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  1. It's one of my favorite games of all time, I just had to have the platinum for it.
  2. I checked the in-game stats and had the required amount of bounties. I did a few more as well after everything else and it still didn't help.
  3. Found it! Thanks for the help!
  4. The Hong Kong store I hear has English text which will make finding the DLC so much easier.
  5. 1. Uncharted 4 2. Uncharted 2 3. Uncharted 3 4. Uncharted 1 5. The Lost Legacy
  6. I believe my game was indeed glitched. I started another playthrough and did everything listed above again and finally earned the trophy. I haven't found anything online about any known bugs or glitches with the completion stat. I guess I was really unlucky.
  7. I have been experiencing it too. In fact, most of my sessions ended with a connection error. Didn't happen so much the first day, but after that it became very common.
  8. I did it! Just did what the others mentioned above. The perk that gives 8% percent health back every hit is extremely useful in the later stages since you don't get many health drops.
  9. Thanks but I have completed that mission. I have all the stranger's missions completed including "I Know You".
  10. I have done the following: All Story Missions All Outfits unlocked except for Savvy Merchant (DLC) and the Bureau uniform (attained after 100% completion) 5/5 rare weapons 13/13 Safe houses 4/4 ambient challenges 20/20 Bounties - 8 in New Auston, 8 in Nuevo Paraiso and 4 in West Elizabeth 19/19 Stranger missions 6/6 Minigames - Wouldn't have the outfits without completing the minigames. Do I need to eliminate all the players without losing for it to register for 100% completion? 94/94 Map locations 8/8 Gang Hideouts 5/5 Job locations Despite doing all the above, I'm still stuck at 99% completion and I'm losing my mind over it. Is this a known bug or glitch with the game or am I really missing something? Any Suggestions?
  11. GOT IT!!! Now to do a 10-hit combo with each character and I have the platinum!
  12. Yeah I doubt it's going to happen again unfortunately
  13. We're more likely to get another invasion than that happening.
  14. Do we usually get invasions on that date?
  15. Well that's it then. No MKX plat for us