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  1. I had an idea come to me after I beat the game. When you are on the mission in Opertunity where you kill Jack's double, Angel says "Kill one of Jack's TWO body doubles". We kill one in Opertunity and yada yada yada. Now, when I thought up of this idea, I was wondering why the boss fight was really easy (To me it was a least), then it hit me. What if we killed the OTHER body double, therefore leaving the real Jack for if they make a Boderlands 3? It is just my thinking since I am a Borderlands 2 addict and thought of it
  2. I know I am jumping in late, but basing a game off of a 10 minutes video is pathetic. You might say "Oh, I might not like this game" or "I probably won't get it", but to say it is overhyped off of it? It is wrong. I may be biased since I absolutly love this game, but the 10 minutes video applies to every game. In my opinion, it really isn't as hyped as it should be.
  3. 1. It should work 2. http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_letxugVPbB1qd5vmg.png I don't know what the limits are for YouTube avatar sizes and stuff, but I can resize it if necessary
  4. Type: Avatar Name: CakeRaider Size: Normal sized Theme: Cake Border: No Font: Nothing specific Just so you know, I plan on using this on the site, and possibly on YouTube and on other sites So however you want me to give credit works with me. If you could make it involving Cake it would be awesome! Thanks! Edit: If anyone can do backgrounds and such, message me please!
  5. You too Sly
  6. So this is why mom always said to stop hitting yourself
  7. I would say a year to year and a half after the next Xbox releases
  8. I am Jaymon on .com
  9. Rush, they are my favorite band, and the only band i have seen in concert. I also am now playing drums, and Neil Pert is the best drummer as well.
  10. Vodka + Coke = AWESOMENESS...I mean...erm...I dont drink
  11. I want Bordeelands 2 NOW!!!
  12. ME NO ANTI-MUFFIN, I support muffins
  14. I said the PSN+ stuff that came WITH the Welcome Back, aka the update that was out when PSN came back online