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  1. Hope no more trophies after last DLC of Atlantis i need 100GB of free space
  2. Thx mate
  3. Can't wait i got retail copy
  4. Can't wait awesome news this game is a gem
  5. Only tips i have try to be super fast to imput the code. Sorry but is only the tip i have, cheat code work 100%
  6. Super awesome is not for 90 points is for FUN
  7. This first dlc is AWESOME hope other two have this quality wow
  8. Thx mate very useful
  9. Don't waste money mate
  10. Finally after over a month Now only BP with V and Dante and 100%
  11. Missions 18-19-20 and i'm done with Hell and Hell run, after that a fast heaven or hell run and platinum my God is very hard but awesome platinum. Last thing BP with V and Dante for reaching 100% and i use SUPER COSTUME in BP EDIT: Only Heaven or Hell and platinummmmmm
  12. 8-9 done 😜
  13. This platinum is hard but i love this damn game
  14. Yesterday great day mission 5/6/7 Rank S, now the infamous mission 8. Need before the boss at least 4600 style points