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  1. Thank you for your contributions on the Kingdom Hearts forums

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    2. Devil_Spooky


      Watching the movie would not tell you even a small fraction of that story, in fact it barelly tells you anything at all from the game... :(

      Well, for a time there was a way, you could use an Emulator to play the game, ia actually maneged to play the first 300 missions or so, but SE updated the game in a way you can't run it anymore, so unfortunetely you'll ned a smarphone or tablet to run it yourself. Altough there is a way for you to see the story in full at least, you can go to youtube for it, it sucks I know but at least you can check out the story. :S


      It is yes, in fact Aqua almost got overwhelmed by it almost as soon as she set foot in it, but she was saved by Terra and Ven's light. One needs some kind of protection if one wants any chance of surviving it, either from an Armor or from a Cloak, and she had neither, she can keep the darkness at bay with the Keyblade but eventually it would be too much the bear, Even Ansem the Wise was starting to lose himself, and he had a Cloak to protect him.

      You can kinda use a real world example for it, imagine being in a dark room, alone, with no light at all, you only have your thoughts, in time you'll start to lose, you'll become crazy, maybe start imagining things, stay too long in there and you'll be lost for good, that's what was happening to Aqua, Terra, Mickey and later Ansem helped her snap out of it, giving her hope to at least survive for a little while longer.


      See, I take that as another hint at there being no time flow at all, time looses meaning, as in there's no time anymore, there's just that moment, forever, until you lose yourself for good.


      It's fun talking about things like this :D


      No I 100% agree with you, I grew p with Portuguese Dragon Ball, and still love it, but it's so far removed from the original Japanese version that it's like watching 2 different anime. In fact our official DB release is exactly like Team Four Star parody series DBZ Abridge, in fact they even made a special episode talking about it. LOL


      But yeah, for KH I need to have it in English, even with the lost/contraditory info :P

    3. XInactiveAccountX


      Good news, I have my mom's hand-me-down iPad so I can now get the mobile Kingdom Hearts games!

      ANND, my Japanese KH 1.5 + 2.5 Collection finally came in the mail. I'm happy as a clam, I absolutely love everything from the Japanese intro songs to the dialogue.


      Would you mind if I added you on PSN, bro?

    4. Devil_Spooky


      Wow nice one, enjoy it :D


      Not at all bro, go right away ;)