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  1. Thx mate
  2. I want this on PS4 damn is unbelieveble only 3 people make this masterpiece *_*
  3. Only one online trophies right guys?
  4. Thx mate
  5. Hope no trophies i don't like in game huge like this replay entire game another time
  6. Only this is a pain in the axx Gold - Worthy of Legend - Clear all missions with S rank on all difficulties except Heaven or Hell.
  7. My save are before getting chess pieces, before G3 and before G4
  8. I prefer LEON A for my S+
  9. Infinite rocket launcher finally
  10. I creat a donut ship like KH2 and is a BEAST
  11. I copy my save files everytime a finish to play a game for security on USB stick but this take me ONE HOUR, is 671,1MB how is possible.
  12. Rebirth-0-2-3-CV. Other games are not RE at all. A waste of time and i play all as fan of this series. After CV only tragedy for ME. RE7 is the only very good but look's like a spin off. IMHO
  13. 11 out of scale my dream come true. Now 3 and CODE: Veronica and i'm super happy
  14. For me 2/10 super easy and fast my first run on normal without cure and getting everything, second run ultimate mode for all other trophies and last without upgrade energy, mana and swords.
  15. Demon's Souls when all the magic start Bloodborne Dark souls Dark souls III Dark Souls II