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  1. I finished priority eden prime and I can confirm Victus was gone. I loaded a save before eden prime mission and Victus was there, so I loaded the save after the mission, when Victus was gone, and now Victus is there again.
  2. The guide recommends to do from ashes (priority eden prime) after priority palaven, but I have read in many forums that if you do that mission when Victus and/or Wrex are on the ship, they will disappear. Is that true? I have Victus on the ship because of the Palaven mission. Can it be fixed somehow? Should I wait to do that mission until later when they leave the ship? Thanks.
  3. Thanks a lot your your fast answer and your tips, I will probably do as you say. Regards.
  4. I want to put together Duran with Angela for the first run, Riesz with Hawkeye for the second and Kevin with Charlotte for the third. Who should be the third companion for each run? What classes should I choose for them? Thanks.
  5. Confirmed, it works. Just to mention that even with permadeath, you can use the encounter in the grocery when you regain control of Abby while escaping the horde, no need to wait to chapter 1. Activating tweaks in that part makes it very easy. In fact, with that tweaks and invisible while prone, getting both trophies is going to be a breeze...
  6. Ok, thanks for the explanation, I will try when I finish the prologue. Regards.
  7. Thanks for your answer. I read that post but is talking about grounded mode only. He says that you can combine it with permadeath but step number 3 is to make a manual save, something you cannot do on permadeath so thats why I ask. Regards.
  8. Can you activate cheats (infinite ammo, one shot kill, etc) on permadeath mode+grounded using the encounter trick even if you are not able to make a manual save? Does the autosave works to be able to enable them? Btw, I have read that even if you save on PS cloud your autosave in the middle of a chapter, when you restore that backup, you still begin from the start of the chapter (like you died even if you did outside a fight), is that true? Thanks.
  9. I really want to avoid repeting Lakeside on grounded (I needed a lot of tries to kill the bloated with Ellie) so Im desperated to find a way to recover my lost chapters without playing them again on grounded... Thats why I think that with a bit of luck, if I play them again on easy in order from Lakeside to firefly lab, they still will count as grounded, what do you think??? It was a lot of pain and suffer to play Lakeside on grounded, please not again...
  10. Hi, I think i screwed my grounded+ run going backwards... I loaded my survivor+ save and I did chapter select of the hospital in grounded and saved in a new file. Afther that, I played the bus station and after that I played Lakeside, always saving in the same new file like I read somewhere. Well, now that I have finished the second part of the university, after the scene in the snow with the rabbit, I used chapter select to begin the first part of the university, when I realized that the bus station and the hospital werent there, just the first part of lakeside and it didnt count as finished. I fear I did something wrong because when I reach the begining of the game going backwards, I will not be able to select Jackson. Is there anything I can do to at least not have to replay the winter chapters again? Thank you very much.
  11. Thank you for your tips but I already have a 100% save, this run is just for speedster and unchanging armor. Besides, I couldnt get unchanging armor if I equip a stronger weapon... Btw, finally I was able to defeat Ansem with a more aggressive approach, instead of waiting for an opportunity to attack, I just cast aero and went berserk against Ansem without dodging the lasers and healing when needed and it worked... Now the proud run and platinum, I hope it does not take me too much time... Thank you guys.
  12. I apologize if this question has been answered before. Im doing a Sppedster + Unchanging Armor + Undefeated run on easy difficulty and I am having big problems with Ansem. After a few tries, the first two versions of him are really easy to me but the third one seems to be impossible because of the lasers. I am level 51 after 6 hours and only have the simple version of Aero. Should I spend time and go for the -ra and -ga versions? What should I do when all of the lasers begin to shoot at me with no time between them to rest or attack? Thanks, regards.
  13. Hi everyone, After ten tries I finally was able to defeat zealot on extreme difficulty while trying different strategies so I want to share what worked for me. First I have to say that I put everything in stamina on Arkail and strength on Styx, and I chose the path of the master for Arkail and the path of the shadowgoblin for Styx (now I think the path of the assassin could be better). I chose the berserker gear for Arkail instead of the champion one because of the extra strength. This complicated a little the battle against the berserkers but is a must against the zealot. Once the fight against the zealot begins, taunt everyone with Arkail and then use again and again upgraded rain of blades against the berserkers, while have Styx alternating between stunning bomb and low blow (I didnt upgrade low blow and worked for me but it should be better if you have upgraded it). The idea is to kill the 2 berserkers with Arkail while keeping busy zealot and away of the others berserkers dead. Once the two berserkers are dead, Arkail probably will be in berserker mode, so let him hit hard the zealot while use armor piercing, poisoned daggers and flying daggers with Styx. If you are lucky, the zealot while die now. I wasnt that lucky because zealot killed Styx while Arkail was still mad, so I had to wait Arkail to recover and revive Styx. Thank goodness zealot only had 10% HP left so I just finished him with stunning punchs and flying daggers. I have to say that I was very close to win with another strategy, having Arkail using stunning punchs on the zealot from the beggining while attacking with Styx with everything (armor piercing, poisoned daggers, flying daggers, etc) but with this strategy when the zealot is close to die he heals a lot of life and the berserks kill Arkail, so for me the first strategy works better. I hope this strategy can help people in trouble like I was (not sure if someone is still playing this game right now but just in case). Regards.
  14. Thank you very much for you answer, but at the moment I have unclocked all the trophies of the royal pack. What I did was to obtain all the datalogs I could in chapter 15 included the ones located in Altissia (I didnt know you could travel Altissia by boat without using Umbra or chapter select), after that I got the 9 datalogs in the 100 floors dungeon and finally I replayed chapters 10, 12 and 13, so I got 77 datalogs, one more than needed. Im playing Comrades right now and I have to say that Im enyoing it more than expected. The only trophy Im having problems to unclock right now is "come back, kenny", because I have to play offline and the best method to do it is with human players with no food, impossible to do playing offline. Any advice to get this trophy? Thanks, regards.
  15. Hi everyone, First, I want to apologize if this question has been answered before. I have finished every DLC (except Comrades) and now I am working on Royal pack trophies, but the problem is that I finished the game before purchasing it, and now I am in chapter 15 post-game. First question: I have replayed chapter 14 for cerberus and omega trophies. Can I (or should I) finish the game again to return to chapter 15 post-game and retain accesories and datalogs from chapter 14? Second question: what is the best and fast way to achieve pursuit of knowledge trophy? Can I get the trophies in chapter 9 (royal vessel and bismarck) while going for that trophy? Third question: is it worth to download the unpatched version of the game with the proxy trick just for the comrades DLC? Thank you very much for your support. Best regards.