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  1. Yeah I know, we have those here as well, but last Easter they released a Maxi egg that had Turtles figures as well, those are the ones I was talking about. Brilliant add, human stupidity always manages to surprise me... It would be even better if they used the Hello Kitty rifle on it
  2. The Maxi eggs? I have Mikey and Raph, no way I'm going after the other 2 unfortunately...
  3. I can give you an update on that already, my girl gave me these cuties for Xmas
  4. Not exactly, for example the Evolution of Leonardo pack, they lost the mold of one of the older Leos so they had to cast an original figure and the stamp was left as it was originaly so it's not exactly a fail safe way to know the year of origin, but you might also be right, yours might just be how the 25th where released in the US, here in EU they only got that artwork for the most recent release, the 25th looked different like you can see on mine. It's all about sales, they first release the ones they think would sell better, then move down the line, that's why usually Donnie gets left out, they just give up before they can reach him, he was even almost left out of the Revoltech re-releases, they chose 10 best selling figures to re-release and he was placed 9th or 10th, thankfully they all got in the top 10 so they all got re-released. Same here, I would be all over them, especially if they looked like they did on the IDW's TMNTXGhostbusters crossovers.
  5. They are? Humm I thought all of the ones from the 25th anniversary had the logo and the ones you have are missing them, unless playmates just reused the plastic from the 25th ones and left the 2013 stamp... Oh well as long as you're happy with them it's all that maters right? It is yeah, if they don't make all 4 I won't get them, period, that's why I didn't get the evolution pack for the 2016 movie ones, they only released Raph and Leo and screw over Donnie and Mikey so no money from me, and I really wanted those pre-teen turtles... Those would be so much better if they just made the turtles dressed like the Ghostbusters, the way they did them they look weird and kinda ugly, an easy pass from me, and again, I would be all over them if only they did them right... I too am a big fan of them both, have been collecting the huge IDW hardcovers from both, they're glorious
  6. Oh sorry LOL I really have to update my photos then, I own you that much I don't know about that, probably those never sold enough to warrant going for the others, Donnie is worse, he's always the least sold of them all so he usually gets the short end of the stick... Yeah, those cost me a bit, but they're not the only ones that did, the Mirage ones in B&W, as well as the revoltech and the Figuarts (not on this photo) also cost me a pretty penny, but it's ok, I love them and don't mind all the money I spent on them Mine are re-releases as well, but I believe yours are the second re-release?! Playmates re-released them for the 25th anniversary and then again recently, I believe yours are the last ones, a shame really because, and I hope you're not offended by it, they suck, they where done with cheap plastics, the colors don't match the originals (especially Raph, he's too bright) and the paint jobs are sloppy. But no, they're not bootlegs, for bether or for worse they're the real deal. Really hoping for a release of NECA's movie turtles in a smaller scale, those are just gorgeous but way too big for my tastes...
  7. A Kindred spirit I too only collect the boys in green, but I go the extra mile, I only collect canon appearences of them, here's an outdated picture of them, I'll upload a better/recent one some other time.
  8. They do, the RNG is just crap, I've been farming for the PQ's abilities and get one of them once every blue moon, like 6K/1Y every 50 or so PQs
  9. It's not that unbelievable though, the TMNT had 3 crossovers with Batman on the comics already, this is obviously an extend of that. I just hope they're using this as a way to test the waters for a completly original TMNT game in the same vein as the Batman Arkham series, as in, an entirelly original universe using the best bits of the various incarnations of the TMNT over the past 30 years.
  10. It doesn't change the fact this is based on the book, if the book contains these things why should one expect any different from a movie based on said book?
  11. Because this is based on a book whose entire premiss is referencing 80's pop culture?!
  12. I did, it's so much better then regular 3D glasses, I've only seen one 3D movie in the thatre, and I found it too dark and I didn't enjoy it at all, that's not the case with the VR, they look exactly the same, they're bright and don't look like your watching movies with sunglasses on. I did felt a little lightheaded though, just like one does while playing VR for the first time, that was right when the update came out though, I'll have to try it again once I'm more used to VR in general.
  13. Ok, I might get the game now
  14. Ellie's mother is a huge part of why Ellie is Ellie and why Marlene did what she did, you can learn more about her on the prequel comics.
  15. They've already lost mine for taking a dump on VR, was really looking forward for some dogfights in VR...
  16. Read the post right above this one to know what I mean. Streaming did outperform it, but nothing else, not payed digital, nor CD, only thing that the above post got wrong is claiming that Vinyl sales didn't get better, they did, by a lot, compared to the previous year that is, that and the reason both of the other 2 got major drops made it the top contender, again, not counting streaming that got a even bigger boost.
  17. It outperformed every other medium, CDs and paid downloads, only came behind streaming services.
  18. And yet vinyl was the best selling music medium last year...
  19. People are concerned about what happens to digital media once you die? That's cute, you don't even own anything digital in the first place, anything you buy digitally can be taken from you any time the actual owner of said things so desire, don't ilude yourself, you're just paying to have a licence to use it for as long as they want, and there's nothing anyone can do about it, you agree to those terms as soon as you finalize your "purchase", that's the big problem with a digital only future, they have all the power and we bend over and take it like good little boys, but mankind is just way to dumb to realize this things until it's way too late.
  20. Just summon him in every random battle and pay him 1000gil each time, do it enough times and he'll start doing attacks for free, even Zanmato. I even had him do a couple of Zanmato for me for free on a couple of Dark Aeons. The more you use him the more likely it is he'll throw you a freebie.
  21. This is awesome, just 7 more to go (yes, I want every main FF game on the PS4, at least FFI-FFIX)
  22. For the same reason why they packed Heavy Rain with Beyond, Tomb Raider with Hitman, Limbo with Inside and countless others, they're both critically aclaimed games by the same Developers.
  23. It was simple really, the first one didn't break any sales records and SEGA wanted to let the IP die, but Nintendo offered to publish the game themselves so they agreed, bottom line is, it can come out on other systems (Mass Effect 1 was published by Microsoft but still came out for the PS3 for example), but it's not likelly.
  24. This, I'll only buy 3 IF they remaster the first 2, and I really want to buy 3...