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  1. Or is it called Kaito Rocket II?
  2. Anyone knows where is kaito rocket 2? Many thanks
  3. It says Defeated all masked warriors. Are there conditions to get all masked warriors to appear? I have spent hours keep fighting those repeated ones. Thanks!
  4. Are they just ignore those bugged trophy?
  5. I tried my earliest save already... same bug
  6. The problem is legendary quickhack component
  7. removed.
  8. This one is driving me crazy!!!
  9. No idea, and not sure will it appear even after bug fixing, or request to start a new game.
  10. Ya, I am not getting the same one: FIXER, MERC, SOLDIER, SPY https://www.gameclubz.com/cyberpunk-2077-mikhail-akulov-datashard-fixer-merc-soldier-spy-gig/
  11. The level is max already
  12. I get really frustrated with the trophy, after spend lots of time clean up all the location but didn't get the trophy. Is that the only way is to start a new game?
  13. I got all other trophies and currently in NG++. During the gameplay, it never allows me to use the Blue Eye Stone or Black Eye Stone. I don't know why I couldn't use it, I tried it at different locations (in front of boss, etc) and in human/soul form. Should I create a new character since not sure could NG+ connect with NG players? Thanks!