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  1. Thats great, thank you. A shame the sale ended lol here's hoping for a new one soon.
  2. Hey guys, quick question. Does the digital version of this is one complete file or does it come with the game and the dlc each as its own files? I ask this because i already have the base game, and its actually cheaper to buy this collection than each of them separatelly, if i can add the dlc to my physical copy that is.
  3. Im concerned about this one too
  4. Afraid I can't help you with that, they appear in English to me, both the US an EU versions, so i'm at a loss at how to fix it for you.
  5. That's an issue with the ps3 controller, it's unavoidable, basically there's a component inside it that loses consistancy with time, it's actually quite easy do fix, you just have to open it up and put a bit of tape around it and it should be fine, there's tons of youtube videos on how to do it Edit: Just one of many videos you can use:
  6. You can also add funds to your account using a PS4 or PS5
  7. The project started as a Theatrhythm Kingdom Hearts game but they thought the game could be something more, but gameplay still looks like an evolved version of the original.
  8. This, you didn't bought the dlc, you bought the "season pass", you have to "buy" each dlc individually, don't worry, they'll be free now.
  9. It won't be free, it's a paid DLC, they'll release a couple of extras in a free update though.
  10. Some mobile games like Dissidia Opera Omnia will also lose FB integration, it has something to do with FB itself.
  11. I'll just pretend it's their homage to this gem
  12. They said it would be added to the game with a later update.
  13. You can only kill enemies with the knife, no burning, no stomping, no defense items, nothing.
  14. I also remember that you have to destroy everything yourself, for exemple a building will have various parts, if you destroy the base and everything collapses it will only count the base, you'll have to destroy it from the top down. Good luck though, it's one of the worst trophies I've got and I wouldn't do it again if I had to...
  15. It has been a very long time but I do recal that as long as you destroy everything at least once it should count. But I do believe the trophy is glitched though, it popped for me randomly without a notification, noticed I've got it 20 minutes after it unlocked.