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  1. @tjoe1bkhjtqxm my best advice is, use the dpad by doing little taps, worry about avoiding the birds. Get 4 balloons at the beginning. Get lucky. You wont get it everytime. You just need one lucky go. After you make the first turn i find it easier to move as much to the right as possible. You dont have to worry about getting every single balloon. Aim for 15 was my thing. I passed with 15 balloons and 1 bird no way i know of to cheat this one
  2. Im wondering if someone somewhere can help me with this script for ps4 remote play for the lightning trophy Macro1: IfWinExist, PS4 Remote Play { WinActivate ; grab the focus of remote play } else { MsgBox, Couln't find PS4 Remote Play window Return } Loop { CoordMode, Pixel, Screen PixelSearch, FoundX, FoundY, 950, 530, 970, 550, 0xAFB1DA, 50, Fast RGB If ErrorLevel = 0 { Sleep 10 Send, {Enter down} Sleep 50 Send, {Enter up} Sleep 200 } } Return i cant seem to get to two hundred, only around 150
  3. @sankin2004 did you ever figure it out? Im in the same boat
  4. Can you help me with ffx lightning dodge script that you created