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  1. It's actually harder for me to figure out which games I did pay full price for haha. I know for sure I paid full price for Lego Skywalker Saga 😅
  2. Yeah I saw the price too but I got the original game on a wicked sale so whatever 😂
  3. Damnit you were right. They did release it on PlayStation.
  4. Wait what?! Oh no haha
  6. Yeah I was happy when it was over too. But I'm not upset since it was on sale haha
  7. Between the two of us we could write the guide for this game haha
  8. It definitely got a little long in the tooth near the end. Wait till you do the one trophy for getting to wave 9. You'll really hate me after that 😅
  9. Right, but wasn't the hammer and sickle only for the USSR?
  10. Oodly it says for Mother Russia but then has a picture of the hammer and sickle which was for the USSR. So I'm confused. Also I agree with you. Poor taste. You could argue this was done a long time ago before the conflict in Ukraine but they could have changed the name before release.
  11. When I played Syphon Filter and Intelligence Qube I only used save states. No issues. Maybe try that?
  12. I have zero trophies between 3am and 8am. I don't stay up late very often haha
  13. I found that once the penguins weren't spawning I'd take the bus somewhere else. Usually a penguin would appear wherever I went. Then back to the beaches to get the rest. Make sure not to kill anything then you can grind for the penguins seemingly indefinitely. I got to day 17 and got my last penguin then went and fought Mormo again for the "real ending"
  14. I just grinded the offering alter and eventually got all the toys and trophy popped.
  15. I played the whole game and never used the shield haha. Only had to use it on the clash of bones area for the trophy. But your progress in that arena always starts from scratch. You do get new items frequently at the beginning then eventually your gear gets near high 20s low 30s and then I upgraded them