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  1. Nor do you use a cursor to interact with the environment looking for clues. Even though there is no combat in the game, both the camera angles and the premise of the game are more akin to old school survival horror than any other genre, least of those a point n' click.
  2. White night is not a point and click style game, it's an old school survival horror game (like old Resident Evil), but yeah, it was removed, a shame really, it's a really good game with an interesting art style.
  3. You can always resort to sites like, that's how I got mine, either way good luck, hope you get these, they're some of the best figures I've ever seen.
  4. Gamespot exclusive so I guess US only, still easier for regular fans to grab a set.
  5. Those unfortunetly are not the norm, in contrast you have some like the Mystic ones with unpainted feet, or the space ones with missing armor. And to add insult to injury they not only won't bother to create good figures, but also prevent others from doing it. I really don't understand why Viacom won't force their hand at releasing the master license... Good news, NECA and Gamespot just announced the movie turtles will be released as Gamestop exclusives in January, grab them while you can.
  6. The problem with Playmates is that the promo pictures differ greatly from the final product, usually on the paint apps. A shame really, becase some of their sculpts are actually nice if only they where fully painted...
  7. I have the NECA mirage ones as well, but I also have a B&W original set, and the quality between the 2 are virtually identical, they did a great work with those, hopefuly they'll do the same with the movie ones. I also own a set of the old movie ones by Plamates, those are not as good, but they're not that bad, actually they're not really worse then current Playmates, as sad as that might be...
  8. Oh, those, no my friend, those are the real deal, they're the last wave by playmates, they're just not that good lol As far as I can see the only bootlegs you have are the Revoltech ones, the rest are legit Oh and now I see you know that, you where talking about reprints lol don't mind me
  9. Well, those where re-issued by revoltech and you could've gotten them for around $65 each so I woud've went with those instead, but hey, not judging you there buddy, one should do whatever is best for himself, I also recall you got those before they re-release them so it's not like you would know they would do that anyway
  10. Oh they know, at least this time NECA tried to fight them off, you could only buy 2 sets max and every order they found was cancelled, but some managed to bypass that, there's this one guy on the Technodrome Forums that boasts that he managed to grab more then 10 sets to resell, and he thinks he's above NECA's policies because he used his friends to buy them for him and that it's his only source of income because of some disability that prevents him from working or so he says, obviously everyone hates him in there because most of the people there never where able to grab a set because it was sold out before they had a chance of getting one, and all because of those discusting scalpers. So for them hopefully no one buys them and some bootlegs are released, if not for anything else at least just for those assholes to lose money on this.
  11. Well, I don't really aprove of bootlegers normally, but for these one of a kind deals that once they sold out there's no way to get them other then scalpers then I'm ok with it, I mean, I rather pay for something illegal then feed up some good for nothing bloke that just wants to make a quick buck.
  12. Hell, you already can find them for at least $100 each... Not at all, I've managed to grab a set directly from NECA, $135 plus shipping. The only crappy thing was that you had to be extremely lucky to snag a set, they put a few pre-orders during 3 days that sold out in seconds (I managed to grab my set on the first day 20 seconds after they went live, they sold out as soon as I went back to the pre-order page), and then they where SDCC exclusives so you had to go there to grab them if you missed out on the pre-orders. Not only that but they where US exclusives, I had to use MyUS to have them sent my way, thank god NECA didn't cancel my pre-order because of that ortherwise there would be no way to get these unless I paid scalper prices... But these are NECA so there's a big chance bootlegs from them will eventually be released, and if they're as good qualitity as the old Mirage Turtles from a few years back they'll be almost as good as the real thing so hopefully you can grab one of those for a more friendly price sometime down the road
  13. LOL the pizza is too much, I love it. Indeed they do, the amount of detail is insane, it's like they picked the original suits and shrunk them, I still can't believe I managed to snag a set and are now my favorite item on my collection.
  14. Ha ha those look great, they're Pacman ghosts right? They're made in Hama beads right? I have some as well, but they're regular Turtle faces, my sister gave them to me Nope, I'm not jealous at all Well, I recently did get the NECA 1990 movie ones so there's that I guess
  15. 3, first one is free and the last 2 are paid and part of the Season Pass.