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  1. Well, another site that became crap by unnecessary changes, it's confusing as all hell, everything is hidden away and runs like crap and takes forever to load, oh well, it's a good thing I don't really have the time to lurk around sites all day anymore...

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    2. Devil_Spooky


      Feel free to do so yourself if you want, I don't really care about it.

      Sigh... Don't you ever say things out loud just to hear yourself saying them? You do know that hearing your thoughts out loud has a different impact then thinking them right? It's the same thing here, I've always done that before, even on the older site, why didn't you bother me with those before?

      As long as I'm not breaking any rules I'm free to do as I please, and I'm really getting tired of this argument, it's not something I like but I will start deleting comments if this doesn't stop soon.

      And since you're so interested of what I think here's an update: Ok the site is getting better, it runs faster and somethings that were missing came back, everything is still hidden away and getting around is still confusing though...

      There, is that good enough for you? Just don't bother giving "your opinion" about it, I don't care.

    3. TheYuriG


      Kinda sad that you don't want my opinion because I'm going to praise you for better wording yourself. My issue was NEVER with your opinion, but with the way you put it. It looks much better the way you said it now, I also have issues with the website myself, you can read the (huge) list I made if you have 15 seconds to spare and if you are willing to, by reading the first post here.

      I don't know what other issues you still have with the website, but I hope those get sorted out for you. One of my biggest gripes was the lacking PSN button on profiles, but since that was added yesterday, things are much smoother on my end. Hopefully you are going to feel the same way eventually, have a good night.


      Don't you ever say things out loud just to hear yourself saying them?

      You won me at this moment, which is a better way than saying


      And once again my criticism wasn't meant for anyone, just for me, I don't care if it leads to anything, was never meant to, is that so hard to understand?


    4. Devil_Spooky


      I really don't, nothing personal though, I just don't really care.

      Yeah, already read that.

  2. Everyone's having fun exploring Eos and here I am, stuck in a little apartment wrecking everything as a small kitten. Why did you had to send my copy through regular mail Square-Enix? :(

    1. DrakeHellsing


      Taking your frustration out as said kitten huh? xD

    2. Devil_Spooky
    3. --Deleted--


      Not everybody. Im not. I would be included in said everybody, I think.

  3. I want in on the PS VR so badly, I might get it on release as well, getting kinda addicted to it already and can't think about anything else lately :P

    1. Fastandslow


      drive club vr plz now

    2. Devil_Spooky


      I'm all about the horror games, might die of an heart attack but screw that :P

    3. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      So immersive, mmo gamers will be hooked

  4. DAMN o.O

    can it be summer already?
    1. MarsipanRumpan


      U looking forward to it huh? ;) A little later then I expected though :o

    2. Devil_Spooky


      Hell yeah, can't come soon enough :D

    3. MarsipanRumpan


      Yeah, Im happy for you! It launches in time for the god of war announcement too ;)

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    2. Devil_Spooky
    3. Waffle-Sensei


      Sounds awesome. My brother grew up with the turtles and he's still a big fan. Hopefully the game turns out good and he lets me get it for him, would be the ultimate present.

    4. Devil_Spooky


      Well, lets hope the game gets a physical release then ;)