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  1. i tried to buy the DLC in the EU store but no lock. I made an Spanish account and one from the UK I didn't se the DLC @charlijaen
  2. Congrats to the winners. @Zolkovo I laughed a lot with your rules, thanks fo the giveaway.
  3. I think is very easier if you comparing with the base campaign. I would say 5-6 hours. Also if you only want to finish it quickly, choose the easiest difficulty since there is no trophy for get all gold medal on elite.
  4. Thank you very much for the info @Perfect_Sinn is a shame it doesn't include the DLCs. But at least you get the base game for free lol.
  5. I think I can enter this contest. My favorite game is Killzone 2 but I'm pretty sure that the new God Of War will replace it.
  6. The event starts in two and a half hours right? Or I need to wait till March 14th my time?
  7. First of all, enjoy the game. Then do whatever you can/want.
  8. This thread looks funny, and even more because I love the Killzone franchise. I have a good chance to get all the plats for this franchise. Congrats to all the Commanders in Chief
  9. The best concert is too difficult to decide, but I will bet for Havok concert in Mexico City (December 2016). My t-shirt was fully wet because the atmosphere was a hell lol. I wish they back soon.
  10. Thank you so much for the answer @Xgamersurvivor
  11. @totallycrushed Thank you so much for your help. I tried to do all by myself but those two trophies would be a pain if you didn't help me (at least the pure bladestone one). Now one game less to worry about thanks to you
  12. FIFA 09 - The first time I got internet access was too late for this game. Dragon Fin Soup - The game is very glitched, impossible to plat. Little Deviants - Another game with a weird glitch, impossible to plat. Grand Theft Auto V - One online trophy impossible to do without the mods and hackers in the game. Badland - Seems to be glitched...
  13. NORN9 Var Commons. I don't like soap operas presented as games lol.
  14. I am Sweet Tooth 0.27%