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  1. Guys for this trophies? Sheer Perfection?Revitalize cellular functions. Refreshing RewardsTurn an enemy to an ally by helping them heal Slime TimeWitness every magical outcome with Slimes. It's Electrifying!Shock a circus squid. Hidden TreasureDig up a treasure. Thx
  2. A video with 100% speed run is available online?
  3. Thx mate i hate this type of trophies
  4. Ah ok i see a girl in the window, i lost the trophies? i run in this section
  5. Thx mate where is the first encounter? i'm at the beginning after the first boss.
  6. Congratz mate have hint for Sight UnseenAvoid startling the Lobster Girl throughout the adventure
  7. Same list as other Shantae only annoying is finish the game with all hearts but no upgrade energie and speed run bit with a video etc.. is easy as usual can't wait to play tonight
  8. I hate shooter games.
  9. Worst month like May.
  10. No thx i hate shooter games.
  11. 45€ lol i pass for now.
  12. Same Italy store here
  13. great news for me best game of 2020 for now of course
  14. Great news