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  1. 12 hours ago, jem said:

    Hmm, that's disappointing. I'm going to play both eventually for the PP anyway, but now I see no reason why not to get Soldier's Souls first.


    If you want both plats then yeah, play Soldier's Soul first, that way it might feel like Brave Soldier's is a faster plat since the story mode is shorter, also no cutscenes, it's all speech bubbles with the ocasional screenshot taken from the anime thrown into the mix so you might feel like skipping those since you already got a better story mode with SS, it has a better grinding though, on SS you'll be grinding for assist phrases (basically buffs for gameplay like 10% more Healt or starting a fight with a full 6th sense bar), while on BS you'll be grinding for pics of Saint Seiya Toys and TCG cards, and those are beautifull to look at.


  2. 1 hour ago, jem said:

    The first game in a series is generally going to be lower quality than the others, but it's still worth experiencing in my opinion. I was asking to see if order mattered. Thanks for the input though.


    No, you don't get it, it's not lower quality, it's same quality, as in, it's the exact same game but with less things, it has the same fights on story mode (the ones that are on both games since Soldier's Souls has an extra story arc) with the same characters and the same challenges, with the same game modes, heck, even the trophy list is virtually the same, trust me, it's basically a beta version of Soldier's Souls with it being the full game release.


  3. 8 hours ago, jem said:

    OH SNAP!!/en-us/bandai-namco-sale/cid=STORE-MSF77008-BANDAINAMCOGG/1


    There's a whole ton of Shonen Jump games on sale!


    For you Saint Seiya fans out there, should I get Soldiers Soul to start after Storm (after finishing the anime of course). I haven't played Brave Soldiers yet, so I'm on the fence.


    Forget Brave Soldiers, it's the same game with less characters and worse story mode, only worth it if you're a really big fan.


  4. 8 minutes ago, GarciaFever said:


    Wait, can't you just take photos normally with the controller function when you press the OPTIONS button?


    That's just a screenshot function, the ingame photo mode removes every HUD from the image and you get a clean photo, you can also mess with things like filters, frames and the like.


  5. Right now I have 2 games I'll never be able to Plat/100%, Wipeout and Sine Mora, Wipeout I can't even finish the arcade on normal let alone hard, been on the last cell for ages now, and Sine Mora is just too hard, can't do Arcade for the life of me, can't even finish the first level with 3 lives let alone the entire thing with just one...


    Also have a couple of ones I think I might not be able to plat/100% on my list, but I've yet to play them so I don't even know if they're as hard as I imagine them to be, after all I did manage to Plat Catherine and that one scared me to hell before I did Plat it :P


  6. On segunda-feira, 31 de Julho de 2017 at 2:33 PM, Am4z1n9_AZ said:

    What are the best enemies to full cross chain?


    On segunda-feira, 31 de Julho de 2017 at 2:54 PM, Dini_at_home_400 said:

    Same problem I have. Nothing work to get the full cross chain. :'(


    On terça-feira, 1 de Agosto de 2017 at 3:38 AM, KillLaGil said:

    Yep, just as you said, it didn't work, trying it in new boss been parrying like madman only got one crosslink, gonna try equip those suit, my mates die quickly without those


    On terça-feira, 1 de Agosto de 2017 at 3:42 AM, Hertz said:


    Yeah, those suits help a lot in farming the crosslink from Mesuline. It sucks I was late to inform you guys you can farm it from her. I just got home and downloaded the patch. :(


    Although if you can try spawning a MA-X Angellus-0, you farm crosslinks from it too. It takes a while to kill that superboss anyway.



    I know this is late and all but why did you guys had so much trouble getting this? I get tons of Cross-chains opportunities, almost every fight, in fact enemies actually reach 0 Hp in the middle of the chain and it still goes up to 10, they won't die until you stop, the only thing that stops the chain is if any of the guys gets hit during it by another enemy, and I'm not exactly weak neither, around level 65 with best equipment I could get...


  7. Ok it's like this, the glitch is not that the levels didn't go up, it's actually the levels GOING UP.


    The only characters that is supposed to get a level up is Aqua, but not on her main file, but instead on the Final Episode, and because of this Aqua WILL NEVER get a level up glitch on her main file. Terra and Ven MIGHT have the glitch happened to them, sometimes it will be up to 9 for Radiant Garden, sometimes to 10, it's random which one will get which boost, or even if they'll get them at all.


    Also no one knows what exactly causes the glitch, some say you have to finish each character file and don't ever reload the final save until you unlock Final Episode, but I've had the glitch happened to me as soon as I finished a character's main file.


    There's no garanties neither that the glitch will happen on a brand new file so it's not worthy doing that, just level up in Neverland instead, it's not ideal, but it's doable.


  8. 8 minutes ago, gamesfourever said:

    So I saw this post in which someone had downloaded a ps4 theme, but said it was a Japanese exclusive theme. However, the person was registered as a US citizen on

    Now, I've seen it more often. People having content from a foreign region. Like those top dog trophy hunters who play the same game for different regions for example. Or that person with the Japanese theme like I said earlier. So, my question is:


    How can I (European, Netherlands) gain access to Japanese or other foreign regions content from my (EU) account?

    I've tried to google it myself, but what I found was usually outdated, or required you to make an additional PSN account for that specific region. However, I want it all on my current PSN.

    Is this not possible? I'm not sure but I think not, but ill ask anyways. And if it isn't, how do people play the same game for several regions on the same psn? I heard share play is a thing, but have never tried it due to people saying you can easily get your account hacked.


    That's is how you do it, then log in with your main account and play the games you bought with your foreign ones.


  9. 3 minutes ago, DrakeHellsing said:

    Okay, I'm not on my game right now, had an evening class to get to.  But figured I'd ask now to make sure.


    Ok so it's like this, you have to beat the entire race below a certain time, but it's really difficult to do so if you don't finish first (if not impossible) so it's for the best that you try to finish first, but it's really easy, always go for the shortcuts (especially on the last race) and try to stay on the road, unless you suck really bad the other racers will wait for you to catch up, so just focus on picking up shields and boost pads.


  10. This is not needed for the trophy if you go for it on Standard, only on Critical, but that's available by default anyway.


    On a somewhat related note, IT is required for a similar trophy on DDD, so you'll miss it by playing that one on standard, you'll have to get it on Critical.


  11. 4 minutes ago, DrakeHellsing said:

    Okay, I just want to make sure, for the trophy, you only need to win each race once... but for the arena itself, you only need to finish laps in a target time? As in, not needing to come in first place? Cause if so, that will be fine for me, not a big fan of Rumble Racing is all.


    On the Arena you have to win each race to unlock the final secret boss, you'll have to do everything on your journal to unlock the last tier.


  12. 2 hours ago, NoMoreHeroes75 said:

    guess they noticed people buying this game and thinking "oh yeah we forgot to take this off" glad I managed to get this thanks to you


    Nahh, probably Korea had the license for a bit longer, there where other games like that there like the Simpsons and some others, publishers have to pay for licensing for each region they intend to publish the games, this one was probably bought at a later date (and thus ending at a later date as well) or just had more time under licensing.


    Glad that at least someone was able to buy it in time :D


  13. 50 minutes ago, Dreamcatcher4891 said:

    Wales Interactive also made Master Reboot as well. There's even a trophy for completing the game in Welsh 1f60e.png



    The actual trophy list looks straightforward and I plan on getting this as I've enjoyed all of their games that I have actually played so far.


    The game is designed for virtual reality but can be played without a headset, which suits me as I don't have a PlayStation VR yet.


    I'm looking forward to playing it 1f642.png


    Be warned that it appears there's 2 different versions of the game, one for VR and one non VR, so if you buy the regular version now and hope to play it in VR later down the road you'll have to re-buy the game to do so. VR version is also more expensive then the regular version for whatever reason...


  14. IMO one thing we should do is cut down all the mixed bag PPs and only retain the series ones, this will prevent things from getting out of hand and ending up having 50+ different PPs with only half of those getting regular updates, also because most of those are random and have tons of games on them, making them harder to manage and thus having a bigger chance of their TC's getting burned out and ending up abandoning them.


  15. 3 hours ago, SkyesUnholy said:

    OP has officially been updated to no longer support stacking. Participants are now listed in alphabetic order in their respective ranks. Also, everyone who qualifies for Liberator (completion of the Freedom Cry standalone title) are all now listed under that special rank.

    This took a really long time; I manually went through EVERYONE'S (200+ participants) trophy lists to match their new platinum count in regards to the updated Hall of Fame requirements and I stored everyone's PSNP URL's in a .txt file. I then created an application using C# to alphabetically sort everyone into 5 different .txt files (liberator.txt, recruit.txt, disciple.txt, veteran.txt, and master.txt). Then, to format every URL link, I copy-pasted every URL into a Google Doc and highlighted every URL separately, and used Google Doc's link function (just highlighting a URL and pressing Ctrl-K). And finally I then proceeded to copy-paste every formatted link into their respective ranks in this post and removed the "" from the beginning of each link to achieve the look it has now (check the OP to see what I mean).


    @srikir @JNSpradlin @CaPeRKiNG77 @James_Tonto @Uchiha_Snake__ @ggdude You guys have also been added/updated in the OP.


    Jesus that took some work, you could've asked us for help dude, but we really apreciate it.


  16. 22 hours ago, Dragon-Archon said:

    Don't let Goofy and Donald hit the Heartless, they actually lower your hit count, thus making it almost impossible to get Serenity Shards.


    They won't hit it anymore on the PS4 version, they fixed that.


  17. 1 minute ago, DrakeHellsing said:

    Ah okay, now that's even better.  Would Goofy still use his MP Gift by any chance?


    For this fight? Don't know, but it's not needed anyway, you won't run out of MP, but the more you have the longer Stopga lasts so also equip every MP boosting accessory you have, including the Keyblade, the best one should be Diamond Dust.


  18. Just now, DrakeHellsing said:

    Ah, now that makes sense for sure... so long as I don't hit :triangle: when Ragnarok isn't displayed, then I shall be fine :D


    No, on the PS3 version they would attack everytime you trigger Ragnarok, even when you only hit :triangle: when the prompt was on the screen, but not anymore, they just stand there and do nothing for that fight, you can do anything you want, or so I was told, I've yet to do it on this version so I never saw it myself, but some influencial people inside the KH fandom confirmed this so it should be fixed.