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  1. I usually listen to AVGN youtube playlists or Sacred Symbols if its Friday lol
  2. We tried that and it wasn't matching us, just keep trying that then and it should work?
  3. I've got a boosting group together for this game. We got 4 people together for the 4 player trophies. When we went to play the game modes for the associated trophies (Pass the Torch, Carry the Team, Relentless Assault) we were told by the game that we needed 2 more players, for a total of 6. The game modes will not start otherwise. We tried queuing with 6 players but public games are limited to 4 players per group. The guide on PSNProfiles says we only need 4 players. What is going on here?
  4. I have an extra console but having two extra is a game changer for Far Cry 2. I’m beginning to see your method to the madness😆. I just recently finished Far Cry 2 mp so the pain is still fresh haha
  5. Far Cry 2 is hell. Do not listen to this madman. The grind in Shadow Fall is nothing compared to Far Cry 2.
  6. Would this be the Warzone mode you can customize? Thank you so much for the detailed answer.
  7. I'm starting Shadow Fall today to get the online trophies squared away and I read I only really need people for the online collectibles and grinding ammo boxes. After consulting the attached thread I started on the Tourist and Dominator trophies in an Offline Botzone Beacon Theft game to get some easy wins. After beating all 17 maps, no trophies popped. What am I doing wrong?
  8. I've heard horror stories about New Vegas on PS3 and I was wondering if Fallout 3 is anywhere near as bad? What's the best way to approach 100%'ing this game? Do I play the base game then purchase the DLC's separately or just buy the GOTY edition? Is the base game disc more stable than the GOTY disc? Any clarity on this would be great.
  9. There's a bug within the PSN because Blizzard fucked up. They had the PSN Store listing for Overwatch 1 replaced with the Overwatch 2 Watchpoint Pack. Buying the Pack entitles you to OW1, but the PSN just sees it all as one game because it's just one listing for multiple games. There was an issue within the first week of the Watchpoint Packs listing on PSN that didn't give the account that purchased the pack a copy of OW1 because the PSN simply didn't know what to do. It wasn't until a week and a half after purchase that I received a message from PlayStation gifting me the game. The trophies show for both because the PSN still doesn't really know what to do but there isn't a separate stack for the Watchpoint Pack (so far at least), it's just a visual bug.
  10. LFG!!! Thank you to everyone who kept asking questions and making support tickets. Lets get those trophies!
  11. There are now people sending veiled death threats to Ubisoft in the official support thread on the Ubisoft Forums. ( ) It's more important than ever that we create a renewed interest in this through creating support tickets. Creating mine now.
  12. Just bought the Watchpoint Pack and Overwatch 1 is nowhere to be found. Anyone else having this issue? EDIT: There was a bug with the PlayStation Store and the game was added to my account after about a week.
  13. Thank you for posting this, almost pulled the trigger on the $80 bundle.
  14. No they didn't, what are you talking about??
  15. The skips in U1 make Crushing (and Brutal if on PS4) way easier. You can skip like 1/3 of the game IIRC.