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  1. Can anyone help me out with some of the online trophies? All my mates have ps4's, so I'm in desperate need of a helping hand... If you fancy it, just give me an add Cheers
  2. There must be more to life than this....

    1. UltraDog177


      ...bag of popcorn that...

    2. SitusKiss


      ..burned in 12.37 seconds...

    3. UltraDog177


      ...and got me late to...

  3. Thanks man... I'll see what I can do. It's not gonna be pretty, that's for sure!
  4. Today, i turned on my ps3 and i was greeted by the infamous red screen of death... I've been told the warranty is over and I'll have to buy a new one... I managed 3 platinums (Saints Row, Infamous and RDR). I was just getting back into GTA IV... It was pretty cool having all those lovely little images as rewards for the many hours I enjoyed gaming... Now, I'm probably just gonna wait and replace my ps3 when GTA V comes out... Oh well... Just pixels, right?
  5. Thanks for the info, mate, but I reached level 50 just a couple of days ago... No more visits to Pike's Basin, for me!
  6. Ultimate Team is really getting on my nerves! I've opened countless gold packs and still have no TOTW players or anyone particularly exiting. The fitness levels are also very annoying - seem to be getting beat a lot of the time now because of this. I could go on.....
  7. Red Dead Redemption... Reaching level 50 in multiplayer is thoroughly draining and dare I say it - quite BORING! Good luck to everyone here!