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  1. Don't waste money mate
  2. Finally after over a month Now only BP with V and Dante and 100%
  3. Missions 18-19-20 and i'm done with Hell and Hell run, after that a fast heaven or hell run and platinum my God is very hard but awesome platinum. Last thing BP with V and Dante for reaching 100% and i use SUPER COSTUME in BP EDIT: Only Heaven or Hell and platinummmmmm
  4. 8-9 done 😜
  5. This platinum is hard but i love this damn game
  6. Yesterday great day mission 5/6/7 Rank S, now the infamous mission 8. Need before the boss at least 4600 style points
  7. No luck with points and EX taunt i reach max 4900-5100 pts. I need to finish this mission without die
  8. Thx guys for your constant help ^^
  9. I hate V missions on HAH i pass mission 4 with 2 deaths but with lots of point rank S, mission 5 is a pain i think is not possible die 2 times like mission 4 not too much point, and enemies in this mission is super annoying any help?
  10. BP with Super Nero done i save before all bosses level 19-39-59-79-89-97 just in case
  11. A great and safe strategy for Artemis on mission 3? Thx i'm on HAH
  12. Jump works like a charm i use this method with no problem, 2120XP every 30 seconds.
  13. I use this method http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUvTkl7ur5w
  14. DMD done with all S rank, now Hell and Hell