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  1. 15 hours ago, Zolkovo said:

    I have to say the KH series has never been my cup of tea in terms of game-play but KH3 looks like something I might actually enjoy. It also looks like they're making an effort to allow it to be an entry-point for newcomers to the series. I always find it difficult to get a grounded read on heavily loved franchises as it tends to be polluted with bias.



    Yeah... About that... I would play the rest of the games before diving into KH3 if I where you. Heck, you would probably be lost even with prior knowledge of the previous entries let alone having none at all.


  2. On 26/05/2018 at 2:27 AM, DizzyDavidson said:

    If the PS4 version of the game is anything like all the other versions then you can save once I think when you crash with the plane and it asks you if you want to save. I believe it's because the game on GameCube was on 2 discs and they used that version to port the game to other platforms or something.

    I did play CVX on PS3 however and used that save and still got Rank A.


    I just checked on PST guide, you CAN use that free save.


    Yes, that one save you can use, I was talking about regular savings with the ink ribbons, you can't use those at all for the A rank.


  3. On 14/05/2018 at 4:00 AM, ObligatedOctopus said:

    Do you guys think it would be wise to save at all during the game when doing the A rank speedrun?. Personally, I don't like the section in which you fight Nosferatu as it can be very easy to die and the sniper can be hard to use sometimes. Another section would be where you have to smash the crystal ball to receive the key card as that part can be tricky and I'd hate to die there and go far back.


    As far as I can remember you can't save at all to get an A rank.


  4. 1 hour ago, FrenchDevil54 said:

    Since the Tournament of power in Super was basically fan-service with no real story I wonder what that new movie is gonna be about? Probably some Jiren bs or maybe Frieza again? :hmm: 


    Was already announced that it will be about the orgins of the Saiyans, probably even something to do with the original Super Saiyan God or the very first SSJ.

    5 hours ago, SuperSaiyan3985 said:

    He is played by an 81 YEAR-OLD WOMAN.


    That was personally chosen by the creator of the character to voice him, and thus how the character was supposed to sound like.


  5. I strongly disagree, first of all the game didn't take 10 years, it was only annouced 4 years ago at E3, and the first hint that it was even supposed to be a thing was a year prior with the secret ending of DDD (ending that also hinted at remakes of previous games comming out prior to it), nothing in any of the games released in the meantime even hinted at KH3 being a thing so anyone that was expecting it to be released have noone else to blame but themselves for waiting for something that was never even hinted before.


    Secondly they've been releasing a game pretty much each year since the release of KH2, games that moved the story forward and intruduced new concepts and characters that honestly are more important to KH3's story then KH1 and KH2 will ever be.


    You're not excited about it anymore that's fine, but don't use the time it has taken to come out as an excuse because honestly that's one weak excuse to use.


  6. 52 minutes ago, fantrig99 said:

    Another new KH3 trailer brings more anticipation to the title imo. Different worlds with interesting gameplay and surprising to see Marluxia and Vanitas be ready and part of the showdown clash between light and darkness. Awaiting for more possible news at E3 this year and hoping Square will stick to the release window though everything is still uncertain atm.


    And to add fuel to the fire, Marluxia is not one of Xehanort's 13 Darknesses, he belongs to a third party ;) Oh and that's almost certainly not Marluxia neither :P


  7. 40 minutes ago, ExHaseo said:

    Okay. You keep thinking that.


    Thinking what? That all you've been doing is posting theories while I lay down facts? Ok...


    Look, you might end up being right, sure, but right now this is the info we have, both given to us in the games themselves, and by Nomura, who BTW is just the guy that created this universe and is writing down it's history, for whatever it's worth, so for now you just can't overlay facts with theories, that's all.


  8. 7 hours ago, ExHaseo said:



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    I don't remember that interview. Where did you find it? That also doesn't address any of the other points I made, and also nowhere in the excerpt does it say that you need memories of specific rooms in order to visit them. I've never seen anything like that said that explicitly, so it's really conjecture on how it works. Unless you can show some absolute proof.
    Axel also doesn't know about the Chamber of Waking, and doesn't really know what he's looking for. None of the original organization does. The only person that does, is Xehanort himself. When he's Xemnas, he's not in full control, and doesn't have all of his memories. He's neither Terra nor Xehanort, but an entirely different person. So, it makes sense that only when Xehanort was reformed, was he able to find Ven. 

    Also, lots of developers also lie in order to cover secrets of their product before release. They aren't going to outright admit a major plot twist for a future game in an interview. That just won't happen. Nomura may not have had the idea at the time of the interview either. 
    This is obviously just speculation at this point, you don't have to believe me, but you certainly aren't going to sway me by pointing to what's been said in game. I know what's been said, and I even went back and rewatched the relevant cutscenes to be sure.




    It's compiled with all his other interviews in the KH info block. How doesn't it adresses any of the points you made? Nomura explicited said that Aqua is the only person that's able to find the Chamber and thus Ven. And the thing about memories, that's the whole deal with Castle Oblivion, it's stated in game that Memories govern Castle Oblivion and that everyone that enters it get lost to Oblivion and that Aqua is the only one that can solve the riddle of the Castle, it's all right there, you just have to add the details.

    Xigbar and Saix both know about the Chamber actually, it's not just Xehanort/Xemnas. He's not able to find Ven, period, it's not opinions, it's not conjecture, it's fact, both stated in game and by Nomura.


    You're right, Nomura can throw us a curve ball and backpaddle, but right now, with the info we're given, by both the game AND Nomura, Aqua is the only person that can find Ven, period.




  9. 5 hours ago, ExHaseo said:
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    A lot of that contradicts what I know, and I've played the entire series 6 times all the way through, with the original and kingdom hearts 2 literally dozens of times. So I'll need some sources to completely believe what you're saying. Because as far as I remember, things aren't explained in much detail. All we see is Eraqus explaining that his predecessors devised a trick to seal off the Land of Departure, and the only line is that everyone will be lost to oblivion, except for Aqua. It's never fully explained why Aqua would be the only one. If it's a trick that was taught to Eraqus by his master, then it's plausible that Xehanort would know the trick as well, and know how to change it back.

    As for Castle Oblivion needing memories to reach specific rooms, yes, memories can be used to make rooms, but I don't remember anything saying that you need memories to reach specific rooms. Also, if that were true, Sora (or anyone else for that matter) never would have made it past the first floor, because he had no memories of the floors above or the corridors between. The Organization also wouldn't have been able to find their bases of operation that they use to explore the castle. 

    Not to mention that Xehanort wouldn't even need to transform the place back to get Ven, he would just need to find him. And according to the events of 0.2, Xehanort knew about the chamber of waking, which means he knows about it, and even if you do need memories of the place to reach it, Xehanort has them. He wouldn't know the name of the place if he didn't. In the scene, Xehanort asked Aqua if Ven was in the chamber of waking, and she said yes. He prompted her.

    Even ignoring in-game explanations, there's also a very strong meta explanation. The chamber of waking subplot is mentioned in CoM, KH2, and 358 that shows Xemnas is looking for the chamber of waking. That's why the Organization is in Castle Oblivion in the first place. They wouldn't show that he was looking for it, without it being relevant. The payoff of the subplot, for those that followed along with the clues, is going to be that Xehanort found Ven first, and either Vanitas became dominant in Ven's body, thanks to Ven's half of the heart being absent, or Xehanort himself is going to fill it with his own heart and use it as one of his 13 vessels. I originally bet on the latter, but with Vanitas still wearing his mask, I think it's more likely that he's using Ven's body now.



    Then I'm sorry to say but you're kinda confused about your facts...

    That's the problem with the series, even though most things are hinted at in the games themselves most things are only confirmed by Nomura himself in either interviews or the Ultimanias, and what I said was confirmed by him.



    You can navigate the castle, but you need to have memories of certain rooms to access them, like the Chamber of Waking, Sora only went through random rooms, empty rooms, that's why no one ever found the Chamber, and they did try, Axel alone spent months looking for it and came out empty handed.


    Xehanort doesn't need to change it back, but he does need memories of the room to find it, and yes, he knows the room exists, but he never saw it, so he doesn't have memories of it because he was never there, so he can't reach it, no matter how hard he wants to, only way he can is by possessing Aqua since she's the only person in the entire universe that saw the room, and thus she's the only one with the memories to reach it.


    The room is relevant, it really is, but there's no way for anyone to find it other then Aqua, and this is fact, both hinted at in the games by Eraqus himself ("Just use the key, and this land will be transformed. From that day forward, all who visit this land will be lost to oblivion, none ever able to solve the mystery. None, Aqua, except you.") and confirmed by Nomura himself:

    • The way Castle Oblivion came to be, and the whole story about the Chamber of Waking have been made clear. So when Sora and his friends visited during ‘Chain of Memories’, Ven was already sleeping in the Chamber of Waking, right?

    That’s right.

    • And some members of Organization XIII were searching for it?

    Yeah. But only Aqua can solve the mysteries of that castle.

    • So without Aqua…

    Nobody will be able to reach Ven.



  10. 53 minutes ago, ExHaseo said:
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    Eraqus told Aqua the secrets of the Land of Departure. Xehanort and Eraqus had the same master. It makes perfect sense that he would know how to fix the Land of Departure and retrieve Ven. It would be more surprising if Xehanort didn't know, because why would their master only tell Eraqus?




    That's not it, Castle Oblivion's secret is that you need memories to reach the rooms, and the only one that has memories of Ven's room is Aqua since she was the  one who created it, so she's the only one that has the knowledge to reach him. What Eraqus told Aqua was that his Keyblade had the power to transform the Land of Departure into Castle Oblivion, and only his Keyblade could do it, since it was the Keyblade of the Master of the Land of Departure, title that Xehanort was refused of, Xehanort can't turn Castle Oblivion back into it's original form neither, first because he'll need Eraqus's Keyblade, that Aqua has in the RoD, then he would need the keyhole, that is behind the throne Ven is in, and the throne is inside the room Aqua created and that only she can reach, so Xehanort is screwed either way, he needs Aqua (exactly why he tried to use Terra to lure Aqua into telling him where Ven was in 0.2) to even find the room in the first place.



  11. On sábado, 10 de Fevereiro de 2018 at 10:50 AM, mecharobot said:

    I think that when FF was dropped from the franchise some 12 years ago is a sign that Disney makes the calls for what's in and what's not.

    FF was never dropped from the franchise, it appears in every game in some form, usually in the form of Moogles at least, but it has been reduced, and that's because Nomura doesn't need them anymore, he only put them in the first place because he was lazy to create brand new characters for such small roles and just opted to use characters he had already created.


    And Disney calls all the shots either way, they own the IP completelly, SE just develops the games, Disney owns everything from worlds, characters and everything in between other then the FF/TWEWY characters.


    23 hours ago, ExHaseo said:


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    Xigbar is Xehanort. He said so in 3D to look at him, and that he's already part Xehanort, and then it zooms in on his yellow eye. If you play BBS, you can also see exactly when Xehanort put part of himself in Braig. During the Terra fight, he has brown eyes, but when you face him at the end, his eye is yellow. He was already using the darkness against Terra in that first fight, and was already a pretty bad guy. Saix was shown to not have yellow eyes until Xehanort took him over either. And as for Terra, he's the only one who has been completely taken over by Xehanort, which is why his skin changed color too. HOWEVER, if you watch the cutscenes with Terranort as a complete person, he doesn't have yellow eyes. Because Xehanort isn't in control at that point, neither of them are. Once he does take control again, aka Xemnas and Ansem, they have the yellow eyes again. Literally everyone who has had yellow eyes up until this point has been at least part Xehanort, and only got yellow eyes because Xehanort has them. It's a chararacter trait that is specific to Xehanort, and they did that on purpose to make it easier to spot. There is only one possible exception to this, and that's a KHUX character. However, even they might be part Xehanort, or even be the original Xehanort. Since the story is still being told, there's no way to know for sure.

    Not to mention that if you just get tanned skin and yellow eyes for using the darkness, Riku would've gotten yellow eyes a long time ago. Even before Ansem took him over in the first game, he was using the power of darkness heavily. Also, Pete uses the power of darkness and doesn't have yellow eyes either.

    I'm betting on Vanitas being in Ven's original body, which is why he has the mask again. Xehanort would know exactly how to find him, since he had the same knowledge as Eraqus did. And he probably woke up Vanitas that way, but couldn't get Ven's half of the heart since it was inside Sora. Otherwise, there wouldn't be all that much reason to have him with that mask.




    Vanitas can't be in Ven's body, it's still in Castle Oblivion and the only person that can reach it is Aqua. Last thing we knew Vanitas was inside Young Xehanort, and he's probably just a Heart with a human form now like Sora was from the end of KH until he regain his Body at the beginning of KH2.



  12. On sábado, 3 de Fevereiro de 2018 at 3:44 PM, januxa said:

    So i was wondering if any of you have the code that comes with Dissidia NT that is for the phone game. If you will not use it I would be very glad if you could give it to me, because I will be getting the PS4 game next month and I heard only the first games arriving at store will have the code.


    I wouldn't worry about that, the game is floping hard, chances are you'll still be finding "First Day" editions on stores around this time next year.


  13. 23 minutes ago, The High Ground said:

    thats what I thought too but thats a hell of alot of bp to lose


    Either he's throwing away matches or the competition has become fiercer around his level, both are a lot more probable then the trophy not requiring you to reach that ammount of points, especially when there's a rank that requires that exact ammount.


  14. 16 hours ago, Franciscoo- said:

    Do we actually need to reach 530000BP or just accumulate that amount overall? 1f605.png


    I'm asking this because I watched a guy who uploads the game daily on youtube and he's currently at ~300000BP, however he already has the trophy (he has been around that amount for a few days)

    If that's the case losing BPs won't matter :D


    Probably just means he has been loosing BP AFTER he got the trophy.


  15. 20 minutes ago, Dr_Mayus said:

    Well hopefully it comes out eventually :) I still have to play that other TMNT game that came out.


    As for Injustice, I love Mortal Kombat so hopefully it is as fun as that. I will probably skip 1 but if I find it cheap I might pick it up.


    Which one? Mutants in Manhattan? It's... ok... The way the levels are build makes them boring to go through the amount of time it requires you to get all the trophies, in the end it just becomes a huge grind. A shame though because it had lots of potential...


  16. 54 minutes ago, Dr_Mayus said:

    I have always wanted the TMNT game that was promised by Rocksteady (the Batman guys). That would have been amazing :D


    Also I am planning on getting Injustice 2 this year so playing as the Turtles... 1f911.png 



    They never promissed anything, in fact they outright said they'd never been able to do them justice because they wheren't as big fans of the IP as they where for Batman, that being said I really hope WB use this as a way to test the waters to see if there's enough demand for an Arkham style game for the TMNT.


    And I'm just like you, this went from a "meh don't care" to a "OMG I'll have to get this thing FAST", worst thing is, my OCD prevents me from starting with 2 so I'll have to get Injustice 1 as well :unsure:


  17. 50 minutes ago, Yami said:

    It's been freaking ages since I've been here, but...


    Man, I'm so proud of this one. Wanted a Nick & Judy figure since the movie came out xD




    Revoltech are releasing really great ones if you're willing to pay a little bit more, they're worth it IMO.


  18. 2 hours ago, Abysm_Nucleus said:

    Still waiting for LEGO TMNT Video game.


    Never gonna happen, LEGO lost the TMNT license a couple of year ago, so unless they get it again there's no way a game will happen, and I doubt they'll pursue it ever again, the sets where, unfortunately, a flop.


  19. 14 hours ago, MMDE said:

     Well, that's not the case of KH, seeing as that was over the use of Tarzan.


    That was exactly the case with KH, they didn't had the rights to release Utada's songs digitally so that's why it took them so long to release them like that. Tarzan didn't prevent anything, they just couldn't create new content with the IP but everything already created it was fair use, besides Disney already regained the rights for Tarzan by the time KH2 was released so that wouldn't prevent anything anyway.


  20. On 23/01/2018 at 9:30 AM, MMDE said:

    I just played Star Ocean 5, and Square Enix, for some reason, decided to block one thing in the game from recording... the credits roll! -_- Why? I have absolutely no idea. All the ending videos etc was not blocked, but the credits roll, blocked! :S 


    Knowing Square it's probably due to licensing music, they have a long history with rights to use licensed music for their games, it's also why they can't re-release Crisis Core and why they previsiously had trouble releasing digital versions of FFXIII and the Kingdom Hearts games.


  21. 3 minutes ago, Kishnabe said:

    Looks all right. 30-50 hours?


    No ranked wins is a for fun.


    I really hate online trophies but if you need to do them this is the right way to do it, you won't ruin the experience for those that play for fun and don't care for trophies and you can play at your own rate.


    That being said the BP trophy still sucks, you need to win ranked fights to gain BP and you actually lose some if you lose the fight so it's not entirelly perfect...