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  1. Yes, that's why I have it hidden.
  2. @Leon Castlehave you heard anything on how Light will be playable in JF?
  3. @viech54 i'm never touching Overwhelming Apocalypse. I did try the peon fusion trick to get her % thing to the right number (i forgot the actual number), but i realized It was pointless, and could have used those hours trying to max out other Shampurus.
  4. @viech54 for the tier 15 can't you just go the safer route and get them through NG+s?
  5. Oh k so then that would be good for games like Dragon's Crown where the Vita servers are separate from the PS4 version.
  6. So "Cross-play" would mean that we will finally be able to play any PS3 game on a PS4 console? If so, that is awesome! It will be great to be able to own physical copies of games instead of always relying on digital-only. Should anything happen to your account, then all those digital-only games will become null and void, and will have to resort to re-buying those games that you didn't get to finish.
  7. Noire Best Girl
  8. Medaka Box
  9. Most of the time I don't think about the site's milestones, only every 50th platinum. Problem for me is that, because one of platinums is hidden, I have to make sure I get the correct platinum to register as a milestone. Everything else to me is irrelevant.
  10. @Danny_Johansen Is the "Minor Miscalculation" trophy only obtainable online, or can you not do it offline? I have never played Starhawk, so I don't know which trophies have been affected due to the server closure.
  11. Do you have questions in regards to the specifications of the system itself?
  12. I think that The Last Of Us (PS3) will probably go offline before they touch the Uncharted games.
  13. Damn, I still have yet to play Steins;Gate 0. I loved playing through the first one, and I still have yet to watch the anime.
  14. Enjoys getting into all sorts of action and mayhem (maybe even a fatality or two?) with all of that fighting and shooting.
  15. @Arling-07 total of 8 counted. @bani24jj total of 10 counted. @Bos10George total of 15 counted. @Carbon_Lancer don't see any trophies. @crazycarnz total of 20 counted. @DamagingRob total of 30 counted. @Beyondthegrave07 If there are any more people to count, let me know.