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  1. good luck everyone dont buy the founder pack like i did true but I have to w8 lol it ok I am still waiting for Pubg to fix one of their trophy as well the 1000 kills i have 7000 kills lol, I can Wait
  2. ok but I don't have anymore rogue to buy lol ok just won with anvil saint and talon and it didn't increase the % for good company so I can earn this trophy until next patch
  3. not sure still cant get a win team leave cant aim
  4. still trying to get a win but really bad team mates
  5. true ill try it out, going to get 1 more win with anvil see if it goes to 24%
  6. ok the only problem is that I have all rogue before patch only fixer I didnt so does that mean I have to w8 for 7 new rogue to come out to get the trophy?
  7. ok ok I have 12% know instead of 0% 12% is one rogue right?
  8. ok just got fixer, lets see if the trophy unlocks
  9. ok 200 rep away to buy fixer and ill see if the trophy pops
  10. ok ill test that I just need to save up lol
  11. 100 wins you just need a team just invite anyone you meet in your random games that are good that all I did
  12. ok I have won 8 games with Dahlia 1 with saint and 1 with scorch and good company is still at 0% ill try to buy a new rogue soon but not looking good
  13. just won with scorch still 0% but ill try a different rogue playing saint right know