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  1. Hello! Are any of the trophies actually unobtainable on the PS Vita at the moment? I'm aware the Perfect Touch! trophy is probably very difficult, but other than that, anything I should be on the lookout for? Thank you
  2. Yes! I might have to wait for it to go on sale myself... With Diablo 2 Resurrected coming tomorrow and my baby son taking up most of my time, it's unreasonable to buy many games haha
  3. Hello! This is the obligatory "Trophy thoughts" thread 😆 What do you guys think of the trophy list? To my limited knowledge, it seems pretty straightforward for most of them (Complete Chapter X). Any trophy you guys think we should keep an eye for?
  4. Thanks a lot guys. You motivated me to play it
  5. As someone who cares most about the world-building and story, should I play this game? There are tons of open-world games out there, is this one of the good ones? Thanks for your opinions
  6. The game is a lot of fun to play. To me, it's a pretty annoying plat to obtain (a lot of trophies require you to do tedious or random stuff). Currently, I believe the platinum is unobtainable because the servers are down. I'm still missing some online trophies too My advice would be, play the game if it looks fun to you, but don't expect to plat or 100% the game in the short to medium term (if ever).
  7. Trophy guide mentions it's a 80-hour platinum trophy. It's not that bad in itself, but I'd like to know how much time out of that 80-hour is actually fun to do. Is it a chore to get through, or is it a fun ride? What do you guys think? I'm considering playing this game on the Nintendo Switch instead if it's a tedious platinum. Thank you!
  8. Hello, I've noticed that this game has 0.15% - 0.50% players who have platinumed the game across platforms (Vita, PS3, PS4). Why do you guys think that is? Is it the online? The grinding? I hear it's about 10-15 hours of grinding to get to Lv. 100, so that shouldn't be the issue, there's a lot of longer games that have higher platinum percentage. Are some trophies glitched?
  9. Yeah.. I'll ask around my friends if one of them has it and if they're willing to spend a few hours to boost trophies with me lol. If at all possible I'd have liked to do it at my own pace without having to plan for it, but that's online trophies for ya. Thanks buddy
  10. Awesome, so I could technically play with a friend locally (but over the internet) with my two vitas, although I might need to have two different psn accounts? Thanks a lot for your reply btw
  11. Thanks. How long do you think it would take to boost with someone? Can it be done in ad-hoc mode or it HAS to be online?
  12. Hello. I posted this question for Yakuza 0 but it kinda applies to all games of the series. They are fun games (played 1-2 on the PS2 and a bit of 3-4 on the PS3 back in the day), but they are awful platinums to get. I was wondering what kind of completion percentage should I expect if I: Complete the Story (on Normal difficulty) Do a little bit of the minigames (not complete all of them, but at least try all of them and complete about half?) To put it simply, are Yakuza games ones that you get 75-80% of the trophies that way and grind a lot for the last few ones, or will just completing the story get me to like 10-20% completion and the rest will require grinding?
  13. Just want to say that although LBP is not affected, I believe the servers are down and online trophies have thus become unobtainable since a couple weeks ago
  14. Toukiden Kiwami has a bunch of online trophies. Does this game also have a few online trophies? If so, are they still obtainable? (Are Kiwami trophies still obtainable too?) Thanks
  15. Thanks guys. So I can assume the servers are still running at the moment? Is online available from the start? I'd like to clear them asap when I start the game