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  1. It's new. Not yet announced what it is.
  2. This is just a small event and that commercial was definitely expensive, so probably the commercial was still made just because "it looks cool".
  3. Yes there is no time limit or anything. Quote also just be a test-account used by Mihoyo.
  4. Cool. This game is a gem (except endurance mode).
  5. Chose? They didn't have a choice. Unless they wanted to go to court and lose.
  6. Insulting the customer support won't help.
  7. Got the other version on PS+ and thought it was pretty fun. Ultra rare plat that is relatively easy too.
  8. Isn't it impossible to have level 8 reputation already? I did all bounties/requests/quests in Inazuma that I could and am still level 7. Edit: Nevermind, think I got confused with the level I am at. Maybe they worded it wrong because Mondtstadt and Liyue have maximum level 8 reputation. Inazuma has maximum level 10.
  9. It's not. For some reason you think it's a big deal.
  10. I agree. Not super hard but terrible hitboxes make it frustrating.
  11. There was a patch today
  12. Yep. Like 1000 years in the future or something.
  13. Usually yes but this one got truly awful reviews.
  14. Use cloud saves after every few kills. Reload if you take too long.