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  1. Finally got round to playing this: trophies are obtainable free-to-play but with some of them requiring you to play Quick Match I’d argue it’s more trouble than it’s worth. After 30 minutes I could not find a match so unless you feel like hosting a session you’d be hard spent trying to get some of these trophies 😔
  2. Thanks for the info! Probably going to avoid them for now, 70+ trophies with some requiring boosting may be more than I can stomach 😆
  3. Saw the trilogy is on sale for 80% off but it only has 3 ratings leaving it at 1 stars. Was considering picking this up and was wondering if anyone knows if the collection has anything wrong with it?
  4. Just tried to start the game, can’t reach the servers so I’m guessing they are actually down now
  5. Boosted the WMD Online trophies with a buddy and was frequently running into different players, no idea if they were fellow boosters or random players trying to genuinely play Ranked but I suppose it’s proof the game’s Online isn’t “dead”
  6. Finally got the trophy for 10k Skill Points thanks to the new Pirate Update which includes a new Armour and Helmet set which together give you 30% more rewards at the end of a mission. I definitely recommend giving the game another try now if you weren’t happy with the grind before as it is so mich more enjoyable now with all the new additions to the game 👍
  7. Looks pretty scuffed from first impressions watching the trailer. Anyone think this is worth picking up, waiting for a price drop or not worth getting?
  8. Saw this was free but thought I’d better check you can actually complete it without the £20 DLC, anyone know if this is possible?
  9. Grabbed this while it was on sale as I’ve always been curious if it’s as bad as the 1 star rating suggests. Answer is: absolutely. Snap turning which does not register half the time, cars which struggle to turn half an inch, enemies with aim-bot like accuracy, spawns which place you within breathing distance of enemies and 2 huge empty maps for you to waddle through before being machine gun sprayed into a red mist. Unless you tempted by the easy low percentage trophies I suggest staying well away from this game. Besides, the developers Sinn Studios certainly learned from this game and have made far better ones worth your time 😃
  10. Thanks for the tips! Didn’t know about the afk trick so that should save me from paying attention, I usually spend the defence farming but not much point with the current 5k material cap
  11. Wondering if there is an ideal way of completing missions quickly? Should I quit out of missions other than “Fight the Storm” in Stonewood or is there another mission type or zone to make the grind smoother? (For reference I’m using Thunder Thora with Boom Base, placing floors as close to the husk spawn point as possible and using the turret gadget) I have nearly every Hero, Weapon and Trap minus some recent event ones so loadout tips would be appreciated
  12. Not sure what triggered it but my progress was reset whilst playing the 4th story arena. Was confused why my cutlass was unequipped after dying so I went back to the menu where I was greeted with the same text box that appeared after viewing the opening cutscene. I then found that everything had been reset: all my skill points, gold and weapons disappeared and my progress in the story was reset. Luckily I was barely 1 hour into the game but I imagine if this keeps happening it’ll be quite frustrating, especially if it resets progress on trophies too :/
  13. “Can’t pick a character” might have happened to me too: I was loading into a lobby but before I had the chance to even see the character select I had loaded into the match as Plink. Very weird stuff, hopefully the devs keep an eye on these strange occurrences 🧐
  14. The Stealth Mission for the Single Player DLC is the most BS thing this game has to offer. Just spent about an hour trying to get past the 2nd floor (seems there’s 3 floors, with the door on the 3rd floor beating the mission) but kept getting killed by the terrible AI guards. I followed 2 YouTube videos of people who beat the mission but more often than not the guards will either get stuck, detect and shoot you through a wall, jump you 2 at a time or instakill you. I wouldn’t care since it’s so cheap but having the trophy list stuck at 96% drives me nuts 🤬🤬🤬
  15. 6 hours in and I have to say the game’s a lot of fun! The objective based modes however really suck the fun out of it for me though since the characters are far from balanced ☹️ (FYI: Treasure Hunt is not available in Ranked so you’ll have to play Social to get the “X Marks the Spot” Trophy)