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  1. I agree. I have fallen into the trap of buying some of these easy games but I have learned my lesson. I loved getting plats and my time was limited so yeh, I gave in. There was no way of knowing it would take over the industry and after seeing my numbers grow it felt false. It was like going from enjoying whiskey to drinking nail polish to get drunk. I felt like I had medals for beating a three year old in a running race. When this first started there was no way to know it would get this bad so I don’t judge anyone with an unstacked handful of these.
  2. For everyone saying this isn’t a big deal- it is huge. Just because you don’t play COD doesn’t mean this won’t have an impact on the future of gaming. Microsoft will continue to purchase companies. They will control the market. They will put these games on game pass. The next generation of kids will not spend £50 on a limited selection of one PS game when they can get ALL GAMES for £10.99. I fear my trophies will end up alongside my very first FarmVille creation and bebo account and it just sucks.
  3. I really hope it arrives on PS eventually. Bethesda can build some great worlds and I’m sad I will be missing out. That being said, I’ve bought many Bethesda games and they will now be missing out on my wallet and play time. Yeh yeh before those three negative individuals on the forum get all ‘bluh they don’t need ur money, big companies don’t care about you idiot’ I’m sure when enough of us move away from the company they may realise what they have lost.
  4. If I try to access the creation club or mods it opens but doesn’t let me sign in or back out. Need to restart the game to get out of it.
  5. I will wait for a sale and hope they release San Andreas on its own. I’ve never played 3 or VC so will be playing San Andreas purely for nostalgia. I can remember when it came out, I bought a PS2 and played it all day then realised I didn’t have a memory card…
  6. Cheers, I don’t know why they made this so confusing! I can now get the PS5 version for free. On my store (uk) there are two versions of the anniversary edition. The PS4 version is available at the reduced rate, PS5 version is still full price. I’m supposed to pay full price just to access creator content on PS5?
  7. My wife got me one on launch day without any preorder. Pretty lucky! She did keep it secret until Xmas day though… Pros Graphics- beautiful looking games Excellent controller, huge step up from ps4 Fantastic load times I personally love the look of the console Silent fans I think it won the battle of the consoles, as a PS fan it’s nice to know I’m not missing out by not being on Xbox. Cons Themes! Not a big issue but seems like an easy thing for them to add on…. Some new games trying to be BIG to really use all the power of next gen consoles but missing the basics- story, map design. So many new games are 90% made up of huge fields of grass blowing about….
  8. I own the special edition but it’s still charging me full price for the anniversary upgrade?
  9. All of them. I paid full price for TLOU2 to avoid spoilers but after I got to ‘that scene’ I stopped playing it for almost a year. The huge discounts a few months after every release have stopped me buying full price digital downloads. So many free games, so many huge games available for under a fiver, no need to spend £89.99 on any game nowadays.
  10. Don’t apologise gowruner, everyone on this forum has flexed at some point. Just be glad you’re not someone who takes internet forums way too seriously and feels the need to shut other people down.
  11. Skyrim and black flag.
  12. I have had one great battle in my last 6 games played. It was exciting, it was engaging, we used teamwork, yeh I get the appeal of the game. I also get why some people say it’s trash. I have patience and appreciate strategy and teamwork but so far I’ve had 4 games crash with no XP earned, I paused a game for 20 seconds and got kicked for idling, each game can roll over to 2 hours long so unless I’m free for an afternoon I anxiously play hoping that the game will end before my free time does, the maps are fairly bland and if you are an active player you will have to spend a while running over empty fields at some point, theres too many opportunities for camping and spawn killing, also the screen blur when suppressed is ridiculous. Realism is great when it suits, but I can’t pick up ammo off of dead bodies? I also dislike having to watch YouTube to understand what’s going on with certain parts of a game, not only do I need a tutorial but so do the other 20+ players I am relying on (none of whom want to play support, why would they?) Trophy wise there won’t be too much skill involved but a lot of grinding. You will either play the game for months or have to resort to extremely boring ways to cheese the trophies. At the moment I can’t risk the game crashing and losing hours of progress when I could be playing something else. Many great games coming out in the next few months, I don’t think I have enough time to sink into this one. can you tell it’s just crashed on me again?
  13. The saboteur for PS3 Defence grid 2 if you’re into tower defence games Yama Yama for an easy and fun 100% on ps now Brutal legend for all the metal fans Even though it’s now deleted and it never had trophies- Paragon. Did anyone else play that?