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  1. Damn. Once again I have to spend more money on games that I have to get while they are still cheap. Managed to buy the following: A Rose in Twilight. Life is Strange: Before the Storm Complete Season Pass. White Day: A Labyrinth Named School. I would strongly recommend getting the Hyperdimension Neptunia series for those who are rpg fans. All of them aren't appreciated enough. Also, this is perhaps the first time I have seen both Mugen Souls games on sale. As much as the first one is a complete grind to platinum, I would also recommend buying that game. You will never see these games on sale anywhere else.
  2. Sorry I failed. On the plus side, the only thing I see that's decent is Life is Strange: Before the Storm for $5.00
  3. If for some reason this goes through, then what would be the cutoff for kicking inactive players? Also, what is there to stop someone just, let say, signing on once, pop a trophy, sync, and then disappear like Batman?
  4. In regards to Terramorphous, couldn't you be able to beat him easily with one of the modded weapons that was found in the single player, or was that all through the online?
  5. Well what I mean by this is that the dlc always contains more crap that people have to do, which goes more than above and beyond the amount of time needed to just get the main trophies. Look at what Naughty Dog did to Uncharted 3, and what Square Enix did to Final Fantasy 15.
  6. Oh k. If this was the case, then what is the point of having console exclusives?
  7. Wait it's also on both Switch and Steam? What the hell have I been missing during my "absenteeism" from trophy hunting?
  8. Well at least it's not on Xbox
  9. God of War series because there is no DLC. Also, I can't fully comment on the newest version since my older brother is the one playing it on his system. I still have yet to download it on mine.
  10. Wait, is this actually a mobile game!? God dammit!
  11. Any true gamer knows that they will wait until they release all of the dlc within a year's time (maybe 2 at most) before putting their 2 cents in.
  12. The chat system. It became pointless over time, and having to switch from playing your game to typing messages to your friends during a party was garbage. That's why people now go on discord. Most games became copyright protected, and that you couldn't back up any saves to the cloud if you didn't have a USB lying around the house somewhere. How they changed the PSN store from having to type the game's name (much easier), to this scroll-down-highlight-the-letter-and-press-the-x-button-to select-the-letter bullshit.
  13. Hmm I would say that Sony has given up on doing anything for the Vita.
  14. Hmm the battle system look so much like Monster Monpiece. If that is the case, then I can't wait for this came to come out next year. But so far from the looks of it, this feels like it can also be available on the vita
  15. But if you complete all 3 DX versions, you can earn another emblem