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  1. One thing's for sure, there would be a lot less complains if people actually played all the damn games.
  2. That one probably won't happen because she already had one back in KH2 so they know about that one already.
  3. I can clealy hear everything already, "who the heck are these people?" Why is X and Y alive?" "this makes no sense, it sucks", "They ruined my childhood"
  4. Don't do that neither, you're missing out on a really good series, just get the first collection and go from there.
  5. Yeah... About that... I would play the rest of the games before diving into KH3 if I where you. Heck, you would probably be lost even with prior knowledge of the previous entries let alone having none at all.
  6. Yes, that one save you can use, I was talking about regular savings with the ink ribbons, you can't use those at all for the A rank.
  7. As far as I can remember you can't save at all to get an A rank.
  8. Was already announced that it will be about the orgins of the Saiyans, probably even something to do with the original Super Saiyan God or the very first SSJ. That was personally chosen by the creator of the character to voice him, and thus how the character was supposed to sound like.
  9. That's... exactly the point... Anyway, I'm way more excited about the Heroes anime, just want to see all those crazy fusions and transformations in an anime, Heroes intros are always awesome.
  10. By far one of the best (if not the best) Collector's Editions I've got, and I own a lot of those.
  11. I strongly disagree, first of all the game didn't take 10 years, it was only annouced 4 years ago at E3, and the first hint that it was even supposed to be a thing was a year prior with the secret ending of DDD (ending that also hinted at remakes of previous games comming out prior to it), nothing in any of the games released in the meantime even hinted at KH3 being a thing so anyone that was expecting it to be released have noone else to blame but themselves for waiting for something that was never even hinted before. Secondly they've been releasing a game pretty much each year since the release of KH2, games that moved the story forward and intruduced new concepts and characters that honestly are more important to KH3's story then KH1 and KH2 will ever be. You're not excited about it anymore that's fine, but don't use the time it has taken to come out as an excuse because honestly that's one weak excuse to use.
  12. And to add fuel to the fire, Marluxia is not one of Xehanort's 13 Darknesses, he belongs to a third party Oh and that's almost certainly not Marluxia neither
  13. Thinking what? That all you've been doing is posting theories while I lay down facts? Ok... Look, you might end up being right, sure, but right now this is the info we have, both given to us in the games themselves, and by Nomura, who BTW is just the guy that created this universe and is writing down it's history, for whatever it's worth, so for now you just can't overlay facts with theories, that's all.
  14. Then I'm sorry to say but you're kinda confused about your facts... That's the problem with the series, even though most things are hinted at in the games themselves most things are only confirmed by Nomura himself in either interviews or the Ultimanias, and what I said was confirmed by him.