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  1. *_* awesome news can't wait
  2. Got it on my 49 + 1 i think heroic hive ONLY with my main Ironman
  3. My God man 76 and no trophies? i hate this game too... Lazy developers
  4. DAMN....and have patchet the fasted method to level up on days of the remain ARGH
  5. Anyone get 50 hive on 50? I don't wanna play this S$%% for more than 50 times...
  6. Is better repeat turbine mission at level III 30 times fast and super easy... Hive at level 3 is "hard" better on level I, IMHO
  7. They patch EXP farming on the circle ad day of remains mission i'm so ANGRY
  8. One of the 100 glitch/bug T_T game is fine a 7 for me but is full of glitch
  9. Iron man is OP. Rocket and Hulkbuster is a "cheat" to poweful
  10. Same here 3 day from now..
  11. The first have only 5 waves 93 NO NO NO NO NOPE after arrive at 48/49 copy my save and try if not pop i wait a damn patch. 93 is insane you use eveytime same character or change after a bunch of try? i have my iron man at 50 power level 131, i want to use the other for reaching 50 for 250 trophies
  12. 2/10 si super super EASY only time consuming
  13. No i wait God of war II.... Demon's Souls is an awesome game but not to spend 600€
  14. THIS
  15. 2 days in a row with both faction sector "blocked" 16 challenge works fine. This game need SERIOUS fix