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  1. Hope Code: Veronica next one of the best chapter. After that RE8 like RE2 remake. Stop TPS of First person no sense RE
  2. Download right now file size 4,435 GB i'm sure is an awesome game. One thing, any missable trophies? thx
  3. Look's awesome both game and trophies can't wait
  4. Is a great game in the Arkham series. Don't understand the hate for this chapter maybe is similar to AC true, after that point, great game.
  5. I want ORIGINS on PS4 i have Return to Arkham and Knight need Origins. ARGH
  6. great i'm on PS4 vanilla too. Crash? Thx again and have fun
  7. You are sure? From my friend For start application 20GB in total 40GB
  8. Hi mate i hear frame rate is not good is right or i hope is not true? Thx
  9. I found this video with this build look very OP Shaman Stone, Spell Twister, Dream Wielder, Unbreakable Strength, Nailmaster's Glory, Grubsong.
  10. Day one of course love the series and this look's awesome love Whip as a weapon, like love blade of chaos on God of war series
  11. No bug, glitch, crash on 116 hours of playing. Superb game and optimization
  12. Awesome love this type of trophies for simple mission, ora enemy 10 + 5 trophies
  13. I think start on Apocalyptic as usual.
  14. No mate the real problem is why sell DISC COPY if only one game is on disc? Not internet or anything else is pure NO SENSE