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  1. Anyone want to boost DBFZ? Looking to get the 530k BP trophy done. I'm currently at 414982, and my rank is Supreme Kai. If interested, send me a message on PSN (same username).

    1. Kale


      use the gaming sessions, it's your best bet

  2. Update: added the following: #185 Heavy Rain (PS4)
  3. #185 Heavy Rain (PS4) I forgot to post this a few days ago, but I got busy with work. Anyways, it was nice to come back to this game and not have to worry much about getting the missable stuff. That Kamikaze trophy wasn't as much of a pain in the ass as when I first tried it back on the PS3 several years ago. Managed to get it on my 5th attempt. But something happened during my gameplay. I don't know how, but the game glitched out, and I managed to capture the funniest thing that I have ever seen. Watch the video below (WARNING: there may be spoilers):
  4. @Leon Castle Congrats. For some reason I though you had around 6-7 of the games done. It's been a while since I last been on the site that I kind of lost track lol.
  5. Hey, haven't been on here in a while, so I'm just catching up on some stuff. Congrats on getting the Dungeon Travelers platinum. I know that it sucked getting the 10k kills since there was no way to track how many are left. I have been slowly earning platinums and cleaning up my backlog bit by bit.

    1. Masamune


      Thanks. ^_^ Yeah, the grind on that was a little boring, I was trying to calculate how long it'd take by keeping track of my exp & stuff like that, but there's a pretty big margin of error using that. 😅 Thankfully I had some anime I haven't watched yet that helped pass the time though, so it wasn't that bad.


      I actually just finished Dragon Quest XI too & will be posting about that shortly. :P 

  6. Spend time on your backlog. Get rid of any 0% games, unless you are planning to play them. Also, try to avoid multiplayer trophies unless you are dedicated to getting them done the second you start the game (in case the devs decide to shut down the servers out of nowhere). Once you have at least 50% completion, then we can talk about what games to go for (and possibly have fun doing it).
  7. Damn I didn't even make it on to the list lol. Congrats to the winners.
  8. I don't know if it's the same on your side, but if you can find Trillion: God of Destruction on sale for less than 5 Euro, buy it while it's still available. Great JRPG game. It's somewhat similar to the disgaea series in terms of gameplay, but not as difficult or grindy.
  9. I still have to get back into that game. I only need a couple trophies left: the true end, and completing that one really hard dungeon. Is there a video guide of some sorts that I can be able to use to make it easier to beat?
  10. So I managed to pick up about 6 more games today: Murdered: Soul Suspects ($1.50) Jake N Daxter collection for vita (I think it was around $5.50) Prototype bundle for PS3 ($10) Bloodborne dlc (almost $7) Unless something else jumps out at me, and I don't own it, then I should be good for a while (I hope).
  11. Damn there wasn't another player that can join midgetstawdog to try and make it a bit more fair? Lol. Good luck to everyone.
  12. Damn so many giveaways this year. One of the favourite Christmas memories that I remember is from last year, where I jokingly asked for a PS4 (even though I knew it wasn't going to come true). But then come Christmas afternoon, after me and the family had breakfast and got settled into our couch to start opening presents, they gave me this huge box that was from everyone in the family. It was actually a PS4 (along with a copy of Final Fantasy 15, which I still haven't put it into the system to play).
  13. Oh I loved it way back when I first played it. I don't know why I completely dropped it, but after getting some motivation from a certain Youtuber that I love to watch when he streams (CMH777), I felt it was time to start cleaning up my backlog. I just didn't know how frustrating it would be to not only get the platinum, but almost all of the dlc as well (just missing 1 trophy for 100%).
  14. Damn, I clicked on the link hoping that it would take me straight to the PS Store, but it didn't. Do I exited the site, and scrolled down to see the list of games. Glad that I didn't spend more money on my credit card... for now. Great job @Katt for posting the information.
  15. Actually, I want to change my second answer to this one: Bloody Roar 3/4 remastered. As much as I would love to see a sequel to Vanquish, I would actually like to try and get into the habit of playing more fighting games, but not to the point where they are ridiculously hard (like Super Street Fighter IV, or the BlazBlue series).