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  1. so i have used every single character variation like all 3 versions of each character and including dlc characters since i have the XL edition and i have done it about 2 or 3 times now and have done over 50 near probably a 100+ brutalities last night all this on 2 controller kustom kombat thing. does this not count towards the trophies or whats going on because i havent gotten the variation trophies or the 50 brutality trophy? Also to mention i did all this originally online when grinding the 1000 points with a friend for king of the hill and still nothing so technically more then 3 times on variations and more for brutalities. Thanks in Advance for any help and advice!!!!
  2. thank u Jorge and hobo thats the way i always type is in bold bc im ocd bout it even for jobs i used bold typing and everything which people more so like anyways because others with seeing problems can see and read it a bit better versus plain typing
  3. its not predator now so that wont matter right now its Tanya who is a lil jerk bc spams hits like crazy and can barely get a combo in if im lucky 1 time per try and etc..
  4. yea need to get the armor down for sure mine i guess is pyromancer right now before she kept hitting me with her stick and it was annoying bc i couldnt get the combo off and now its barely hitting here and there but a lil more then before atleast
  5. tanya is ruthless like doesnt let up for 99%of it especially off the start so I'm barely lucky to maybe try and use xray but it also gets blocked a bit
  6. yea im tryin to understand this bs with the 1k hits or whtev trophy so i fully understand it since its my 1st time since yrs ago when i 1st started this game edit: the only thing i think that is landing at this time with me using raiden even possibly is his xray and i would have to do over a 100+ matches to attempt on hitting her with it to get the 1k hits if it actually is still counting towards the trophy while her shield/armor is up
  7. does this stupid trophy only count when the boss like right now its TANYA if she is actually immobile from raidens combo like she blocks the 1st triangle then gets hurt a lil from the 2nd 1 but its not sayin on screen for hits but its telling me the damage i do to her so is the damage basically the same thing as the hits?
  8. hello I am just wondering by chance since it's probably been a good while since anybody has asked but is blackout still getting somewhat a good amount of people? I ask because I need only 1 damn character to be fully done and have platinum and its bloody resnov. I could never seem to manage getting the kill/down or whatever it was to get to unlock him I have gotten high placement plenty of times when having the hat just not the kill. So if anybody can let me know would be greatly appreciated.
  9. apparently not trust me i have tried big time my mistake was not getting it when it was avaliable yrs ago didnt think it was gnna be taken away like tht in general atleast i got the ps3 version but still wish i had the ps4 version as well
  10. I'm max legend rank 250 and all my skills besides hell raid which doesnt matter are maxed just still have trouble doing it even with different people I have attempted it and I cant get that far because for some reason they die around the 2 goon part and then I have to fight both by myself you can message me on psn if anything I have more access to that usually wit my app then being more lately same goes for anyone else
  11. is there a way to get a code for usa version? Or if I made a uk account for tht would I be able to sign in on my usa account after downloading it and play it to get trophies?
  12. hi so I got told about the glitch to where you can bring your grapple hook and weapons into the horde. Now I attempted to do this with a friend trying it as well and our weapons and grapple hooks weren't there but the medkits I dropped were. How come it didnt work? Or is it suppose to be only 1 person does it initially and brings stuff in for everyone? Sorry for the long post and so many questions just trying to figure it out so I can hopefully beat the bozak horde dlc and get all those trophies.
  13. are you still hosting this through ps4 I'm trying to hopefully unlock tons of trophies I have not gotten at all since my last 1 in December of 2018 so I'm basically missing trophies from expansion packs 9-13
  14. there was a update this week the trophy is fixed if you haven't bought all the tier 5 weapons if you have before this and it's still not popped up try to maybe buy a blue credit weapon like grenade launcher or something see if it fixes it or uninstall the game and reinstall but without the updates and buy any remaining variant you may have and see if it pops!!!!