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  1. Thank you for your contributions on the Kingdom Hearts forums

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    2. XInactiveAccountX


      True that. I think no matter what, if you skip out on any game you're going to have a lot of confusion. You could probably get away with not playing coded, because DDD does explain the little smidgen of information you need to know from it. But who knows, maybe KH3 will have Maleficent and Pete making heavy references to coded, leaving people totally lost 😂 If someone were to skip 358/2 days, seeing Xion in other games would be like "Whoa, what's her deal??" haha


      I assumed that Aqua wouldn't really aesthetically age all that much even if she remained in ROL from BBS to KH1. Both Terra and her have well cleared puberty by the start of BBS and are *maybe* the age that Sora/Riku almost are currently (of course I can only make rough guesses). Take really any girl you know and chances are they'd look very similar at 30 as they did at age 20, assuming their genes or habits don't make them put on any weight; Aqua definitely has supermodel genes 😍😋 Looking at character models of Aqua in BBS and her in 0.2, the former looks late teen (maybe even young adult) while the latter looks mid-late 20s, but I also have to keep in mind the art direction, engine differences, and any other changes a character concept could go through from one game to another. 

      With that said, I think Aqua as she is in 0.2 could accommodate any of the three possibilities of the nature of time in ROD, making her less helpful of a gauge.

      Sora and Riku being there at the same time as Aqua and Ansem can also be accommodated, considering Ansem makes clear references to his quest of vengeance AND the closing act of KH2 (and that Nomura said it himself apparently LOL). I'm actually hesitant to say that Aqua met Ansem immediately after helping Riku and Mickey, I personally think that short clip was to simply confirm that she met him after helping Riku and Mickey so we have a consistent timeline/chain of events in our mind. More of a nod to us fans that they didn't forget about that conversation in BBS's ending.


      Looking back at my post, I seem to have made a mistake in articulating my thoughts. In haste I said that time flows faster but what I meant to say is that it moves slower. The mental picture I had in my mind was someone entering the ROD for a week but having a year pass in ROL in that week (not exactly that ratio but you get the idea), thus I said ROD goes faster, as if ROD is a shuttle you can take to go through time faster.


      One way I described the language of KH to a friend is that the KH original characters, FF characters, etc. are best in Japanese while all the Disney and Pixar characters are best in English. I would pay Square money to have the option to toggle the languages around between each group of characters, not gonna lie 😂 have Sora yelling at Donald in Japanese and Donald yelling back at him in English and they understand each other perfectly 😂

    3. Devil_Spooky


      Well, Maleficent's goals in KH3 is hunting for the book of Prophecies (that she noticed a correlation between it and Jiminy's journal) that she needs so she can conquer the Data-worlds, so there's a direct link into both Re:Coded and Chi so...


      Ven refered to both Aqua and Terra as adults back in BBS so they're both around the earlier 20's at least, and don't forget Terra's body did age during the 10 year gape, while Aqua remained the same (not taking into consideration the change in art and graphics obviously).

      There's no way Aqua could have survived more then a couple of hours in the ROD without losing herself to Darkness, no matter the amount of light she has, there's just no way. And the fact she's just so out of it about the passage of time says to me that time just doesn't pass at all, in fact take the clock on the Castle of Dreams as indication, time only moved forward when the clock moved, and could be moved back and the world would reshape itself, and once she does that time stand to an halt, it doesn't move anymore, everything is just stuck in place. Either way we'll find out sooner or later so... :P


      Well, because of the movies and the past games only being available in english It kinda ingrained the english VAs of the FF games into my memory so I kinda prefer them like that, and I also see the KH original characters as Disney rather then anime (as they should since Disney are the actual owners of the IP) and to me Disney = English so I can't really imagine it any other way :P

    4. XInactiveAccountX


      Yeah I'm pretty fuzzy/ignorant on Chi. I've watched the movie on back cover, and had experienced some bits and pieces of both mobile games before watching it. Is there a way to run the games on Windows? There's no way I'm skipping them.


      When you say it's very difficult to resist the darkness in ROD, is the realm really that taxing? Sorry if it seems like I'm trying to press you, I'm someone who really enjoys technical discussions and I tend to challenge and like being challenged as it improves both sides of the discussion 😊 

      Aqua's ability as a Keyblade Master is spectacular, and she does have some insight on the nature of Light and Dark, but I do understand that her knowledge, prowess, affinities, and spirit do have limits even with a heart as powerful as hers. ROD was really messing with her on its own, because her internal troubles were able to manifest so simply in an empty world drenched in deep shadow. I think that's why 0.2 is so damn gripping narratively, because what she is going through is so difficult; the torment and trials of self-reflection, regret, and reconciling past failures... That isn't even going into the physical dangers of the realm itself and how dark matter is so corrupting, dangerous, volatile. Perhaps I am answering my own question with my personal analysis, but would still like your take.

      What is obviously so tricky for me is understanding the dark matter, because we know how life would be in our universe if time froze; all chemical reactions would halt in the world, including our ability to see or even think. Even if we magically were able to move while everything else was frozen, the absence of light particles would still render us blind. Now of course the laws of our universe don't need to apply to ROD or the universe of KH at all, because its very origin need not be the same as our universe's; not having what we call time wouldn't necessarily have most or even any of the consequences of that being applied to ours. I look to an early Ansem report citing that being in ROD causes time to lose its meaning, which is the same sentiment Aqua has held. I think that learning what Riku is talking about in KH3 will crack all of this wide open and explain everything 😊


      I understand. Though I have grown up with Dragon Ball dub all my life but now prefer the Japanese. When you look at voice acting from the original source, the case with Dragon Ball being Japan, you often times have better directing. The Japanese producers and creators are looking for specific talent, and have the voice actors they hire to perform precisely how they need them to perform according to their vision of the anime. When the anime is brought to America, all of that vision is lost; our producers will be fundamentally different than the minds of their Japanese counterparts who have close ties with the manga creator and can understand them. Americans can only assume/guess what the right way to go about directing voice actors is. We seem to always go for simple minded approaches to it, and never give the voice actors too much scrutiny. I can recall MANY series where the voice acting is so wooden, that you can tell the actors are reading it straight off a damn piece of paper 😑 some dub performances can transcend mediocrity and can give us some depth, I just wish it were more often 😏

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