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  1. You need to get them during the missions.
  2. How are you able to tell if your rival is in the event or not ?
  3. finally I can say I now have this trophy!!! only took 5 straight hours just now 😂 The best advice I can give is to play on a course someone mentioned earlier in the thread called Royal Ethalwind with no wind and on the re tees however I changed the fairway firmness to very firm, the green firmness to firm and the green speed to moderate. Good luck!
  4. Trust me, I know exactly what you mean. I have about had it with this trophy and give it a break for a while 😂
  5. I agree, not fun at all. It is also frustrating when you have to start again and it takes so long because the game is constantly freezing and loading times are awfully slow. Does anyone else find this ?
  6. I am also having a really hard time with this trophy, I have followed the only 'guide' there is for this and I still cannot do it haha! I either hit the ball too fast or slow and then if I hit it slow a number of times and try to anticipate that and aim further right I end up hitting it fast and it just goes even further to the right 😂 The struggle goes on, I will keep trying to find an easier way or hopefully someone will come up with a better way soon!