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  1. I LOVE this game first time for me thx to PS PLUS, Better than TLOU and Uncharted IMHO of course i love this damn game soooo much
  2. Release date 22 April, next week ^^
  3. Guys for NG+ you need only yellow main mission right?
  4. PS4 game plus patch and ALL DLC i have handsome collection installed maybe they count double
  5. You sure? Retail U4 here and after this U4 PS+ and my old save work like a charm.
  6. Great thx
  7. Ok thx for the advice the weight is massive 125 GB with all patch and DLC
  8. After this second season pass the support is over? thx
  9. useless i want Bloodborne II not remake again
  10. Great my strategy is first run on easy, challenge and after that NG+ on survival II right? I play for the first time tomorrow thx to PS PLUS on PS4
  11. Is possible first run on easy not normal and after NG+ survival II? Thx
  12. Game and first season pass are both GREAT. For me the best BL after BL2 Borderlands 2-3-TPS-1
  13. Only 2 DLC for season pass 2 O_o???
  14. I agree firt season pass is great, second is truly pathetic
  15. NG plat always are difficult, but if the dev lower tag mission for doing in solo is fun and doable... MN and UN every enemy one shot you I got plat on NGS2, NG3 and NGRE my body is damn ready. But i wait and see if they lower diff. for tag mission for getting this in solo... if not 2 and 3 are broken trophies side