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  1. I appreciate you replying to me regarding these. My frustration lies in the fact I purchased this game at launch, and it has been several months with this not being fixed. I don't think you should class yourself as an indie developer if you are published by EA. I play a lot of Indie games and have never had issues with trophies. However, COD Vanguard also has a major issue with tracking so it's not exclusive to yourselves. The above said, I understand it is being worked on and do value this. Please update us when it is fixed.
  2. Just to let everyone know, the trophy carry over is even worse than the PS4 version's problems. Utter trash. I started the game and it autopopped 2 of the 3 xp trophies, when I started a game it popped the outfit ones, and when I played it popped some others. The only trophy I was missing on PS4 was assists, but I still didn't get that or catches, or ballform, despite doing all of these. My friend, who had the plat, didn't get any of the above except the outfit ones. This game is a joke, I have finally given up on the platinum as the devs have no interest in fixing it, it was a cash grab. If you want platinums avoid this like the plague.
  3. Perhaps you enjoy the game - by the time I reached 1000 KO assists I was ready to be done with it and move on to other platinums. It was a lot less fun once my friends stopped playing. Instead, however, I'm stuck playing the game solely for assists, which also impacts my teammates as I see no reason to actually KO people, nor do I care if we win or lose anymore. As for calling out the devs, each to their own but they know the trophies are bugged and that isn't a complex fix. Which makes me assume they just don't care enough to fix it, since they are getting their money from all the microtransactions typical of EA games.
  4. I am another having issues with this game. Everything seemed to track right and I have everything except assists. 1437 and counting. Nowhere near what some people are saying which concerns me. I feel this is an extremely poor showing on the part of the devs. I have played games with buggy trophies before but never ones that provide clear tracking that is blatantly false. I played the trial a couple of times then bought the game, so not that. I did transfer from PS4 to PS5, but nothing else has had an issue. I noticed a dev was commenting in here (seems to have disappeared now) and mentioned 4 years of work on the game. In my mind, that should have provided enough time to iron out these infuriating bugs.