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  1. Tempest SEGA and RGG studio on twitter like i did for patching this S£$$
  2. No patch for fix this problem? Damn...
  3. I think i pass i prefer The Surge 2. I try a demo pure sh$%$ IMHO of course
  4. Look's easy only 3 online trophies and easy and doable i hope with 2 controller like others
  5. %&%/%/ when i read i think remastered for PS4 damn you
  6. Blame developers not base PS4 or other things
  7. Same here Base PS4
  8. Look's easy and fun
  9. Fighting game are a JOKE compare to Puyo Puyo. I beat Dural after 2 try with Vanessa and circle button spam. Fighting Vipers is worst but with infinite try is easy. Puyo Puyo is a hell on earth to much level to play and beat
  10. Congratz mate, i try everyday one hour a day and pray lv 27 is not bad but to much level to play ARGH PS: you try for 30 HOURS??? *____*
  11. Again level 14 max, My God i'm really tired why other requirements for minigame are super ok and fun, but this in no sense and insane
  12. play until get the trophies
  13. I agree
  14. I post too and pray, hope lots of people follow us, but i think major of peoples don't care about this things T_T i hate random and luck based things, if i tried i want a Rulue guarantee spawn at example level 25. Not play and pray
  15. Post here for a patch and pray