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  1. THIS 60 fps for life, NEVER play 30 fps again, i'm done
  2. now trophies are fine? Thx
  3. Same pure trash for me, Dead Space in another world
  4. Glitch works like a charm if i think i replay this mess on maximum difficulty no thx, tomorrow i sell this sxxt
  5. Hi mate guide is ready for launch on december 2? Thx
  6. THIS
  7. Who cares mate important is the games IMHO
  8. lol ruin a game like this for autopop? ok trophies site but this no sense plz nope. Differrence are uge only for this damn PS4 fan, dual sense, resolution etc etc.. for me is so sad. Play worse version for trophies IMHO
  9. lol no sense play PS4 version... PS5 is better in every way why this question?
  10. 2 DAMN DAYS and my favourite game is here
  11. I love Rose DLC is AWESOME great work Capcom.
  12. A complete mess this and A Plague tale both 30 fps with several drops... My God welcome back to 2009. NO WAY
  13. Goodbye GK for me