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  1. Haven't seen anyone talk about the babel deck. All other decks can be bought for cheap$$. I got them for 1.50$. I used the babel deck and was able to stack a gougi desperation to 99 , which is increased super attack damage. I was doing 2 and a half health bars per special with skullo. Took a little over an hour. If you got the money it will save time.
  2. I also had the level up the hideout once trophy bug. I got it at hideout level 6. I made sure to not go through the after match menus, just hit circle to go back to camp. And it should pop eventually. Happened to my friend aswell.
  3. I'm on my android , just using the basic internet. And I can't access anything on the site anymore. It ust to just be gaming sessions. Now I can't even access my profile. I think it's only when I use my data tho. Had no problem on my own wifi yesterday.
  4. Took me 3 tries on diffrent tracks. I personally think it's just unstable. Sometimes it will load the ghost, sometimes it will ask if you want to upload a ghost. Sometimes it won't say anything. My buddy got his trophy on my time which I didn't have a ghost on. And I needed a ghost from a diffrent friends to get mine to work last year. All I can suggest is keep trying but on diffrent tracks. Try to make sure your friend or "alt" account has attained atleast bronze. And give it a couple minutes to upload to the leaderboards. EDIT: I vaguely remember reading last year, you need under 100 friends. But I can't say for sure.
  5. This games sense of "speed" is acctually ridiculous. I feel like Im getting pulled back all the time, like some magnetic force just says no your not allowed to go fast. I'll be in front the whole race, while knuckles and tails are spewing "We should do that team ultimate thing" or "its time for a team ultimate" and they don't just say it once... when I know full well if I use it before the end of the final lap I will lose , every, single , time. The comps always use it before the end to overtake you at the last second. Yet if there in front of me, they slow down to a crawl so I can speed up. I will get the plat nonetheless.
  6. Yea , I thought it went from bronze,to silver , to gold. But obviously that's out the window . 😑
  7. That's honestly not true, I'm a day and half in hours in game time, which is roughly 36 hours , and I've done 86 missions, 20 of those solo. Plus I've been doing missions on harder difficultys. You could easily grind that out on an easier difficulty. But exp is another story, if you have a good team and can do higher difficulty missions with no problem. Then it shouldn't be to bad. I tend to play alone or with one other freind. I'm bronze level 20 with one character. Almost silver and that leaves 3 other characters. I would say you could do it in 250-350 hours(in game time) with some screw ups. Probably even less. Time will tell I guess. Is all estimation.
  8. Literally was on the verge of buying it the past 2 days. So glad aswell.
  9. Same thing happend to me. The only thing you can do is contact the developers through discord. It happend to me about 2 years ago, but once I contacted them about it they fixed it within a couple days. Something I can say is, when you know your about to achieve a trophy is brawlout, say your at 99/100 wins. I'd suggest restarting the app so it doesn't crash on your next win. There's no rhyme or reason to the crashes. I've played 78 str8 matches online then crashed, then I played 3 and crashed aswell. But never after one match.
  10. 1st of all, hey there. Just noting a couple things for people that go for the platinum. 1. Dont get 5 stars on a act before you finish the whole act. It will glitch and only give you the trophy for 5 stars, not actually completing it. Meaning a save restart. 2.On act 3 level 6 there is a bitchy part where you have to use the map balistas , I had alot of trouble with this part because of the lack of actually knowing what to do. Your points at the bottom right are the ammo for the ballistas. It takes 20 shots on normal to down the boss and 40 on hard. It costs 1000 points to fire one shot. AND NEVER press the down d pad button while on or near the balista or you will delete it. 3. If you finish an act without the game crashing I suggest to do a app restart , so it doesnt crash on you mid level later on. 4. You can cheese alot of the bosses with Samson III using his L1 ability and spamming bombs where the boss spawns. 5.Dont bother playing as the armored warrior. I mean if you find success with him , go ahead. But hes just not very good compared to the others. 6.In the second to last level they through these flame spear enemies that you have never seen through the game , You have to use the blue shield lady's along with other things. But if you dont have the shield units your screwed. So anytime you see the flame spear guys, in the map briefing. make sure you have the shield in your units. I'll just add, in act 2 when you start to fight shield bearers. I'd suggest putting all the skill points you have into damage so you can take them out quickly. Some tips I hope will help people. Alot of times it almost seems impossible to complete certain levels, Enough persistence and strategy changes and it will come. I dont know if having some other players will make it easier, but it's completely doable solo. Good luck
  11. Same thing happend to me , But I unlocked 3 weapons and was still at 1/5. The thing is , not every unlock is a "weapon", It can be an item or melee weapon aswell which I dont think count. Afterward's I unlocked a shot gun looking blade thing and a leaf blower , both counted towards my weapons, with still more to unlock. So I dont think you can get locked out.
  12. I personally dont think that you have to break the armor for it to count as a hit. It shows yellow damage even afater his armor is broken. All it is , is knockback armor, your still getting hits. I barely broke the armor of leather face when I got my trophy. But ofcourse you cant do raidens combo without breaking the armor. Edit: I mean, I could be wrong... with every one saying how much damage they are doing with no trophy.
  13. I don't know about that... I think theres some criticism for sure. But I disagree every one is being a crybaby... You ever looked at the fallguys posts?
  14. Nice man that's awesome!! I had the exact same goal aswell some years back. Keep up the good work! Happy new years!
  15. Ohh wow thank you very much. I had already deleted my save file. I didnt make it very far. But still that gives me lots of faith thank you.