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  1. Well, another site that became crap by unnecessary changes, it's confusing as all hell, everything is hidden away and runs like crap and takes forever to load, oh well, it's a good thing I don't really have the time to lurk around sites all day anymore...

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    2. Devil_Spooky


      If there's very little to learn from my post why did you even bother to reply to it, couldn't you, oh I don't know, IGNORE IT? I'm sorry if I don't whore out for everything the staff does, I don't like it, it's my opinion and mine alone, you don't have to agree with it and you damn well have no right to tell me it's wrong, I didn't attack anyone and as far as I know stating one's opinion is not against the sites rules so I'll apreciate if you just move along and mind your own business thank you.

    3. TheYuriG


      Hold on for a second, victim. I did not attack you, I did not insulted you. You posted one opinion and I replied to it saying I didn't agree with it. What does having little to learn from your post has ANYTHING TO DO with ignoring it? I'm not supposed to ignore anything. If you don't want to be replied to, don't post. You can take your own advice to yourself, if you didn't like the design you could have just, oh I don't know, IGNORE IT and stop using the site?

      See, I don't really want you to stop coming here, just that your point can be used against yourself. Your opinion is actually shared by others in this site. You don't need to be 'whoring' anything the staff does. There was a lot of work put into this like @fabmorais_2011 mentioned above and while you are free to dislike it, the whole time has been said that there are better way to express that. No one here is trying to silence you. You say that I don't have the right to say you are wrong, which by the way you are wrong with because as much as you can say anything you want, I also can state that you are wrong if I want to, but then again, I did not. Say where I said you were wrong again. Prove me or stop pulling shit out of nowhere.

      You didn't attack anyone and neither did I, but I find it pretty ironic to say that something turns to crap and then telling someone to mind their own business when they disagree. Why didn't you mind your own business instead of posting this? OOOOOOHHHHHH, you didn't want to, as much I don't want now. Once again, if you are not willing to discuss, don't bother posting.

    4. Devil_Spooky


      Oh look, another random bug, first it doubles my post, and then deletes both of them LOL

      I won't be wasting more time with you, you're free to leave this and never come back, you sure won't be missed.

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