"
  5. does mega backwards count for this trophy or just regular backward? also can it be done in multiplayer map by myself?
  6. that i know but do i need to do the drug busts first?
  7. Do i need to complete the drug busts before the random events start spawning or are they always "active"? Thx in advance
  8. You start a world in survival, and when in game enable cheats and change to creative, wait 10/20 seconds then close application, then go the same world, u can get trophies while in creative. Works for every trophy except multiplayer ones if u dont have the 100% yet. Got then in less then 3 min. (The new ones)
  9. im getting 1 lvl per game with the double xp so its worth playing for sure
  10. thx for the help everybody. I got the plat around 4 days ago and shut myself from here and from playing game of how infuriated i was. thx all again
  11. U think u can help me?
  12. The cop at the end
  13. Did u get it at least?
  14. as title says i've been trying for 2 days now havent gotten it
  15. I Did the 5 of the uncharteds, Really enjoyable Concrete Genie is already a done plat, and about Gravity Rush i'll have to get PSNow again.