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  1. Damn, reading all this makes me happy I never played the original so my nostalgia doesn't ruin my experience with the game so far.
  2. While checking BFV stats it popped when score round hit 500k. Overall score is 700K. It was level 27, close to 28 when it popped.
  3. The easier question to answer is: "how many are not missable". Most weak enemies (dogs, fish, amoeiboid etc.) are not missable, the rest won't respawn. Just follow above list, use only the groovitron and you are fine. Also, you can use infinite ammo and infinite health.
  4. PSN: Cauvuh_Lakrwa System: PS3, PS4 Country: the Netherlands Accept Blanks: Yes I mostly play games I like, but I am open minded about games I don't know. The free games on PS plus are a great way to learn different genres so I try to play those too. I speak English and a little German and French.
  5. I have several DLC trophies in cities: skylines while not owning a single dlc in that game. If you meet the requirements you will still earn a dlc trophy.
  6. I just found out how far back you get during the first checkpoint.. I was trying to get the gunslinger trophy but I failed my first opportunity so I manually reloaded the checkpoint.. After that I choked a few times during the platforming and one time during that horrible buttonmash quicktime event under water. One hour later I reached the first encounter so I tried gunslinger again and... failed again. All that hassle for nothing. I managed to get gunslinger during an encounter after that. But boy the frustration was real. Edit: the encounters aren't that hard so far and the platforming isn't that bad, only the first part is a real hassle if you fail.
  7. I had no problems until the very last collectible I collected. This one was needed for the 100% completion. I immediatly reloaded the game and it popped. But I was very stressed for a second because I didn't want to collect everything during my deadly obsession run.
  8. There is a reason I never pre-order games. I buy a game after I can see what it is about and how it performs. I will buy this game probably next year or the year after, after all problems are solved. Remember Star Wars Battlefront 2? That game had an absolute shitstorm of criticism over it. I bought it 3 years after release and absolutely enjoyed it, no problems whatsoever. There is nothing wrong with pre-ordering, but people have to realize pre-ordering is like investing. You invest into a game hoping it will be an amazing game. And like all investments it is risky businesses. Sometimes, investments fail.
  9. I loved the deranged ones. Especially the "whoo-whoo" ones.
  10. It is definitely shorter. I was in stage 3, lost the last siege as a defender and after I recaptured the fortress the trophy popped. Note that I didn't complete stage 3, I still had to do a defend mission. In total I did 7 missions of which 1 failed.
  11. You are right. I was looking in the game guide, which was redirected from the game's ps3 trophy list. The guide is for ps4. I didn't notice.
  12. The ps3 version of shadow of mordor is going to shut down on the 31st of december. It is not in the list (only ps4 version is on the list).
  13. seems like a lot of effort you went through. I think this will be my go to store. Thank you!
  14. Thanks, this was really helpful.
  15. Does anyone know if this game is coming to ps5? Really look forward to the graphical improve. Also, do you think the trophies from ps4 can be transferred to ps5? Not that I would mind playing this game all over, but maybe for the harder trophies this could come in handy.