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  1. All right, thank you for sharing your experience! I'm definitely going to tackle this in the near future. Luckily it's in PS+ Extra/Premium anyway.
  2. Would like to hear whether and how it runs now after the fix!
  3. Thank you!
  4. How do you access different versions?
  5. So, is the DLC still available as of now? And just to make sure: It is not compatible with the EU version, but works fine with the US version of X-COM?
  6. That is true, but if streaming doesn't work at all for you, it would still be a dealbreaker.
  7. You still can! However it appears the online pass isn't available for purchase, so you definitely need the streaming for the one online trophy.
  8. So does anyone who by any chance finished the game already know whether there is a NG+?
  9. No trophy for completing Palace of the Dead? 😆
  10. Yeah, only one other person needed. Can confirm as well. However I didn't know you could do it in a private match and change the amount of the kills needed.
  11. Anybody can confirm the servers have shut down yet?
  12. It came out in August on Playstation, Switch etc. (digital) but the trophy list was uploaded just today.
  13. From what I've read Syphon Filter 2 is one of the rare cases where the PAL version runs actually much better (as in it already was the case for the PS1 version).
  14. Alright, thank you guys!
  15. Hey there, I read that you could transfer your saves and progress but my question is, does it only work from PS4 to PS5 or both ways? Thanks in advance!