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  1. PURE TRASH. No thx
  2. To bad no PS4 ARGH
  3. SUPER happy is for PS4. May 7
  4. Hope for a release on PS4 for RE8, multiplayer game not interested at all
  5. Thx guys np. I have only PS4, PS5 is for 2022 i have tons of game to play on my PS4.
  6. Hi guys all trophies is finally fixed included Master of all You Survey? i buy the game on super deluxe edition on PS store in discout 40€, i downloaded the game and now the first of 4 dlc, but the trophies now is ALL obtainable without problem? Thx
  7. January 21 the release date
  8. I buy this season pass and for AC, but on sale.
  9. Play on your regular PS4 like me i have a 4K HDR tv and i play all game fine 1080p HDR 30 fps. After i finish all of this i pass on PS5. Pass on PS4 pro have no sense mate
  10. Same mate, but the trophies appear you have lots of other treasure hoard
  11. You need way of the Nioh, or Way of the sage is fine? I don't wanna play all way of the sage till the end for unlocking wotn thx
  12. Rebirth RE2 Code: Veronica RE3 RE0 Other for me are not RE anymore, hope for a Code: Veronica Remake. Of course i play ALL other RE, but repeat true RE is dead with CV.
  13. awesome love this game
  14. Patched God mode with last patch 2.00 T_T