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  1. I can't play sports games because I was never really into sports, especially watching sports.
  2. An awesome synthwave band I just discovered, The Midnight! Everyone should check them out!
  3. For me, a 10. I literally stopped playing after 3ish hours of playing, couldn't take how slow the game was. Just my opinion.
  4. off the top of my head Played through all the CoD games with a single player campaign Horizon Zero Dawn was amazing, can't wait for Forbidden West in 2021 Forza Horizon - best racing series I've ever played
  5. Just plain old water
  6. I modded Fallout New Vegas a while ago, and I played that for probably close to or over 100 hours. I also beat Mass Effect (2007) over and over again, probably 20+ times, I don't know why! I remember my save file had over 100 hours in Mass Effect back in the day
  7. I literally just got the platinum for this game :D, and experienced 0 glitches of any kind, which I say in games is pretty rare!
  8. I'm aiming to platinum this game (beat the game yesterday) and I've had a ton of fun! I would say go for it. I don't regret at all getting the special edition (first steelcase I've ever gotten), even more so now since it seems the special edition is sold out everywhere!
  9. Hey all, I thought I could put a spin on the "worst games you ever played" and also add on worst game you actually bothered to beat. For me, the worst game I ever played was Ride to Hell Retribution. Still have no clue how that passed QA and was released to the public!!! The worst game I ever finished was Ghost Recon Wildlands in 2017. I only beat it because I was depressed at the time and had nothing else going on, so I sat through the whole thing and beat it, I think I only had 1 fun moment in the whole game. To be honest, after Breakpoint was announced I was so shocked they would actually make a sequel and it turned out Breakpoint was even worse! How about everyone else?
  10. Oddheader is probably the only channel right now that makes me super excited every-time I get the new video notification.
  11. Does Ace Combat 5 count? I believe the only way to get it is to either pre-order or get the deluxe edition of Ace Combat 7.
  12. Trying to get the Gun Nut trophy, but I can't seem to find a type 2 anywhere. Been replaying missions during missions D-con and Operation Port armour and trying to get the gun to spawn in the armories, but it isn't appearing and I've tried for hours. Where are some other places I can find the type 2 in campaign?
  13. With the PS5 releasing this year, I thought that now would be a hilarious time to post this! I remember seeing this many many years ago, around the time the Xbox 360 and PS3 just launched, back when people were speculating about the "Xbox 720" and "PS4" with really crazy designs. Anyways, Sony has 4 more generations to make this a reality! https://youtu.be/rv9_AlimsiQ
  14. A nonsense name I thought of over 5 years ago as I needed a display name for instant messenger.
  15. I preordered cyber punk 2077. Local best buy is giving a free steel book to every preorder. I hope I don't regret it!