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  1. Oh k I didn't know about the second account since I am viewing the new posts via my mobile phone.
  2. Nelke is a bonus game, so it's not mandatory for the platinum. But you do get a nice emblem to your name for getting the plat
  3. @Blazikieron Hmm I don't see anything of you finishing J-Stars. Are you using a different account?
  4. @Yen-Pop Maybe complete one of the 3 God of War games for the PS3 under the B3 category (Historical fiction or mythology)?
  5. Ok I think @ShinigamiSensei- somehow hacked the randomizer lol Congrats to all of the winners.
  6. ecchi lol. Also, you've unlocked the emblem and you're back at the platinum rank... for now You've unlocked the emblem and have been promoted.
  7. If Jump Force was at $15 or $20, then I would go for the digital. Nevertheless I can probably find it cheaper on disc (which is always my preferred method of purchase, unless it is ipossible to find). Also, the Burnout Paraside for PS4 is pretty good, but I won't be going for it since I already completed the PS3 version. Lastly, I wish there were more indie games on sale. Instead I see a lot of the popular stuff like: Some Call of Duty Game Some Battlefield game Some Dragon Ball Z Game (expensive) The same 4 Naruto games Red Dead Redemption 2 (expensive) Kingdom Hearts 3 I think the online for Sound Shapes is done, and therefore you cannot autopop the trophies if you have them completed on a different console.
  8. I just double-checked the amount of trophies that I earned from last year's event, and I was 3 trophies away from earning double the amount that I got from said year. Damn.
  9. Limbo is probably the only game on your list that looks doable. Everything else seems like a grind.
  10. Uncharted 3 (PS3). Getting the multiplayer to 100% must have been hell for you.
  11. @MaxieM0us3 I can confirm with Yu-Gi-Oh. The servers are almost unplayable due to the crashing. It took me and 3 other people forever to get it done.
  12. Confirmed at 19
  13. @sephiroth4424 Well some of the players have already earned trophies on the 29th. So unless they are hiding trophies, I can only count from what I see so far
  14. So rather then wait for others to confirm their total, I might as well go through anyone that hasn't posted their final count, and begin counting. If the score posted isn't 100% accurate, let us know asap: @Ampplaca - 20 @BeautifulTorment - 4 @BlackCatBurrito - 1 @bsdude0 - 61 @ChernobylNinja - 26 @CJUGames - 14 @Dvst8u - 5 @elonius007 - 27 If I haven't mentioned your named, it's either you didn't sync yet, decided not to take part in the event, or you didn't earn any trophies on that day.
  15. I mentioned it earlier that you got 149