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  1. Thx VERY helpfull
  2. Same yesterday SAME... It's this damn PSN SERVER instead 2 hours of my time for my bandwitch, like 6 hours, stop, pause, restart, freeze, restart etc.... SHAME i nightmare and it's not the first patch o new game... If you download an old game you go a full speed....
  3. Guys where is the files size for day one patch on PS4, thx
  4. ARGH online trophies, guys is possibile me with PS4 game play online etc.. with a PS5 users? Thx
  5. Thx mate
  6. Trophies are up
  7. Thx mate
  8. I play with my PS4 BASE since 2014 and i live fine i have a TV 4K HDR and the game looks fine like always i buy PS5, after all 2022 games, Horizon II, Elden Ring, God of war ragnarok MY GAME FOR CHANGE PS4 to PS5 but is not necessary thank's God, Gotham Knights etc.. and in 2023 i buy i hope a SLIM or PRO version. And tomorrow Lost Judgment... All game coming out on PS4, not good like playing on PS5? I don't care the only big thing is the 60 fps but if the game run on 30 fps stable i'm ok. I'm an old school console player born with che C64
  9. Same bro and i play ALL 2022 games after that PS5 i think
  10. Don't know why RGG not patch this bullĀ£$ make spawn all pg in the first ten encounter problem solved
  11. Don't spend money play the game
  12. Great news but 60 hours is not too much. Game is great?
  13. The only annoying is 300 skits my God