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  1. Thanks - That sounds like the exact words I used in my email
  2. I just had an update on PS5 for the game to version 1.000.001. No information anywhere as to what this is but lets hope it addresses a few bugs??
  3. Hmmm, good to know! I still can't justify more game time lost when it has constantly crashed. Could you keep it posted how far in you get and if there's been any errors? I've emailed and tweeted the devs to see if they can sort it but have had no reply as of yet.
  4. How much have you played? I have played around 30 hrs total across 3 saves (15hrs the longest) before the save corrupted. It has happened on os4 and 5 copy. saving silver coins is easy if you just buy what you need - I just used my starting gun and sold everything else, hardly needed any meds either.
  5. I posted this on the ps4 copy but the same has happened on ps5. Game save corrupted every time I booted the game up. iv tweeted the devs and waiting for a response wait for a patch
  6. Steer clear of this game until a fix is deployed (if it ever is!) Played 15 hrs into the game and the save data corrupted. Played gain for 5 hrs from the start then uploaded data to the cloud. Both the console and cloud saves were corrupted upon loading.
  7. Thanks for your constant updates ❤️ Haven’t touched the game since making this thread but pleased to hear I can return to it now 😅 Even if some trophies may still be a bit buggy.
  8. Any chance it was a boss enemy? Only thing I can think of really 😂
  9. Good to know 👀
  10. UPDATE: I got it - I noticed that sometimes the bulls went off the edge into the abyss but didn’t make the sound of a puff of smoke. So I hit them off the edges where I could beat see them and tries to listen for the smoke. 8 puff of smoke later it popped. Still seems a bit buggy that it works that way as you really can’t tell if they’re dead when they go off the sides.
  11. Yeah I'v knocked all 8 off multiple times and nothing
  12. I guess? I noticed that they respawn if you die so I did it with no deaths and still no luck... I'm assuming I'm not being a complete idiot and the way to kill them is to knock them off the ledges? Doing this gave me the defeat all enemies trophy?
  13. Hey, anyone else not getting the ¡Olé! trophy in Mountain Trek level? As far as I can tell, I've defeated all the bulls without dying in the level and still no luck - am I missing a hidden bull?
  14. Encountered a few bugs already - - Circle randomly disappears when bowling so you have no idea where you are aiming - Game crashed multiple times on PS5 while playing career mode - While bowling, input for timing of jump and release hasn't registered an input resulting in a no ball/free hit - Trophy for playing a Hundred game didn't pop after playing a hundred game (no sim) Ill update the list if I encounter any others or feel free to quote and add more yourselves. Hoping all these issues get patched out.
  15. This happens all the time to me on PS5 but never on ps4 when I used to play... I also keep having the game crash or freeze when ending a day so keep having to make manual saves each day in case it does!! For me I just go to the main menu and back into the game after saving to fix the case issue