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  1. The good OLD STYLE RE. Hope after RE3, Code: Veronica i want all "old style" RE like this.
  2. Download right now 243MB is possible get the trophies?
  3. SUPER excited
  4. i'm in the same boat last trophy i put Cal outside ship and wait think is the only way
  5. Look's SUPER easy, great can't wait
  6. Patch for this s£$$ think's not gonna happen. I platinum lot's of hard games, but this for me is pure S$&%& and no sense maybe you arrive at level 25 and Rulue don't spawn or you lose, and another TRY?. My max is 16 and this damn bear killing me. No plat for me, first in 9 years i have all of my games with plat. But i don't wanna spit blood for a stupid mini games. Thx RGG studio
  7. I found this mate *Glitched for some Players* – There is a widespread glitch (but not everyone is affected) where this trophy doesn’t unlock. A possible fix is to delete the MediEvil saves games (PS4 Settings > Application Saved Data Management) and also reinstall the game (delete and install again). Reinstalling and start fresh often fixes trophy bugs. You can get the trophy by the time you reach Level 4 so it only takes about 15-20 minutes to get. For this only “Game Over” screens count (used up all life bottles and the level will restart upon game over). Using a Life Bottle (a health bar getting emptied but you are being revived) doesn’t count towards the trophy! To ensure the game tracks your deaths correctly it’s recommended that you finish the level after dying there. Here’s a list of deaths, just try them all and finish the level afterward (the game doesn’t seem to count some of them but counts others, so just keep going through the deaths until trophy pops): Killed by Zombies – The Graveyard: These are the default enemies everywhere. Drowning – The Graveyard: Jump into the deep water at the end of the Graveyard Level. Lava – Cemetery Hill: Jump into the pool of lava at the foot of the mountain where the rocks roll in. Rolling Rocks – Cemetery Hill: Let the rolling rocks kill you. Fire – Cemetery Hill: In the starting area are several fireplaces. Stand in them and let the fire burn you to death. Falling – Cemetery Hill: Once you reach the top of the hill, jump down the side and let it kill you Crystal Spikes – The Hilltop Mausoleum: Throughout the level are crystal spikes on the floor, jump onto them to get a game over. Collapsing Floor – The Hilltop Mausoleum: After you pick up the earth rune, the floor will crumble. Just don’t escape and let it kill you. Bats – Scarecrow Fields: In the first building that requires blue rune are bats that can kill you. Corn Killers – Scarecrow Fields: Near the end of this level walk through the cornfields and let the corn killers get you. Windmill Blade – Scarecrow Fields: There’s a spinning Windmill Blade halfway through the level, let it kill you. Traps – Scarecrow Fields: At the very end of the level are lots of traps, let them kill you. You can also try dying from each of the traps here, but it’s unclear if each one counts as a different death. Cannon Bombs – Inside the Asylum: During this level there’s a room with cannons shooting at you, let them kill you. Giant Bird protecting its Nest – The Enchanted Earth: During this level you must go to a birds nest to steal the eggs from there. Let the bird that protects the nest kill you. Crystal Falling on Head – The Crystal Caves: During the Dragon Boss Fight, hit the floor with green crystals and stand where the green crystal is on the ceiling, let it kill you. Dragon Serpent – The Gallows Gauntlet: A Dragon Serpent spawns after walking through the fire that requires the Dragon Armor. Let it kill you. Cannon Balls killing you / pushing you off Ship – The Ghost Ship: Throughout the Ship are many Cannons. Let the cannonballs kill you. Additionally, you can also try letting them push you off the side of the ship where you have to get the red rune. Clock Handles – The Time Device: There are several traps throughout the level. At the start you must take the left path to get the purple rune, on the way are some clock handles on the floor that can kill you. Electricity – Zarok’s Lair: During the final boss fight against Zarok, he will spawn some electric grid on the floor during his final phase. Walk in the electric grid and get fried by his electricity. Bosses – You can also try getting killed by each of the individual bosses in the game (8 total). Other Enemies – You can try getting killed by every type of enemy in the game, but it’s unclear if different enemies count as different deaths. Credit PowerPyx
  8. I guys cheat code for infinite DT work on PS4 EU pal version??? I want to play this pure trash s$%t fast like on PS3 and play 1 and 3 for good, thx
  9. I got Blasphemous
  10. Look's fine maybe little bit grinding for 50 weapons and all gears. Can't wait loving the first one most underrated game ever.
  11. Tempest SEGA and RGG studio on twitter like i did for patching this S£$$
  12. No patch for fix this problem? Damn...
  13. I think i pass i prefer The Surge 2. I try a demo pure sh$%$ IMHO of course
  14. Look's easy only 3 online trophies and easy and doable i hope with 2 controller like others
  15. %&%/%/ when i read i think remastered for PS4 damn you
  16. Blame developers not base PS4 or other things
  17. Same here Base PS4
  18. Look's easy and fun
  19. Fighting game are a JOKE compare to Puyo Puyo. I beat Dural after 2 try with Vanessa and circle button spam. Fighting Vipers is worst but with infinite try is easy. Puyo Puyo is a hell on earth to much level to play and beat
  20. Congratz mate, i try everyday one hour a day and pray lv 27 is not bad but to much level to play ARGH PS: you try for 30 HOURS??? *____*
  21. Again level 14 max, My God i'm really tired why other requirements for minigame are super ok and fun, but this in no sense and insane
  22. play until get the trophies
  23. Nothing after a week of try for 3 hours a day. I chose, Tachibana Majhong easy table i need to change the place? I'm tired to try for nothing any tips/help, thx
  24. I agree
  25. I post too and pray, hope lots of people follow us, but i think major of peoples don't care about this things T_T i hate random and luck based things, if i tried i want a Rulue guarantee spawn at example level 25. Not play and pray