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  1. I thought only ME Andromeda was bad. So ironically OP ruined the trilogy for me.
  2. I think the exp from daily challenges doesn't count.
  3. Any vampire daughters avatars?
  4. Goddamn I don't want to get back into this game.
  5. Getting max stats would probably make it super easy and boring, so I wouldn't do that.
  6. Dangerous driving. Game crashes, glitches, terrible rubberbanding, crashing cars isn't fun.
  7. Good to see that the trophy list is as much of a puzzle as the previous game.
  8. It was on on the official Dutch Playstation account on Facebook, but deleted afterwards.
  9. Needs an infallible trophy
  10. We'll see. Fall Guys sounded bad before it released as well.
  11. Extremely tedious imo.
  12. Bluepoint gets praised a lot but what they did with brutal in these games is just very poor
  13. It was already low before PS+. I didn't like the game.
  14. Not that hard, no multiplayer trophies. 100 missions without dying is quite long and tedious 10 points in survival without shooting is annoying but you can restart quickly The rest is fine
  15. I mean the fact that they are little girls.