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  1. Can's say it's the same here, but general rule is, saves are locked to the game's region, so you'll need to start a brand new save. There are some exceptions though...
  2. 99% sure it won't, these remasters always remove the MP, and it makes sense, why waste money on servers when it died out already in the past.
  3. Another rating listing as appeared, this time for the PC version, so this looks like a sure thing, nothing for the PS4 yet though... Either way I'm on, even if I have to get it for the XONE instead.
  4. Short answer, no, you'll need a US copy.
  5. You have the wrong disc, ps3 platinum discs have a gray border and a yellow sticker that says platinum like So
  6. Any feedback on the cross saves between PS3 and PS4 on telltale games like Wallking Dead and Batman? Do you lose the saves from the PS3 when you try to download them for the sequels on the PS4?
  7. They had 3 DLC packs planned so we should get one more after this.
  8. That's not a good example because you don't have to kill YX with Terra for the Plat.
  9. You do know that the lore is already developing into past the Xehanort Saga and it will barelly be touched upon on this game right? And it's 99.9% confirmed that it will end with a teaser for that. Case in point the MoM, Luxu and the Black Box. Also Nomura already confirmed that Sora's Story will continue past this and he will always be the main character.
  10. Now you have to get a hold on the other 3, you can't have just one of them
  11. Yeah, I've seen these guys pop in ebay every once in a while, they0re bootlegs for sure but they're cute nonetheless
  12. I think a LA Noire type game but with a X-Files type of narrative would be awesome, you would interrogate UFO witnesses, Alien abducties, etc, throw in a huge goverment coverup and you have the basis of a damn interesting game IMO.
  13. I'm afraid that you should look into another series then, gameplay is not exactly the main point of a JRPG IMO, story is, you'de be better off with a AJRPG like Kingdom Hearts instead. Although there's FF XV for that as well so... For the ones before XV you're basically selecting commands from a menu, not something that thrilling from a gameplay perspective, it's more about the story and characters IMO.
  14. It's a terrible one to start, first of all it's the second on a trilogy and would make no sense story wise, second it's also one of the weakest main entries on the series. Anything between IV and X, as well as XII are good entry points, personally I've started with VII and to this day it's still my favorite game ever, and since then I've played every single one (other then XI and XIV because I don't do MMO) and enjoyed them all, some more then others...
  15. I don't recommend it but I also don't recommend against it, this is not something one can ask others about, this is something one needs to try for themselves, it's just not possible to describe the experience, one needs to live it.