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  1. You made me spit out my coffee. Thank you for that laugh hahaha
  2. I too played this in one sitting. It was an amazing 2.5 hours. And the visuals and style of game stuck with me. I distinctly remembered the section where you are sliding down to the left and how pretty everything looked. Flash forward a few years when I decided to πŸ’― it. It definitely lost it's splendor. I kinda wish I had left it alone. As to the original question: Basically any RTS game. I loved Red Alert and Warcraft 1/2 back in the day. Cannot for the life of me get back into them. I play for like 10 minutes smiling the whole time due to nostalgia then turn it off to go do something else haha.
  3. That bike is the biggest piece of shit. It controls like a wet towel. I somehow did it on the barton farm race. Rageeeee. The driving in these games has always been crappy but man this thing wooowee
  4. Travel to norway and back or switch genders and try again. Hope this helps
  5. I bought it. It's only free on ps5 through plus. But I don't have a ps5 and I've been waiting for this game for over a year haha so it was $20 well spent
  6. Don't go for red dead 2. You can thank me later πŸ˜‰
  7. Update: I turned off motion blur and that helped a lot. Putting graphics to medium helped even more without losing too much of the good looks of it to boot
  8. I'm enjoying it so far. Not as good as superliminal but hey definitely not bad. I strongly recommend you stay away from the witness if you hate puzzle games. It will make you rage haha
  9. Why would you suffer through this game if you hate puzzle games haha
  10. Just wanted to confirm that this works on the PS4 version as well! I hadn't even started the second level yet and it works!
  11. I'm enjoying this game so far but have noticed a lot of fps drop and screen tearing on my regular PS4. Is it just me? I imagine this is a non issue on the ps5 version but I still haven't had luck getting one yet haha.
  12. Wait theres no folders!?! 😑😑😑
  13. It's kind of interesting looking at Tusman's beginning milestones. When they were playing triple a games then not to long afterwards down the shovelware rabbit hole haha
  14. Yup I love this game