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  1. Yeah gets me so frustrated too when gamers ask for advice, should be banned on the net. PSN account of those needs to be deleted or at least investigatred deeply...
  2. Thanks!!! If i miss any trophies, ill use your guide when i'm finished with my 1st playthrough.
  3. Same as winning a lottery ticket with another ticket, but not as beneficial.
  4. https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/product/UP1482-CUSA16237_00-00STREETSOFRAGE4 With a nice 10% off price!
  5. Can't find trophy list anywhere, is there a platinum?
  6. Action packed selection WOOOOO!!!!
  7. No vita version, should'nt be more than 0.99$.
  8. Personally i prefer having more trophies which implies having more different things to do in game to unlock those trophies.
  9. I too thought there would be a platinum or at least more trophies than 14.
  10. Looks more like 80 feet than 800.
  11. Same for me, unlocked Donaar and no trophy.
  12. Answers are: (in no particular order) - Yes - No - Don't know - 3
  13. All i care is Debbie does Dallas. Anyone knows if there's slide and touch control?
  14. Hey everyone! Just noticed you can get crystals fast by completing daily quests then change date in PS4 system to get a new daily quests and 8 more crystals to unlock.
  15. Spare code anyone?