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  1. 2 hours ago, Alpha-Strider said:


    I had the Japanese trophy issue so I ran through this process but it didn't help. I did some more research and came upon this thread and had a little luck after trying some of their suggestions. I switched my language to US English, switching my trophy list to offline mode, and synced trophies with the server. This put the Catherine list in English on my PS3 but trophies are still popping and showing as Japanese here on PSNProfiles. Is there really no way to resolve that? I know it doesn't actually affect the trophies but I'm planning on making the Catherine plat number 200 and I would rather see it in English in my milestone list.


    Afraid I can't help you with that, they appear in English to me, both the US an EU versions, so i'm at a loss at how to fix it for you.


  2. 3 hours ago, angrymangamer said:

    Im hsving a bit of trouble. When i play certain games my controller does random things when it is not suppossed to do.. Any ideas why?

    That's an issue with the ps3 controller, it's unavoidable, basically there's a component inside it that loses consistancy with time, it's actually quite easy do fix, you just have to open it up and put a bit of tape around it and it should be fine, there's tons of youtube videos on how to do it


    Edit: Just one of many videos you can use: 



  3. 11 minutes ago, Sifferino said:

    The console store will also become unusable soon, at least in the EU. Sony sent me an email about, something about a Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) which Sony have decided not to bother with at all. This means EU citizens won’t be able to use any payment method to purchase anything on the PS3 store, hence it becomes unusable. Thanks Sony, so happy you still care. 


    3 minutes ago, SnowxSakura said:

    You will still be able to use pre-paid PSN cards

    You can also add funds to your account using a PS4 or PS5


  4. On 19/11/2020 at 2:00 AM, MandA60VISE said:

    Is it anything like Theatrhythm? I have almost 600 hours in that one and the chibi versions of Sora, Donald, and Goofy I saw in the trailer is exactly like Theatrhythm. I haven't played III yet so I haven't looked at much for this game.


    The project started as a Theatrhythm Kingdom Hearts game but they thought the game could be something more, but gameplay still looks like an evolved version of the original.


  5. 58 minutes ago, BestUsername---- said:

    Are you using website or through the console. You have to manually download dlc if you buy a season pass, it won't auto download them for you.


    So go back to the games page, go to the add-on section and then download what you want. It will be listed as free.

    It's not going to be in your library or purchased section because you technically haven't purchased the DLC's yet.

    Here are the webstores DLC for Spider-Man, they're NA. DLC%3Anull%3A DLC%3Anull%3A DLC%3Anull%3A


    This, you didn't bought the dlc, you bought the "season pass", you have to "buy" each dlc individually, don't worry, they'll be free now.


  6. 49 minutes ago, Dr_Mayus said:

    Yeah but you would assume there would be an announcement or something indicating the date.


    I don't really care about the DLC but i heard it might be free and if it adds trophies I would get those before getting rid of my copy of the game (which I won't be doing until I finish my Alpha Plat Rain).


    It won't be free, it's a paid DLC, they'll release a couple of extras in a free update though.


  7. 4 hours ago, dj_helyx said:

    I wonder if they'll order a patch to fix the spelling of "Remasterd".


    3 hours ago, Solid-Fisch said:

    I just watched a profile from a guy on PSN who already plays the game and the spelling was correct there. Could the mistake made been here on PSNP?


    2 hours ago, Bungles--Finger said:

    I'd leave it, it's perfect. :D


    2 hours ago, Geridian said:


    On my profile the word "Remastered" is also written the wrong way for the trophy set: "Remasterd".

    This is true for the trophy set on my console and on PSNP.


    Fun fact(!):

    It depends on the menu item on the PS4 if it is written as "Remastered" or "Remasterd":

    a. Trophyset directly through Trophies in the XMB or at PSNP: Remasterd

    b. When you navigate this way ==> XMB >> Profile you can read Remastered

    - b. should also be true if you check the profile of another person who has this game on his/her profile.


    Thanks to @Solid-Fisch for providing me with a screenshot of b. which made me like check my own profile.


    16 minutes ago, starcrunch061 said:


    The least they could have done is given it the hilarious misspelling "remasturd".


    Anyway, I'm pretty excited for this. Stayed away from Ghostbusters on the PS3 because I heard about glitches and whatnot, though apparently it was the MP that was problematic. Looking forward to playnig this.


    I'll just pretend it's their homage to this gem :D


  8. 21 minutes ago, Johnytomm said:

    I've used the lighter to burn bodies several times now. Does this void me getting the trophy? Idk if I should restart this (first playthrough) or try again with Jill on normal


    You can only kill enemies with the knife, no burning, no stomping, no defense items, nothing.


  9. I also remember that you have to destroy everything yourself, for exemple a building will have various parts, if you destroy the base and everything collapses it will only count the base, you'll have to destroy it from the top down. Good luck though, it's one of the worst trophies I've got and I wouldn't do it again if I had to...


  10. 8 hours ago, KenjiCBZ said:

    How about if the CPU destroys an object before you do? So far I'm only halfway with the stages, and when that case happens, I would just kill the opponent (So the game auto saves), restart the match and restart destroying objects starting with the one the CPU had destroyed before, avoiding to destroy the objects I had already destroyed before. Is it ok, or do I have to destroy them again, to make them count?


    It has been a very long time but I do recal that as long as you destroy everything at least once it should count. But I do believe the trophy is glitched though, it popped for me randomly without a notification, noticed I've got it 20 minutes after it unlocked.


  11. 15 minutes ago, sh4d0wzcs said:

    I never got a chance to play them either, but you would think Academy would come out first being the first game?


    Academy is actually the third Jedi Knight game, fourth in the series after Dark Forces, Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight and Jedi Knight 2.


    There's also an Expansion for Dark Forces 2 called Mysteries of The Sith where you play with Luke's wife, Mara Jade.


  12. 29 minutes ago, GonzoArmstrong said:

    Just to confirm I can plat this without playing 358/days? I would prefer not to stack it as I already beat it on PS3 and am not a fan of "trophy stacking"

    No, you need all the cards and some you only unlock by watching the days movie. Days ps4 version doesn't have trophies though...


  13. 1 hour ago, SelectiveGamer said:

    So... um...


    Can someone please explain to me what '2 blu ray discs' means? Does it mean the remake will only take 2 parts? Or does it mean when it comes out in March it'll be 2 discs? I'm just MEGA confused right now. 1f615.png


    How many parts is this going to take? 1f605.png


    Just like they said, the game is in 2 discs, as in, the game that's being released on March next year, just like it says here, under the game box: Final-Fantasy-VII-Remake-1st-Class-Editi



  14. 4 hours ago, StewartBros said:


    Just have to wait and see. 1f642.png


    And, my bad about BioShock 2 - I did think the DLC trophies were incorporated into the platinum for some reason. Cheers for correcting me on that point.


    I mean, yeah I could be wrong, but honestly, I doubt it, too much money involved with little reward for them to implement the MP.


  15. 16 minutes ago, StewartBros said:


    Thing is though, remasters like the AC titles you mentioned (plus BioShock 2, among others) had DLC trophies that could be implemented into the platinum to replace the now-missing multiplayer trophies.  Ghostbusters had no DLC, so removing the MP trophies would cut the trophy list down to about 35 trophies instead of the 51 that the "old" game had, and I can't see the remastered game being given another dozen or so all-new trophies in their place.


    So they'll just have those, tons of trophy lists with 30 something trophies on it, and before you mention it, it wouldn't be the first time a remaster list had the type of trophies changed so they keep the same trophy value for the full list even though it has less trophies. Also you gave a bad example, While Bioshock 2 had DLC trophies for the PS4 version they remained as DLC, they didn't replaced the online trophies from the PS3 version, the main list for the base game went from 51 trophies to only 39, so you just shot your own reasoning down.


    Like I said before, no way a small company like this will waste money keeping up a server for a remastered game's MP, let alone a niche title like this.


  16. 13 hours ago, Rozalia1 said:

    Finally got round to actually buying some stuff on the Hong Kong store so I can now do this no problem, but question, preferably to those who are in the European region as you can talk from experience.


    If I get the Hong Kong DLC I'm out of luck on the version I have which is the European version. So I have to get either the American (disc or digital doesn't matter) or Hong Kong version of the game. Having played a Hong Kong game recently I assume both will be in English, the only difference being X and Circle being swapped controlwise on the Hong Kong version which is annoying but whatever.


    Now my question is, and I have asked before but now feel I may have misunderstood... will my European version save files work? Considering you can apparently just do the DLC endgame it'd be real nice if I didn't need to do a 6th playthrough to get the DLC done. Instead just loading my endgame European save file and going from there.


    I know some might get testy with this, you know, sort of "what do you think idiot" type affair as it should be obvious, but I'm only asking as I've had people be wrong before on something else (told me a patched save wouldn't work on an unpatched game when it did).


    Can's say it's the same here, but general rule is, saves are locked to the game's region, so you'll need to start a brand new save. There are some exceptions though...