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  1. Maybe both counts but the counter is buggy? I used only the drying rack but had to eat a few more than 12 legs and arms to get the trophy.
  2. If you want it painless make use of the duplication glitch and duplicate books and tomes. Unlimited skillpoints and abilities makes it pretty easy.
  3. I have over 100 hours on my clock. 20 to 30 hours for the pantheons (It's a pain if you do it legit), and 70 to 80 hours for the story and other DLC stuff. I used the steam map as well. I am not a fast player, by any means so having times around 40 to 60 hours seems fitting. But 12 hours is a joke for someone who playes it the first time, even a skilled one. If you have already argued with the guide writer, whats his argument to set time this low?
  4. There is the rumor that a remastered is planned or in progress on the trilogy. Could be a reason to the price raise, although its far fetched. It's a shame a lot of DLCs for PS3 Games stays at a high price without sales anymore. Had a couple of games myself, where I paid much more than I would usually do. Including Dragon Age 2 and I think one Mass Effect Title, not sure which one. I still wouldn't recommend playing MA 3 without the DLCs. They enhance the experience quiet a lot.
  5. Does anybody know if the mechanic upgrades (from the guy on the ship, left from the main screen) count against the naked king feat? It's not listed literally.
  6. It's an old post. Nevertheless, try out the biggest island southeast on the map. Once I camped there at night and the seagulls came regularly while I was just standing there.
  7. In my opinion it's not just whether you want to be a trophy whore or crazy completionist. There is a middle way as well. A lot of people play several different games on their profile and only when they really like a game, they go for the platinum or 100%. Actually, I think that this is the most healthiest approach to trophies .
  8. Just think of all the people out there. You are just one guy of millions. The odds that suddenly someone recognizes you on the street is minimal, unless you get very popular. Since you're a guy the chances of being heavily stalked is also not that high (no offense :D). But be prepared for comments targeting your looks, or behavior when they don't like your content. That can happen, I guess. Now get out there and show your face, your audience will appreciate that 🙂
  9. I've restarted this game about five or six times just to redo my character. It is possible to make a decent looking human but the game doesn't make it easy. You think he or she looks good in character creator and then you're ingame and bam you wonder if your character got injected with some mutant agent during the intro. Unfortunately I can't help you. A lot of guides are from PC and uses mods.
  10. Or you use the duplication glitch and get unlimited attribute and skill points and have fun meddling around with it 😬
  11. For me the H only gets attention if the player has a high completion rate. Combined with a lot of hidden trophies the profile doesn't have the same value for me (from a completionist point of view). But I don't think bad of a player with hidden trophies or assume he has cheated. Why would I? Just because illegitimate trophies have to be hidden at this site as well? That's a minority and besides, it doesn't matter, I can never be 100% certain if a profile is legit, hidden trophies or not. Most of us have games or trophies they'd rather hide. Games with unobtainable trophies, games we don't like but got one or several trophies, embarrassing games or whatever reason. Some of us do hide them, some don't. No problem at all. You should relax and just enjoy. It's your profile and you have to like it!
  12. I did the trophy in creative mode without any enemies. Everytime I killed a new animal I built a single wall or wooden shelter and placed the head trophy on it. It doesn't matter if the head trophies are placed across the island or on a single spot.
  13. It isn't that bad on PS4. I had a lot of fun playing it and get the platinum. I've played it on PS4 if that makes any difference.
  14. Since the first DLC implemented more Challenges they are part of the challenge trophy and as much as I know they never changed that.
  15. I haven't even watched two endings of the main game and got the trophy. After my first playthrough I played the Darkspawn and the Leliana DLC and when I loaded up my Maingame endgame save, to see if I got the Armor transferred and prep for the next DLC, the perfectionist trophy popped. I was just standing in the camp doing nothing... bling