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  1. #69 Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 PS5 version Took me a while to get the energy to grind out 100,000 puyos again. I have the platinum for the PS4 version and I think the memories of doing that trophy last time made me procrastinate on this one. I do like playing Puyo but playing that one mode for hours and hours as the most efficient way was a grind I wasn't looking forward to. It's really not even that big of a grind compared to a lot of grinds I've done, but I just couldn't get myself to do it for the longest time! I still whole-heartedly recommend this title though!
  2. I just found this and I can imagine how much work must go into this on a constant basis! I very much appreciate the work you've done!
  3. Yeah, that trophy list looks good! The icons are nice too! Can't wait!
  4. I finally just bought my first EU game last night because I love Persona 5 enough that going through it again and getting trophies for it is making me happy! I'd play it again even without, but if I can get another platinum in the Persona series, I'll be quite happy to do so!
  5. #68 Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight I enjoyed this one quite a bit, although there were some songs that I really didn't like. The majority of the songs are amazingly good. Pretty easy platinum overall, even for a rhythm game novice, which I definitely am! Now to get Persona 5 Strikers done and I'll have all the Persona 5 plats! Mwehehe!
  6. After getting the platinum for Persona 5 last night and already having the one for P5 Royal, I want to complete the set and get P5: Dancing in Starlight and P5 Strikers.
  7. #67 Persona 5 Now I've got the plat for both Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal! I'm also working on Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight and I just bought Persona 5 Strikers, both of which I plan on getting the plat for. Persona 5 was my first in the series and I guess it's kind of obvious at this point that I loved it! I have a Vita, so I'll probably start playing the others at some point, although I'm hearing rumblings about possible remasters? I hope that ends up happening! I think this one took me about 98 hours total. My wife was getting a bit sick of the music by the end, which is funny because I'll be playing a lot of Dancing in Starlight now!
  8. I've heard that Be a Pro is now multiple years of events, instead of the first year being repeated over and over, so I'm cautiously optimistic. Although I really shouldn't be at this point. That Greatness trophy was painful last year. Hoping the beta drops soon! I wonder if that dual entitlement thing means that there will be 2 trophy lists?
  9. Well that's annoying! Only 700,000 more to go for me!
  10. I do have a Vita, so I'll definitely check those out! I didn't realize you could play all of them on Vita!
  11. I've definitely been thinking about it! Maybe I'll start doing that after I get done with the platinums for the three games I'm working on now! Persona 5 (original, I have the plat for Royal already), Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight and Persona 5 Strikers, which I just bought! 😄
  12. Persona 5 was the first in the series that I played, so I'd love to have previous ones remastered. I've been thoroughly hooked, so the more Persona, the better. I don't care whether it's the dancing games, the fighting games or whatever else!
  13. Loved that one, it was my 30th platinum! I'm currently working on the original Persona 5 platinum!
  14. I didn't become a trophy hunter until last May and I had less than a thousand trophies over an eleven year span at that point. I got my first platinum on May 20th and it was my 1043rd trophy. I was just curious if any of you also went longer before finally getting your first, and how many trophies you had when you did!
  15. You're not too worried about your trophy cabinet and appear to have picked three trophies at random? I'm not really seeing any sort of pattern in the three you chose anyway!