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  1. Hmmm... You've got a ton of platinum it would seem but looking at the bottom I'd say Shadow of the Colossus, I'm probably going to platinum it myself soon and most of the trophies aren't too hard to get just time consuming at worst, guides are very easy to come by not to mention easy to understand so I'd say shoot for that if you've got nothing better to do.
  2. King of Medici Earned all Just Cause 3 Trophies This trophy obviously requires you to get all other trophies in the game so its the most difficult but taking the difficulties of getting here into effect by far the trophies "Supply and Demand", "All the Gears", and "Anything you can do..." Supply and Demand is awful because it relies on random encounters, something you're bound to ignore while playing through the story most of the time and by the time you realize this trophy is going to take effort its too late. I got lucky and only needed to finish three more encounters for supply points, the first two were simple as I found a small thread of people who had noted where a few frequently showed up, however, when I arrived at my third and final one I spent multiple hours getting the encounter to show up and when it did it inexplicably failed and required me to find another. Repeat this 4 times more and just when I'm on the verge of giving up I come across another that worked seamlessly, needless to say I was tired yet happy. All the Gears can range from becoming very difficult to very easy based on how lucky you get sometimes and how skillfully you pull off some of the events, with guides a lot of it becomes mostly simple but when you come to races and the like it can be very difficult as some require you to be on the dot with timing and maneuver. Takes a VERY long time to go through and perfect all the challenges too so even if you just happen to be skilled in every event it will no doubt take multiple hours to finish overall and can be worse if you struggle with any particular event. Anything you can do is actually a really simple trophy especially if you have a friend who plays and perhaps even started doing so recently, the issue with this trophy lies in the fact that it can be difficult to find any friends to call out on a feat and have them beat it as not so many people play this game now. It can be much worse if you've ignored this trophy and have extremely high stats for all the basic feats (seriously what was I thinking wing-suiting around for 20 minutes?). Thankfully I had a random feat that was fairly easy to beat so I pulled out a second account and took care of it through that, switching back to my main once the feat was easily beaten but not overdone. Honestly if you know when to take care of things and have a good grip on the ins and outs of the game you can probably get this platinum with relative ease, the issue usually seems to be in waiting to do what should be simple trophies and having to deal with them in a much more inconvenient way later down the line. Hopefully this helped anyone who is shooting for this platinum and I'd be happy to help any way I can if needed.