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  1. ok just got on the game and downloaded the new update and all trophies that were bug for me are working now, the trophy that was bug for me was good company and now I have just unlocked the last trophy I needed. All you have to do is win one more game with any 8 rogues. just letting everyone know that trophies are fixed and now I can delete this game, good luck everyone
  2. Ok I just want to know if the trophies for pubg are fixed or still glitch, for example the 1000 kills trophy, I have 7,035 kills right know and I would like to know if anyone that had the 1000 kills trophy bug for them now has the trophy unlocked. I am think of playing the new season and going for the 1000 kills again but we will see
  3. ok but still to earn the trophies will take a lot longer now 20 days to earn 20k for 1 rogue
  4. yep going to take a real long time now to earn the good company trophy, if you got it bug like me, only daily give you rep and don't buy founders because that bug the trophy for me
  5. ok so I have been playing rogue company after the new patch version 1.51 and I cant earn any Rep (the in game currency) is this just me or have they got rid of earning rep by finishing games Daily still work - but finishing a game doesn't let me know if you can earn the rep or not
  6. Click Link to watch the my review Day Of The Tentacle is a classic from what I consider of the golden age of adventure games and this remaster is probably the best way to experience it. Just keep in mind that a typical adventure game of this era and some of the puzzles operate on no logic meaning that you will never solve the puzzle in a million years. the story is simple Dr. Fred's mutated purple tentacle is about to take over the world, and only you can stop him! hope this review help you to make a choice is you want to play this game or not.
  7. yes you get 4 champion to level 5 that it
  8. Just Got all the trophies for Rocket arena, just letting you guys know if this game is worth playing plus is the trophies hard or easy to earn. hope you enjoy the video and if also help you choose if you want to plat this game or even play this game. Click the Link to watch the video
  9. yes the new update helped you get more life bolts and nukes i would help you but sorry i am done with this game good luck with getting that trophy
  10. just got the plat i am done with this game
  11. dam keep dying on the last boss fight any tips lol
  12. ok this is easy now i am on wave 57 right know I was stuck on wave 42
  13. ty for info ill try know
  14. just try playing this on my second account and i don't think i am going to play this now, it is going to be hard to get 4 kills fast, take to long to kill