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  1. I started playing the solo campaigns in this game. I'm really bad figuring how to play through normal difficulty. So, I need some tips on how i need to play this solo campaigns in order to get ready for the legendary difficulty.
  2. It works in the online store. Thanks!
  3. I tried to buy the base game, but apparently it's removed. Can anyone here check it please! I want to buy the game and get the 100% NOTE: i can purchase all the DLC's. The only problem is the base game.
  4. I'd tried to get this trophy, but seems impossible to me. I played with the ufo because it has the better acceleration, but nothing really helped me. Anyone can tell me the best way to get this trophy please. Is te only one i need for the 100%.
  5. Great. Congrats for the plat. Maybe next month i'll try to get it again.
  6. Hi, unfortunately my ps3 broke last year, so i didn't try to get the trophy again. I read that playing online may cuase the glitches, but as you said, there is no more information about it. If you have ps plus i think the best option is to save your game progress in the cloud and start a new game.
  7. Thanks a lot to yuri for the excellent guide. A million thanks to @Smzthyy and @Orenn16 for the help. You're the real heroes. I'm happy I got this trophy
  8. Hi @Danny_Johansen thanks a lot for this guide, is very good and pretty helpful. I have an issue with the trohpy "TARGET ELIMINATED". I've had destroyed some relics with spells and the trophy still no popping. Is there an special requirement for that?
  9. i tried to buy the DLC in the EU store but no lock. I made an Spanish account and one from the UK I didn't se the DLC @charlijaen
  10. Congrats to the winners. @Zolkovo I laughed a lot with your rules, thanks fo the giveaway.
  11. I think is very easier if you comparing with the base campaign. I would say 5-6 hours. Also if you only want to finish it quickly, choose the easiest difficulty since there is no trophy for get all gold medal on elite.
  12. Thank you very much for the info @Perfect_Sinn is a shame it doesn't include the DLCs. But at least you get the base game for free lol.
  13. I think I can enter this contest. My favorite game is Killzone 2 but I'm pretty sure that the new God Of War will replace it.
  14. The event starts in two and a half hours right? Or I need to wait till March 14th my time?
  15. First of all, enjoy the game. Then do whatever you can/want.