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  1. It won't be free, it's a paid DLC, they'll release a couple of extras in a free update though.
  2. Some mobile games like Dissidia Opera Omnia will also lose FB integration, it has something to do with FB itself.
  3. I'll just pretend it's their homage to this gem
  4. They said it would be added to the game with a later update.
  5. You can only kill enemies with the knife, no burning, no stomping, no defense items, nothing.
  6. I also remember that you have to destroy everything yourself, for exemple a building will have various parts, if you destroy the base and everything collapses it will only count the base, you'll have to destroy it from the top down. Good luck though, it's one of the worst trophies I've got and I wouldn't do it again if I had to...
  7. It has been a very long time but I do recal that as long as you destroy everything at least once it should count. But I do believe the trophy is glitched though, it popped for me randomly without a notification, noticed I've got it 20 minutes after it unlocked.
  8. Academy is actually the third Jedi Knight game, fourth in the series after Dark Forces, Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight and Jedi Knight 2. There's also an Expansion for Dark Forces 2 called Mysteries of The Sith where you play with Luke's wife, Mara Jade.
  9. Alien Isolation by far, would probably kill someone but it would be totally worth it
  10. Not dumb, I also dislike duplicate trophy lists, well, other then Kingdom Hearts that is, but that's only because it's my favorite series
  11. No, you need all the cards and some you only unlock by watching the days movie. Days ps4 version doesn't have trophies though...
  12. Don't expect the trophy list to be the same as the Steam list, for one, Chocobo World would not be included in the remaster so every achievement related to that is out of the list, they might retain the rest though...
  13. Just like they said, the game is in 2 discs, as in, the game that's being released on March next year, just like it says here, under the game box:
  14. Well, guess I might have been wrong all along 😁 , it's translated from French but you can get the gist of it, it talks MP, DLC, and deleted content, heck, even sequels
  15. Art style and animation reminds me of the awfull Rise of the TMNT cartoon, a shame really, I was looking forward to this...