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  1. but when you go to the website and read patch notes is says for version 1.09 is says Aliens Fireteam 1.09 Patch Notes (1.009) – September 16, 2021 [PC] Reverted a fix for improved support to ultra-wide screens in order to prevent an unintended issue with weapon accuracy. Addressed an issue where players are being prevented from acquiring the “All My Personal Friends” achievement where you need to Level 30 weapons to four stars. Addressed an issue where some players are having trouble with being able to pick up some Intel items. Added stability fixes. Other minor under the hood fixes. that why I said even version 1.09 hasn't fixed the trophies
  2. even with the new update version 1.09 still bugged
  3. Just to let you guys know I delete my save and the intel is still bugged even start again, the intel that is bugged was the same one on mission 3 - 1 so that doesn't help also the devs are thinking about resetting all weapons back to level 1, I don't know if this is happen or not but I wouldn't mind, better then starting again
  4. ok some new if you delete you save and start again you can get all the trophies, but even I don't want to start again
  5. bad news intel still cant pick up and no trophy for 30 weapons level 4
  6. New update just came out, and the in the patch note is says: Fix to some instances of Achievements not being granted upon collection of an item. This fix will also include the “All My Personal Friends” Achievement for levelling up 30 weapons to four stars. So guys download the update and let see if the trophies have been fixed.
  7. ok so on ps4 the trophies that are bugged are 1. CMISRS Asset - Return 39 pieces of intel. 2. All My Personal friends - Level 30 weapons to four stars. 3. High Voltage - Kill 1000 enemies with electricity. so this means you cant platinum this game and should avoid until a fix
  8. ok didn't know but now I do
  9. On the mission the gift of fire recon 2 of the collectables I can't pick up 1. ELIZABETH SHAW & CHARLIE HOLLOWAY 2. PATHOGEN I have also deleted my save and rushed though the story to get to this mission again and still couldn't pick them up, I think the new patch might have done something or it was always glitched let me know if this is the same for you guys
  10. ok guys the trophy is still bugged I got all the collectables and still didn't get the trophy, anyone 1 have a fix or a way to get this trophy
  11. k np
  12. The new patch for Dark Alliance Version 1.06 has fixed the trophy "Now It Makes Sense" where you have to collect all lore objects Some everyone go get the your platinum for this game. Here what is say in the patch notes This achievement now triggers correctly. If you collected all collectibles before this game update, you will need to create a brand new character and pick up a collectible for the achievement to pop (the one at the Base Camp works).
  13. just posting and letting people know that if you going to play this game, their is one trophy that is unobtainable, the trophy that doesn't work is "Now It Makes Sense"Collect all Lore Objects, one of the collectable is behind a table that you cant collect
  14. yes it worked i got Ascend 10 with another character and it worked
  15. ill try it out and see if it fixes the problem