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  1. Thank you for your contributions on the Kingdom Hearts forums

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    2. Devil_Spooky


      That was Ven's Heart reacting, kinda like how Sora cryed in KH2 when he said goodbuy to Pence and the others, he didn't cry, Roxas did. I believe this is the same. Well find out soon enough tough :P


      Well, Nomura did say it was a story that needed to be told but that it wasn't the right time to tell it, but since KH3 took a little while longer he just took that as an oportunity to tell it, I believe that the important parts of it where put into 0.2 so I'm good.


      What I really want to know is what Riku meant by "another me" on the recent trailer. I have a theory that it's just that, his other, as in, the Riku that was lost in the ROD back in KH1. You see, there's no time on the ROD so I believe that everything we saw in there was happening at the same time, so it's possible there's 2 Rikus there, and that's how Riku got his Keyblade, it was left for him by himself LOL hey, I can see Nomura think about something like that to mess with us :P

    3. XInactiveAccountX


      Right. It's not Xehanort who invoked him, or even Xehanort who saw him as far as I know.

      I reaaally feel sorry for people who only played BBS, I'm seeing people online so lost over the fact that Xehanort is old + Riku Sora are young in BBS, but in DDD they're all "young" 😂 how can you start at BBS and then play DDD?? 😂😂


      Right. Which makes me acknowledge that the more major titles in the series introduce a new type of enemy (Nobody, Unversed, Nightmare). I can't see there being doppelgangers of everyone being created, and I can't see how his statement would tie into there being a new type of enemy, but it is something to think about on its own in an unrelated note. 

      I thought that time flowed faster in ROD than in ROL? Thinking about it, no time would make things really wonky because crates can be destroyed by Aqua, matter can be changed and chemical reactions are more or less the same in the other realm. ROD would be a very, very unique dimension 😋


      BTW, I bought the ps4 digital collection AND a Japanese copy to spice things up 😋 I really like the Japanese language (took a class in it last year), so it should really be an adventure. Eventually I'll play through the stories in English to have all cutscenes in the theater in English, too

    4. Devil_Spooky


      Those people are not the worst, I think it's even worse going to KH3 with only playing 1 and 2, by doing that you don't know half the characters, you don't know why dead people are back, heck, you don't even know who the main bad guy is and what are his plans LOL


      No, at most it flows slower, that's why Aqua looks the same, even though 10 years had passed, for her it could be just a couple of days, heck, maybe even just a couple of hours.

      I don't know, just have a feeling it's the case, like, even Nomura said something that kinda hints that time doesn't flow at all, he said that Riku and Sora where on the shores at the same time as Aqua and Ansem the Wise, although they where at different sides so they didn't see eachother, and Aqua reached those shores right after helping Riku and Mickey at the end of KH1, so we're looking at a timeline from the moment that Aqua reached the ROD, her helping Mickey and Riku at the end of KH to her finding Ansem the Wise at the end of KH2 in virtually no time at all, even though on the ROL 11 years passed during that time. So to me, time doesn't flow at all, or at most it moves even slower then we originally thought...


      Nice one. I love Japanese too, but for KH I just can't do it, it feels weird hearing the Disney characters speaking anything other then english. heck, I can't even stand hearing them in Portuguese and I grew up with it LOL

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