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  1. Alien Isolation by far, would probably kill someone but it would be totally worth it
  2. Not dumb, I also dislike duplicate trophy lists, well, other then Kingdom Hearts that is, but that's only because it's my favorite series
  3. No, you need all the cards and some you only unlock by watching the days movie. Days ps4 version doesn't have trophies though...
  4. Don't expect the trophy list to be the same as the Steam list, for one, Chocobo World would not be included in the remaster so every achievement related to that is out of the list, they might retain the rest though...
  5. Just like they said, the game is in 2 discs, as in, the game that's being released on March next year, just like it says here, under the game box:
  6. Well, guess I might have been wrong all along 😁 , it's translated from French but you can get the gist of it, it talks MP, DLC, and deleted content, heck, even sequels
  7. Art style and animation reminds me of the awfull Rise of the TMNT cartoon, a shame really, I was looking forward to this...
  8. I mean, yeah I could be wrong, but honestly, I doubt it, too much money involved with little reward for them to implement the MP.
  9. So they'll just have those, tons of trophy lists with 30 something trophies on it, and before you mention it, it wouldn't be the first time a remaster list had the type of trophies changed so they keep the same trophy value for the full list even though it has less trophies. Also you gave a bad example, While Bioshock 2 had DLC trophies for the PS4 version they remained as DLC, they didn't replaced the online trophies from the PS3 version, the main list for the base game went from 51 trophies to only 39, so you just shot your own reasoning down. Like I said before, no way a small company like this will waste money keeping up a server for a remastered game's MP, let alone a niche title like this.
  10. Now it was time for the Australian Rating Board to leak it, and it appears it will come to PS4, XONE, PC and Switch. Also it appears that the website went live for a little bit before going offline again.
  11. Can's say it's the same here, but general rule is, saves are locked to the game's region, so you'll need to start a brand new save. There are some exceptions though...
  12. 99% sure it won't, these remasters always remove the MP, and it makes sense, why waste money on servers when it died out already in the past.
  13. Another rating listing as appeared, this time for the PC version, so this looks like a sure thing, nothing for the PS4 yet though... Either way I'm on, even if I have to get it for the XONE instead.
  14. Short answer, no, you'll need a US copy.
  15. You have the wrong disc, ps3 platinum discs have a gray border and a yellow sticker that says platinum like So