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  1. Watch Dogs 2, I really enjoy that one
  2. Is this solved?
  3. Personas 5 😍
  4. Go for Prey, such a great game
  5. Yes, even on death march there is a point where the game is really easy, using Quen Signal really breaks the game hahahaha
  6. I hope Mass Effect and Dragon Age come after this
  7. I might get SW Battlefront II & Battlefield 1
  8. Grand Theft Auto IV
  9. I am who I amTake it or leave itA rebel at heartNo gods, no mastersMy time has come Arch Enemy song came to my mind
  10. I got Pillars of Eternity and Dreamfall chapters
  11. Jak II.... Someday I will play it and get the collectables
  12. I am with you, using the parry with Gwyn is almost easy mode once you get the timing...
  13. I got mine without realising
  14. I laugh so hard at this
  15. Of course, if I like it enough I'm going to play everything it has to offer, just like the old days (or Nintendo games ). But it's nice to have a 100% trophy. It's just my opinion