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  1. This is what I was thinking. Why would they bother updating PS3 if they plan on killing it. Doesn't make any sense.
  2. Only one I've played was Qube. PortaI ish first person puzzle game. I enjoyed it but those time trials were painful. The sequel is better and has no time trials.
  3. Definitely kingdom hearts 3. I don't think I have the patience for it haha
  4. I'm sure it's been said before but why would you want make it harder for your consumer to spend their money? I get they really wanna push the ps5 and all that jazz just seems to me that the website/app can ram ps5 down your throat as long as there's a small button to go to ps3/vita/etc side of the store. What makes it even more interesting is it's not about labor. They still have to design layouts/ads and the whole thing on ps3 store. Unless the app/website is going to be laid out completely differently now? Idk I'm not super pissed as long as I have access to the store still on the console. But it was nice to look a game up on the store in the app if I saw something about the game when I don't have my ps3 on. Cuz we all know the process of turning on the ps3 and waiting for the store to open is painful haha.
  5. Yeah idk why the game got such a bad rep. I liked it a lot
  6. If you hurry (servers are closing at the end of the month that affects two trophies) I strongly recommend Mad Max. Loved that game and enjoyed getting the plat. Also don't let the server closure fool you this is a single player game. And wicked cheap or free if you had playstation plus when they gave it away. Outside of that. Just Cause 3 is another good one. Or perhaps shadow of mordor?
  7. As I have discovered: N Sane Trilogy. Those time trials are too brutal for me 😞
  8. Interesting thanks for that!
  9. Ok so if they are compatible on PS5 let's say you started a game on PS4 then finish it on PS5 will the trophy list start over? Basically creating stacks? Or will it transfer over so you can just finish it on PS5. If that's the case will it be listed as a ps4 game on our list or ps5? I apologise if these questions have been answered.
  10. I was gonna say trophy hunting has saved me a lot of money because I'm spending way more time with each game now. Last year before I started hunting seriously once I felt like I was done with a game I moved on and bought something else.
  11. Went from 18 to 317. Yayyyy....
  12. Cod ww2. I hit a wall with the zombies trophies. But I got everything else 😭
  13. You know it's crazy cuz I actually put in like 12 or so hours but the trophies definitely don't show that haha. I'm planning on going back to plat it this winter though 😎
  14. Mine aren't super rare 😞: 1. Knowledge is power 2.22% 2. Playroom VR 6.55% 3. Mad Max 7.12% 4. Horizon Chase Turbo 8.12% 5. Ratchet and clank all for one 9.67%
  15. I guess Thumper. Took awhile to find a game you haven't finished yet 🤣