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  1. school 2 first for me, it's the hardest. second roswell and third bullring... C.
  2. @jim_guitariste, same here, 3 days for this level and 6 hours for roswell.
  3. For me with ps4 macro my console stayed on for 3.5 days non stop to go from level 77 to 100. I can't imagine to do it manually!
  4. Now I'm level 100 (I have got platine) @sugartouch with ps4 macro you have some failed probably 10% but for me, to up level 77 to 100 It's took 3,5 days no stop. To do this manually, I think it's can done in 1 week. C.
  5. actually 99...
  6. for me in order (hard to easy) : School 2, roswell and bullring
  7. after 36 hours I have level up 77to 92, it's take a long long time!
  8. Yes but it is not free. My pc and my ps4 are running since 36 hours to up level 77 to 92. It's take a long time with ps4 macro :-( C.
  9. Yes I make this with tony hawk and my created skater.
  10. Hello I have done all challenges and put trick in every 10 slots unlocked and Trick Slot King not complet. Can you tell me hwo do you complete this challenge? C.