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  1. Umm,pretty sure that you can't cheat your playstation. If your membership has expired,you aren't going to be able to play them even offline. Not sure why you would try but yea. And like someone else said,a year subscription is a way better deal than the other options. And ps+ is a good offer anyway.


    They didn't prevent the exploit to get unlimited Plus membership on the PS4 so yeah, you can cheat SONY.



    The counter starts when the game is activated which happens before it's downloaded or played.


    Setting your system clock back two months doesn't make any difference because the Days Remaining counter is unaffected. Besides, every time you connect to the internet on a PS3, several servers are pinged during the boot process, regardless of whether or not you open a game.


    The only way to prevent all internet access is to disable wireless / unplug the ethernet cable, but then you won't be syncing your trophies, so what's the point? And again, it makes no difference to the Days Remaining counter.


    The point is to play the games for as long as someone wants without paying more for it, no one would care for trophies if they could play the games for free.


    Look, I don't care for this, like I said, I like to own my games and only buy physical anyway unless I don't have any other choice and the only plus I've got was some 30 days trials and the 3 months SONY gave me with GOW Ascension, I apreciate what SONY is giving us with Plus but it's just something I would never ever pay for (no, not even to play online, that's something I don't care either), I was just wondering and I had a pretty good ideia how they would prevent an exploit like this.


  2. Their servers time never stops, so no matter what you do with your console you'll still have to renew your subscription


    If you cut your internet connection you can't connect to the servers, how do they know how much time do you have left if they can't connect to you? I only see one options for them to control this, the timer is actual independent of your internal clock and counts the hours independently and shuts down when the clock reachs zero.


    am i the only PS+ subscriber that hasnt tried to get slick with this? i mean come on, between all the games you get for free (my backlog has about 250+ games) and all the insane discounts, the LAST thing im thinking about is getting over on Sony, especially with all theyre giving us for $60 a year. 



    this is how we lose good things!! remember when we were allowed to have 5 systems linked to one account? yeah, dont fuck this up too...  :|


    I couldn't care less for Plus, I like to own my games so I only get them digitally when it's the only option, given the choice I always go for physical, even if I have to pay more (and I never do, you just need to know where to buy them from). I was just curious how they can control something like that if they don't have a way to access your info if you never go back online.


  3. I've always wondered something. They have a timer right? What if before the timer hits the end you change the internal clock (like around 2 months back) and unplug the ethernet cable? How can your PS3 know what date it is?


  4. Actually you people are kinda wrong, while what you say is true for most cases there are exceptions, not many, but there are.


    For exemple the Back to the Future disc has a different trophy list then the digital one, including a Platinum that's missing on the Digital version. The Walking Dead also has two different files for the DLC, one for the Digital version and another for the physical version, although when you buy the DLC you get both of them so no big deal here.


    These are the only ones I know of, probably they are the only ones that are like that, but I think the TC should know that there are chances of this happening.


  5. Devil_Spooky

     gta 5 rdr load great and fast but heavy rain,beyond to souls uncharted 3, gt6 have problems



    i always thought i have it vented well enough buts its getting clear to me somthing im doing isnt helping because this problem has been following me from machine to machine.

    the machine i have is still under warranty from eb games all i have to do is return it, but i know if i return it the same thing will happen again because the one i have i got from returning my original a couple months ago. the only thing i do wrong is smoke around it and i do have a window close to it. does anyone else smoke around there machine and have NO problems ??


    All those games have more data in them then GTA or RDR, sooner or later you'll experience the same problems on them too, your laser is dying. Either you are extremely unlucky and got a defective unit or your smoking is killing your units.


  6. What happens is just that when the laser starts to die it starts by having troubles reading certain discs, the ones that have more data in them (that's why a normal PS3 makes more noise reading certain discs), first party SONY games are usually big games and have a lot of data on them. What are the games your PS3 can read? Any big game like GTA or RDR? Uncharted 3 and The Last Of Us are really big games, probably the biggest ones on the PS3 in terms of data on the disc so that's probably what's happening, your disc drive is going out.




    you collect neca figurines?... im a neca/hottoys collector dude, havnt seen the turtles figures though but they must be brilliant...


    Not really a collector, but I have a few from stuff I like, like Kratos from GOW and some Resident Evil ones and a Xenomorph too, I'm waiting for these bad boys now



  8. they look awesome... i loved the turtles (original cartoons and rubbish but cool films were out when i was young) and they deserve a lego game lol... its goodto see that the turtles havnt lost any appeal 20 years on, even the new movie looks great...


    I'm actually suffering from Turtle fever right now :P I'm tracking all the figures I can get my hands on (already have the original playmates from when I was a kid, the 25th anniversary ones, the classic version, the Nickelodeon and LEGO too, and i'm waiting for the NECA ones to arrive). I'm also reading every book released so far since the 80s and every show on tv too. Trying to get my hands on every video game too :P Ofcourse I'm psyched for the new movie, even with all the bad press around it. :P


  9. For the no damage one just do this and you should do the mission on first try:

    1 - Build a ship with a cockpit, an engine and a transformation gummi

    2 - duplicate your ship and link them both together

    3 - everytime you're about to get hit just transform, it will negate all damage


  10. Hi guys, take a look at this:

    As you can see, I got all other trophies, so why am I not getting the last one? Am I missing something or is it bugged for some weird reason?

    Do this and it should unlock:

    1 - Check everything again, NOT the videos, the character Bios, Roxas diary, secret diary.

    2 - Watch the last scene again, make sure it finish until it goes back to the menu.

    3 - Back out of the game, DON'T EXIT TO THE XMB.

    4 - You should get the trophy and the Theme for the game.


  11. U skipped Atlantica & Olympus Coliseum? If I remember right someone had once said "U needed thunder to finish the game"...for instance in hollow bastion to activate the platforms to reach the symbol fragment for the door where u first faced Riku.

    The Worlds U can skip are 100 Acre Woods, Olympus Coliseum, Halloween town, and Atlantica.

    Except U can only get 1 Thunder spell from: Atlantica's defeat of the giant Ursula.

    2 from completing Phil's Training & defeating Cerberus in the Hades Cup in Olympus Coliseum.

    You don't need thunder, you can use glide to get to the puzzle piece.


    You can skip 100 Acre Woods, Olympus Coliseum and one world between Atlantica, Halloween Town and Monstro. You can also skip the world revisits in The End Of The World from the worlds you closed the keyhole, but you have to do the ones you skiped.


  12. Don't panic, It happened to me when I switch my HDD, and with a lot of games too like all GOW games and FFXIII and XIII-2.

    What fixed it for me was.

    1 - Start the game and let the trophy data iinstall.

    2 - Leave the game (right now my trophy list was at 0%, so this is where you are now)

    3 - Sync the trophies with the server.

    4 - Start the game again(let it load the trophy data) and leave it again

    5 - Your trophies should be back.


  13. I am still waiting for Sony to release a full  psn store on the vita or something because otherwise I will miss all the ps4 tittles they give away in the upcoming months until February, I don't want to download them just let me put them in my download list and you also can't buy any avatars on the vita even though you can change your avatar on the vita but they only show the default avatars, and to mock me further I can see the avatars I bought on ps3 and it says next to it 'can't download using vita' really ._.

    Why not use a PC to add the free games to your download list?


  14. Games have a default language for them, and some have other languages too. The one they use depends on the language your system is set to, if your system is set to a language not included in the game it uses the default one. The default one for this one is Japanese, but if your system is set for Portuguese for exemple the game will use the default language for the trophies, in this case, Japanese. For some reason the only other language this game recognises is English (US) so every other language will have the trophies in Japanese.

    You can change the trophies to english if you want, but that will require you to delete your account from the PS3 and create a new user and recover it. But that will make you loose all your saves. Unless you have a PSN+ account.

    1 - Copy all your saves to the cloud

    2 - Delete your user from your PS3 (better to have a second account so you don't have to download all your games/DLC from the store again)

    3 - Create a new user, and recover your original PSN account

    4 - Set your system to English (US)

    5 - Sync your trophies with the server to get them back on your PS3

    6 - WITHOUT CHANGING YOUR SYSTYEM LANGUAGE boot the game and let it install the trophy data

    7 - If you want you can then sync the trophies with Sony's servers and change the system to your language again.

    8 - Just copy all your saves from the cloud to your system (you can do this one any time you want after recovering your account, but better save it for last in case you mess up somehow)

    This works, I did this myself because of this and some other games that I rather have in English then my language.


  15. I have been playing games for almost 20 years now, I have more than 700 games in my possession at the moment from the SNES all the way to the VITA, on my free time I either play games or watch movies, i've played every type of video games there is and yet I suck as much as he did on this video when I play FPS games using a controller, yet i'm perfectly fine handling a keyboard and mouse.

    I'm I less a gamer then you TC?