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  1. You guys are going to be completely shocked when I tell you that mine was Astro's Playroom!
  2. Yeah, I'm sitting at a 6:58 and I'm pretty happy with that for now, although I'll probably go back after a bit and try to get better times. I had no idea your time was even close to possible! Nice job! Any chance you can give us a screenshot of the individual times? I want to see how much time I can try and burn off each one!
  3. I bought the Assassin's Creed Valhalla/Watchdogs Legion combo pack, so I've got Legion to look forward to soon as well. Although I still need to work on my pyramid!
  4. Nice! I'm playing Spiderman now too and it is really good! I got the platinum on Astro's Playroom last night and I still can't believe it's a free tech demo!
  5. So far so good for mine! Hope it stays that way!
  6. I can't decide if I like this game or not. I'm definitely not opposed to weird, I like weird, but this game is like....I don't even know how to describe it. Definitely going to keep going though!
  7. Everyone has basically covered it already, but if you're undecided on playing this, you really should play it! It's hard to believe this game was included for free! I was only able to play 2 areas before having to go to work, but absolutely loved what I saw!
  8. Lol, so I just played this today and I hadn't done any research ahead of time. I also haven't played Heavy Rain. So I didn't get the reference of the trophy "Jason!" and thought that the PS5 was doing a custom trophy, as my real life name is Jason! Then I checked into a bit and found out that it was a reference. Oh well! Great game so far!
  9. My PS5 arrived 20 minutes ago and I’m setting it up now! 😀
  10. I just got mine about 20 minutes ago and after realizing that it won’t actually fit in my entertainment console, it’s currently vertical on a slab of wood in front of the entertainment unit until I figure out a better setup! I have one of those 4 by 2 IKEA cube bookshelves on its side and I have consoles in each cube, but I guess I’ll have to do something different now!
  11. I can't obviously guarantee anything but if you do end up having an issue, I would probably just tell them that you don't have the receipt and leave it at that.
  12. Couldn't you still go through Sony on a 1 year manufacturer's warranty? Even if they counted the starting point as the launch date, I think you could convince Sony to help you. Unless they don't do the 1 year warranty of course!
  13. I don't think anyone wants a refund on their PS5!
  14. Or don't avoid the early PS5s and almost certainly enjoy a problem free experience, like the vast majority of people! Sucks to be one of the extremely few people to have an issue, but there's ways to resolve those issues, so no worries in the end. Stop living in fear of what might happen!
  15. Level 1 LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Level 2 Knack Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Level 3 Minecraft Dungeons Detroit Become Human One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows Level 4 FFVIII Kingdom Hearts 3 Dragon Quest Heroes 2 The Last of Us 2 Level 5 RDR2 Dragon Quest XI Miles Morales Spiderman Final Fantasy XV Persona 5 Royal I was able to get Kingdom Hearts 3 done, great game! At one point, I sat through something like 45 minutes of cut scenes and I understood almost a quarter of what was going on in the story! Even with the crazy story though, I definitely recommend the game! I didn't get a chance to start working on Dragon Quest XI yet though. I have some trophies I want to clean up on KH3, maybe go for the platinum, but with the PS5 arriving in the next few days (finally!), I don't know if I'll get that done. 4 of my 7 finished games are fully platinumed! Good ratio I think!