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  1. Go for Prey, such a great game
  2. Yes, even on death march there is a point where the game is really easy, using Quen Signal really breaks the game hahahaha
  3. I hope Mass Effect and Dragon Age come after this
  4. I might get SW Battlefront II & Battlefield 1
  5. Grand Theft Auto IV
  6. I am who I amTake it or leave itA rebel at heartNo gods, no mastersMy time has come Arch Enemy song came to my mind
  7. I got Pillars of Eternity and Dreamfall chapters
  8. Jak II.... Someday I will play it and get the collectables
  9. I am with you, using the parry with Gwyn is almost easy mode once you get the timing...
  10. I got mine without realising
  11. I laugh so hard at this
  12. Of course, if I like it enough I'm going to play everything it has to offer, just like the old days (or Nintendo games ). But it's nice to have a 100% trophy. It's just my opinion
  13. It's a disappointing trophy list for me... I thought there would be difficult trophy or 100% complete game....
  14. Regarding to that I saw a video the other day in which a three years old girl was trying to play an old Game Boy... and she was trying to press the screen instead of using the buttons... It was like "Oh, I am so old" hahahaha What you say it's true nowadays with all the streaming content we can get it will be more difficult day by day to found the content physically... And usually more expensive too hahahaha