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  1. I sincerely hope they didn't decide to keep Zack alive just so he can sacrifice himself for Aerith
  2. The main issue with the game is not its' overall polishing, ridiculous trophies, abominable input lag or mediocre to non-existant plot: the main issue is that this is not a game. It's not even a walking simulator, because at least in those you get to do something. 90% of the time you're not in control of the character, trapped in boring-ass pointless dialogues, and the remaining 10% you aimlessly slog around slower than a sloth taking a shit. The "game" ironically seems to be aware of its' faults, and constantly prompts you with indications of what you can do and when, and is completely unhelpful when it comes to gameplay aspects. The bottom line is that you don't play Elea, you watch Elea. Riddled with bad game design. I don't know if you the devs still occasionally scour these threads, and I understand that you can't ask the moon from a two man team, but please, if in the future you once more feel inclined to unleash you creativity on humanity, may I suggest you consider other kinds of mediums? Like books, or graphic novels. Even short films. They'd definitely work better for whatever kind of story you wanted to tell with Elea. Unless of course the purpose was to make people miserable and ashamed of themselves for ever coming near to whatever this is. In that case, good job! You nailed it.
  3. Doing Satan's work, necro-boy
  4. Every time the game was slowing down apace and flirting with boredom something incredible -and absurd in its own way, but then again, what can be considered absurd in a game with paranormal premises- reeled me back in, like the Ashtray Maze sequence. Even the ending, so anticlimactic, so lackluster and unsatisfying, like handing out scraps to wrap up the story... oh shit, is that Fear of a blank planet? 10/10 Jokes aside, the game was incredible and a lot of fun. You constantly feel the oppressive nature of the Hiss from the tiniest nook to vastest cyclopean hall of the Bureau, all aspects that both you as a player and Jesse as a character know nothing of, as you are left alone to explore and make sense of this hostile environment. Even so, the game's name couldn't be more apt: you always feel in control. Heck, you can turn on cheats and tweak the game to tailor your needs, any time, anywhere. But this main theme is also what brings down the whole narrative, in my eyes: it all boils down to a sci-fi coming of age drama, left open-ended because, you know, free-roam and DLCs, but nevertheless still enjoyable for the most part. Collectibles included, which I never actively searched and found myself aching to have more in order to know more of Control's world. In a way, it is quite the opposite of its' predecessor Alan Wake: bland story, entertaining gameplay.
  5. Void hath spoken an honourable truth, to which I will abide. There's little or no point in taking part when I have a superficial outsider outlook: a guide's worth is all in its' usefulness, not creative flair or popularity of the game to which it comes attached to. Plus, the voting system is flawed (very enjoyable, concise and brief exchange of blows by prosecutor BlackTorito and defendant ObsiEez) and why does only the Guide Writer's Guild élite get to vote? Is this a poll station or an oligarchic inbred orgy? Anyways, I'm grateful for being included in this final draft. I only wrote those guides because there were none available elsewhere, whilst now we have them in the PSNp museum. I know it isn't worth anything given how the voting system works, but shoutout and special commendation to @Kallume: your guide made me want to play D:OS2 even though it isn't a genre I appreciate at all. So, cheers man.
  6. Old thread, but I found Chapter IV to be more accessible, since right at the beginning you find two guards close to each other (one standing in front of the fire, the other one patrolling back and forth next to him).
  7. Having decided to clean up the remaining trophies, I booted my new game + run only to be permanently stuck in place in the tutorial. Can't move Gabriel or the camera. Has anyone encountered and, most importantly, resolved this issue?
  8. Jesus Christ, dragon fruit smoothies might just be the best drink available on planet Earth (interestingly enough, they're not available on Dragon planet), trodding ruthlessly on the likes of the equally refreshing coconut water. But still, I wouldn't binge it like tea or beer, so I guess it evens out in the long run.
  9. Waging a merciless war posing as a mango-caped editor against illiteracy, typos and misconceptions, all for the greatness of proper guide writing? I might've just popped a boner. Only one question though: is there free coffee?
  10. The soundtrack is easily the worst part of the game, since you can't even turn it off. Coming from Burnout Paradise which not only had a massive library of diverse genres and some amazing tracks that got you revved up even before starting a race, here you're stuck with bland and repetitive ones you can scroll through in a matter of seconds trying to find the least unnerving. Plus it's always those two/three songs that play in the garage while customizing your ride that really dig into your brain like an annoying commercial.
  11. Guess we have that in common, except for the last part. I probably messed up somewhere, I'll be extra cautious on the next run.
  12. I know the game came out years ago and it might not be so relevant today, but this particular problem persists with no definite answer. Many players have been here, and the community is divided between those who guarantee that you don't necessarily need Whitman's second conversation and those who are convinced otherwise. The main problem being Whitman's second conversation prompt not showing up, even with the required scraps before upgrading the pickaxe. It occured to me that most of the former conviction were PC/Xbox players, and somehow the game glitched in their favour. PS4 on the other hand is a shitstorm of trial and error. Since the second conversation prompt didn't appear, I tried to be lucky rushing through the game and miserably failed, so all you out there having the same problem, coerce that mofo into talking to you. Some suggest to take a stroll around and come back to him, but I'll try it once some sureproof feedback rolls this way, I'm not wasting another three hours just to look at a fourth playthrough. Only the thought makes me shiver. Any help or suggestion is highly appreciated.
  13. I think it can safely be said that Mia is a figment of Erica's imagination, a stronger alter ego she fabricated to confront the responsibility borne from the trauma of her father's death. Because, let's face it, Erica is a wimp. Proof for this line of inquiry is that Mia, as a user previously mentioned, doesn't obey the laws of physics, vanishing at will and making herself manifest only when Erica is alone or needs help. Her being on screen at the same time with an extra character (who gets killed ie. Blake or the guard) I'll let it slide as poetic interpretation of split personality. Fight Club would have been shit otherwise. It is established multiple times that Erica is an unreliable narrator. I would like to shift the attention towards the fox: as a symbol it is certainly connected to Mia (she's wearing a fox mask the first time we see her), and the foxes you meet in-game always appear in situations where Mia is involved or when Erica nurtures her delusion about the cult. Why deliberately create such a connection if ultimately it adds nothing to the plot? Is the fox the edgy, rebellious priestess, like Tobi? Nonsense. Also, what is with the mural in the attic? The three beasts (fox, deer, rabbit) sit around a blazing house with the motto "Know thyself" in greek, shone on by the light of the butterfly above them. Where does the goat rising from the flames come into play I wonder. It is certain that something shady is going on in the asylum: girls can't be dropping like flies for no reason. But how many girls do they have to cycle through? They all look like they won't last long after giving a wiff at the oleander extract. It really seems that the only cultist was Erica's father, and the other scientists went along with it. Lucien is the most rational of the lot, but he secretly desires his friend's story to be true, so he lets the human experiments go on. His pragmatic resolve is demonstrated by the removal of the delphic epsilon plaque placed at the entrance to the asylum after Erica's father's death. Bellard is a student of Erica's father, openly admitting he taught her everything he knew, so to carry on his dream was just natural. The Chief Inspector was there for the ride and got caught in. Blake reeks of untrustworthiness as soon as you hear him speak, but after exploring all the endings it really is plain incompetence. Last but not least, the prisoner ending and generally the ending titles. The former tries to pull off a kind of Shutter Island stunt, stating that maybe all that happened was really in Erica's head, though maybe there really was something in the lighthou- I mean, basement. Also Mia is shown as a nurse, and if we take for granted she is real (thus discarding everything that happened story wise but not the untold events before the actual story) she is probably the mastermind of the entire game plot, brainwashing Erica for who knows which reason, using the same words we hear Erica's father speak at the beginning of the game. If she isn't real then Erica is trapped in a delusion and everything in game actually happened. Or it could even be Erica's subconscious slowly fighting back. Who knows. The latter (the ending titles) always give some sort of summary for the consequences of the choices you made. They all ultimately trod around the same themes: sanity, your mother's fate, your fate and Mia's (she is referred to as "the mentor"). Ultimately every story is about a search for one's self, and really the motto "know thyself" couldn't be more appropriate for this game. Erica is mentally ill: will she fall prey to her madness, succumb to uncertainty and become nothing more than a mindless husk? Will she align herself with her mother's wishes or her father's dreams? Or will she fight back and carve out her own story, leaving the past behind?
  14. DLC drones distinguish themselves only on a cosmetic level. You already get a frame with 200 durability after you beat the expert league, and 300 capacity is overkill since the best builds cost much less (240 range), and even trying the best in the west will only bring the total cost to 275, so it's merely a waste of space (and money). On the same note, the "ultimate" drone (the one that lasts only three hits) you get from scanning QR codes for your buddy is easily surpassed by any build that favours speed and durability mainly. My only grudge on drone racing (which I found engaging and enjoyable despite my initial reluctance) is the lack of diversity of components, which makes for the same three or four builds.
  15. @OFFICER_OILDAB @IntroPhenom Just wanted to let you know the guide is finally online, again I'm sorry for the dreadful delay. If you have any questions the guide doesn't address directly (which is highly possible, but that is the beauty of debate after all, it brings forth new knowledge or confirms the existent one) I encourage you to splurt them out without further ado. Regards