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  1. There was a patch today
  2. Yep. Like 1000 years in the future or something.
  3. Usually yes but this one got truly awful reviews.
  4. Use cloud saves after every few kills. Reload if you take too long.
  5. Digimon World 1 is a unique game in a magical world. Very hard without a guide. Digimon World Next Order was OK but they only had like 2 ways of recruiting digimon (fight them or give them an item) while Digimon World 1 had tons of different ways you could recruit new Digimon (fights, items, quests, mini-games, random events, etc.). The Nintendo DS RPGs and Cyber Sleuth are good too.
  6. At least it wasn't the final endurance race.
  7. This was just announced. I was going to get some Shantae games this sale but now I think maybe I should wait for a collection.
  8. So is it as easy as we thought? I'm hearing the secret boss(es) are quite difficult.
  9. There's a game counter in your stats page and playing arcade doesn't increase it.
  10. That requires local co-op and a friend with the platinum. I doubt many people used this exploit. 17% is reasonable. The game is above average difficulty but nothing extreme, and not very long as well.
  11. Maybe too easy on the online part (only need to play 2 matches it seems), but I'll take it after that VF5 list.
  12. Trophy list Looks doable and fun? I don't see any difficult or grindy online trophies.
  13. I wonder how long the average ranked match would take (including load times and matching up and potential disconnects or opponents leaving). About 10 minutes each probably? Maybe less right now with many people playing.
  14. In Japan they announced it as Virtua Fighter esports
  15. It's still called Figher .. lmao