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  1. Got my new tv now time for TROPHYS YEAA!!!!!

  2. Thanks . I updated my profile finally
  3. Agreed also that why i have asked for peoples opinions on the subject. I don't actually know where i am truly because of these freaking "teams" and cheaters
  4. Is it just me or should trophy teams not be allowed. I myself find it fair how they can be top people in the world because they have many people under the same name. I love competition but to me it seems unfair that we people that have one on our account get beaten just because of the sheer number of people on one account. Voice your opinions but keep it clean.
  5. That was very nice of you.
  6. God damn you don't just cheat a few games do you. Wtf

  7. Thanks for the update. Good to know.
  8. Yea it woks better in my opinion not slow at all
  9. Welcome . To the awesomeness of a site
  10. Thats just sad. Poor kids
  11. It sounds good I am a cod fan myself so this is exciting.
  12. Agreed. That is definitely said better then i could have put it.
  13. Hi and welcome to psnp
  14. Banned for criticizing his grammer.