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  1. I'm definitely getting it on day 1. I've done that for all of my Playstation consoles with the exception of my PS1 and I've never had an issue with any of them near release. My day 1 PS4 is starting to finally have a few issues, but it's had a good long life and I'm getting a PS4 Pro later in June with my TLoU2 pre-order, so it just has to last one more month!
  2. PSN Name: FFATMA I got my PSN name way back when I started playing a game called SOCOM Navy Seals. I joined a clan where everyone had to choose a name from the Final Fantasy series and our clan tag was FF. Since I joined the clan late, most of the usual names were taken, so I took ATMA and my name became FF*Atma. I was used to that name, so when I created my PSN account I used it as my profile name. I play pretty much anything. All genres are interesting to me. Looking for trophy hunter friends. Please state that you are from this site when sending the request!
  3. Cross buy for My Name is Mayo? Lol, your thumb must have fallen off after doing that twice!
  4. So far I'm just playing a copy of Final Fantasy Origins, but after an hour I realized there are no trophies for it! I'm still going to play it because I've been wanting to finish it again for a while now but I'm kind of sad that about the no trophy thing. I'm definitely going to use it to remote link my PS4 while I'm at work but for Vita games specifically, I'm probably going to go for visual novels and JRPGs, which I've read are kind of the Vita's strengths. I have nothing specifically in mind quite yet though!
  5. If I hadn't married a gamer, I'm pretty sure we would have been divorced by now! 😄 She's absolutely fantastic! I bought a Vita a few days ago and preordered the aforementioned PS4 Pro and she didn't bat an eye at my purchases! It also is really nice to have someone to play local multiplayer with!
  6. I actually pre-ordered the PS4 Pro Collector's Edition of The Last of Us 2. I know the PS5 is just around the corner, but my PS4 is a day 1 unit and it's starting to have some issues. It's lasted a good long time, so I can't complain too much! Plus, it'll be nice to have a PS4 Pro. My wife and I have wall-mounted 70" tvs side by side in our gaming room and we like to play multi-player games together, but she lent her PS4 to her mother a while back just so that she can watch Netflix on it. Good use for a PS4 right? Once I get the new Pro, I can giver her my old PS4 and we'll be back up and running again! Nicely done! I haven't played Celeste yet but I definitely plan to. I see Diablo III on your list, I only have a few easy but slightly grindy trophies that I've been putting off to plat that game. Guess I should clean that one up sometime soon! Other than D3 and a bit of the first Divinity: Original Sin, I haven't played any of the other games on your list.
  7. I watch a youtuber named Anthony Caliber and I've adapted some of his strategies. I can do most sections without dying now. There's still a few that I struggle with, mainly the open area with all the stores where Ellie is backing you up and the area with the spotlight. Although I can do both of them fairly safely by hiding and letting the enemies come to me one by one. Takes a lot longer that way though. I had never played it before February and it's one of my favorite games now!
  8. I'm kind of working towards speed-running it. I can beat it on Grounded in about 4 hours now. Still over an hour past the record, but I'm pretty happy with my time!
  9. This challenge is perfect for me. Up until this year, I've been very bad at finishing games. I just jumped around from game to game and hadn't completed the story of a game for a long time. Then in February, someone told me to try The Last of Us and I loved that game so much I completed it about 20 times over the next month! Since then, for some reason, I've changed my gaming habits and I've started playing games from start to finish. I still play other games during these playthroughs, but it doesn't distract me from completing the main game I'm playing anymore. Since February, I've completed The Last of Us, Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Wolf Among Us, FFVIIR, Mekabolt and Knightin+ (but those two are the cheese plats, fun games though!) and I'm 1 singles and 6 doubles matches away from finishing Hot Shots Tennis! This event is going to help me continue to finish games, it's great motivation!
  10. Well, here's my updated list! Level 1 LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Level 2 LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Level 3 Minecraft Dungeons Detroit Become Human One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows Level 4 FFVIII Kingdom Hearts 3 Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Final Fantasy XV Level 5 RDR2 Dragon Quest XI Star Ocean: The Last Hope Remastered The Last of Us 2 Persona 5 Yeah, still working on the first game! I'm trying to just do the story but there's so much to do in each area and I can't make myself move on until I've found every last thing! I've also taken some time out to knock out some easy platinums, but I don't know how many of those I can do. Feels kind of cheesy to me that 2 of the 3 platinums I've got on my account took less than 1.5 hours. I don't have any issues with anyone who wants to pad their stats with some easy plats, but I think I want to make sure I've got some more substantial ones on my account before I start picking up more easy ones! I have to admit, I haven't completely been following the rules with this event, as I started playing One Punch Man a bit, which is on my tier 3 list, but I won't be finishing it before my tier 2 games for sure. Really enjoying this event so far! I just noticed, there's a trophy gap for the LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 of 9 years, 20 months and 2 weeks between my last 2 trophies!
  11. I just picked up One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows. It doesn't have stellar reviews, but a lot of the reviewers said it was decent if you're a fan of the anime and mainly complained about the grind. Lots of trophies!
  12. It's possible, but Amazon is really good with customer disputes from what I hear
  13. I'm getting mine from a classic game store. The ones on Amazon and Ebay are pretty high in price in comparison to prices people have been saying they've bought theirs at. I'll have a nice 30 day return window too!
  14. I'm buying a Vita tomorrow so that I can continue trophy hunting while I'm on breaks at work! Found a store selling them for $100 CAD, so about $71 USD currently. Can't wait!
  15. I can't throw money at this fast enough.