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  1. I don't know about that... I think theres some criticism for sure. But I disagree every one is being a crybaby... You ever looked at the fallguys posts?
  2. Nice man that's awesome!! I had the exact same goal aswell some years back. Keep up the good work! Happy new years!
  3. Ohh wow thank you very much. I had already deleted my save file. I didnt make it very far. But still that gives me lots of faith thank you.
  4. Theres definitly bugs. I dont know about your current issue, But I know some of the trophys are bugged for me atleast. Definitly bought something from cadence and ox and no trophy, I've bought like 6 things from them. Same with Bello ive bought like 9 things from him also no trophy. I was thinking maybe theres another way to buy things from them? But when I aced whinchesters game and got no trophy . I was like ok. Somethings up.
  5. Yea, I was pissed off last year for trying to reach out and getting nothing. I took your advice and I think it was last week I sent brawlout a messege on discord, explaining my issue. And they fixed it within 3 days. Finally I'm back on track with brawlout now.
  6. Just started to play my VR again yesterday. Was playing the playroom VR today and was playing wanted the minigame in the bar shooting bandits. I know prior I was able to play by myself , slightly taking off the headset to see what was on screen to shoot the right bandit. But it seems whatever I do , the t.v screen is always the same as the VR screen. It really doesn't make any sense because on the t.v your supposed to see the bartender with a sign up , showing the right bandit. But if its showing the same screen as the vr, theres literally no fucking way to tell who to shoot. I'm kinda stumped and confused atm , I've never had this happen and i cant seem to fix it. Last thing i can think of is deleting and reinstalling. Wondering if any one else has had the same issue.? Just deleted and reinstalled, and the problem is still there. Solved: Okay, if this happens to any one else . I did a full reset in my ps4 , had my VR off when booting up the game, played mini bots, then played the monster rampaging through the city mini game, then finally when I played wanted, it worked. I really have no idea what caused this but if this happens to any one ^^ that's what worked for me.
  7. I was getting everything fine 2 days ago. As soon as I start playing yesterday tho something happend. Should have had the cross bow trophy yesterday and sniper headshots trophy today. Very sad. Was going hard on this game like 4 days straight. Now I'm to demotivated to keep going.
  8. Me and a friend were boosting character specific trophys, and at the time we were boosting the shared mech trophy my freind got the trophy for winning a match with every mech. So It got me thinking if we used a shared mech and won 5 matches with every mech it would cut the time in half because we dont have to trade wins. And we did and it worked. So if anyone is going for those trophys I recommend using shared mech and just beating down the computer with your buddy. It cuts the online boosting portion in half. Hope it helps.
  9. Have you guys ever played Hoard mode? It's quite fun to play with a friend or a couple. It does take a bit of time to get far but if you can make it to higher waves you can get big payouts in weapon exp , character xp and the currency. Got to wave 20 with my friend with a level 10 co op character and I leveled up to level 21. And I earned 3200 currency. Again it takes a bit of time but is worth it if your doing the same f#$%ing thing over and over again. There's also those vials now( secret green looking vials to pick up) in every mission that boost mission ending rewards, and you can find more then one in a mission. Definitly adds a bit more variety.
  10. Was boosting brawlout with my friend awhile ago, and the last match I played with him I was 99/100 for the 100 1vs 1 wins. And after the match was done and was loading back into the lobby the game froze on me. So when I loaded back up there was no trophy pop and the challenge leveld up to 200 wins. Meaning it locked me out of my trophy. The challenge still went forward tho. So I dont have the 100 1 vs 1 trophy but I am now working towards the 200 1 vs 1 trophy. So I tried messaging the developers angry mob , and the brawlout Facebook page to see if they can revert my challenge progress, and just got completely ignored over a 3 month period. I am extremely disappointed about this, should I continue forward? Maybe the 100 win trophy will pop when I get the 200 wins? Probably just have to give up for now.
  11. I haven't finished all the games yet, but I do know when you press l2 at any time during your first time playing any game its saves automatically. And after you finish a game it also wants to automatically save if you press the l2 button during credits or after last boss. So I dont know if that initial save is required for the game to know you beat it? Or maybe you just have to sit through the credits on each game.
  12. Its half and half acctually. You do need the BIKE to get the calories burned / resistance / and consecutive days, trophys. However you can get the other miscellaneous trophys with just the CONTROLLER like how far you have traveled and how many apples eaten , horses saved etc.
  13. Hopefully you guys are using the coco character type, unless your better with other types. That sewer speedway shortcut is a bitch to get consistently , I always break at the top of the half pipe on the left, right before you jump in directly in front of the short cut. Try to have no boost when you jump in , only the boost from the jump into the halfpipe. It's not guaranteed but it does work.
  14. I understand there are hackers. But your obviously not listening to what I'm saying. The game is glitched. I myself should have gotten bonus game trophys twice but it didn't pop for me but that's a diffrent trophy. Again the fact that the" psn trophy system" says it's at 0.01% means it's been achieved, if it was hacked it would revert. I understand your frustration, but freaking out at me isn't doing anything. I'm just passing on info. It could be wrong info but sorry I thought I would try to help out.
  15. Well why do people have the plat then? Someone on psnprofiles has the plat now to (I think) from time I'm looking at post. It's very glitched but obtainable, people have done it. Very few though. I'm not saying your wrong, it has been glitched for a long time But maybe there are certain ps4s that can't obtain it. I really don't know all the info. But the fact that the platinum is at 0.01% on psns trophy system, and it has been like that since my last post. I would say that's proof it's obtainable.