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  1. I can just say how the game worked for me and I can guarantee you I've never played offline and I definetely died at duck rooms after collecting them (sometimes even stupiditly often...). The autosave takes place as soon as you go into another room, not if you die (You can even see the save icon every time you enter a room). Before I started my trophy run I read that on a trophy guide that it is enough to restart the game, instead of loading. And that's exactly what I did everytime I died or did something stupid. Backed out of the game, before entering another room, restarted and got every trophy on the way. And this is the difference between you and me. You tried to use back up saves. I've never reloaded a former save or let the game autosave after mistakes, so your problem could have never occured to me. That's why I was so confused when I read your first post I guess (and the fact that couldn't remember at first that I did not use Back Up saves). Out of curiosity I tested if your problem would be there with a save and yes it happens like you say, the game don't care if you load an older save, which I think is pretty strange, so your recommendation to play offline if you want to use older saves is good. Better save than sorry. But otherwise backing out of the game and restarting should also do the trick.
  2. I really like the game but this is by far the worst trophy the devs could have choosen for a game like this. I also used power pyx videoguide in my second playtrough but sometimes the game just won't say these precious lines and although the guide was great some of his recorded hints (I think 5 or 6 of them) won't get spoken that easily if you do it like powerpyx did. One of the YT comments mentioned it, so I took extra care for them. Nevertheless I missed a few but wrote the ones down and luckily it was just one missing and that was from the starting area, I guess I got the other ones in my first blind run.
  3. It doens't matter if he has to close the game to copy it to external storage (but yes you do have to close the game). You can close the game and after starting it again you will be at the last auto save point. When you did multiple back ups at different stages in the game and reload one of theses, you'll start at the respective auto save point. I looked at his timestamps and they seem doable in the way he describes it. The ones with seconds apart you get at the end of a chapter (except of one, I have them seconds apart as well). The other trophies which doesn't follow eatch other storywise (and I think are in question) are 1-3 minutes apart. Enough time to close the game and load another save from USB device and start the game againg from the latest save point, which in his case is right before another trophy gets triggered. If I understand the rules correctly it is legit the way he did it. It is the same as using one save to get multiple endings, just that he uses more than one save.
  4. Yes you can get diamonds on easy but the chance of getting one is the same as in other difficulties.
  5. Isn't it possible to create a seasonal character right from the start and do all the post story stuff right away with access to higher difficulties?
  6. It will be a loooong ride before you collected every item in the game so don't worry if you cannot pick up everything you come across. There is also the fact that a lot of items are locked and you have to unlock it through specific requirements, so just doing some runs and collecting won't work to get everything. But if you like the game it can be really fun to get everything although it takes a huge amount of time. One tip for the shops. Give money to the donation machine every time you can afford to donate some. It will stay there in your next runs and if you see an item you really want but lack a few coins you can get some out of the machine with a good placed bomb
  7. I am confused. I got Duck Hunt, died several times while doing so and loaded my save and I never played with Internet connection off Edit: Wait, I haven't used USB save, the only thing you are not allowed after dying is to go out of the room because then it saves automatically, so I just closed the game and started it again to get another try at the duck.
  8. But there are situations with not enough sunstone energy to farm before a fight. It's not that I didn't like the game or I think it is too hard but I can see the flaw in that specific term. I mean I always tried to collect as much sunstone energy as possible for the more difficult fights but sometimes it still happens that you die. Everything I used is now gone and the next try is even harder than before and retrying it over and over to get AGAIN enough energy shouldn't be the way to go. This is just a bad gameplay decision and not how Checkpoints should work. As a skilled gamer you will move on eventually but for a kid even on easy difficulty it can be a big disadvantage. At least my 2 Cents
  9. You need to collect ALL Gadget collectibles again for each New Game and also the Crytals start at zero. The only thing what is kind of transferable between games are unlocked Knacks although of course the crystals can still be found in chests. If you just use continue after a completed run it works like a New Game +, you will start in the same difficulty and everything you collected before will still be there.
  10. A week ago I decided to give Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance on PS3 another chance, since it is my last uncompleted PS3 game. I was so bad at it that it was never really fun to play and I left it with 44% completion. I've had to read a lot about the fighting mechanics and I've watched a lot of videos and eventually I got better. Now the platinum is in sight . Have done all the VR missions and now I am in the middle of my Revengeance S rank run combined with the no damage trophies for boss fights. If that works out I will try to get the DLC stuff.
  11. I can tell how you will not find a gamer girlfriend: 1. Asking directly about her looks or even ask for a photo. Happens so often in a conversation which last only a couple of minutes or when just a few messages got back and forth - unbelievable annoying. 2. Don't say stuff like: "For a girl you're playing really good." or "Impressive profile for a woman." and so on and so on. That is NOT a compliment anymore with the gender mentioned! 3. If you managed to make some contact, don't try to force yourself on her or get whiny about your life. Not attractive. I will leave it with that although there are much more No Go's I have encountered .
  12. I had to defeat them two times this day with S Rank. After the first time I've forgotton to go back for the missable Rank fight and went straight to sundowner. Had to reload a save before the Monsoon/Mistral fight . I see you made it already but for others: It's maybe helpful to know that you don't need to get the no damage bonus. It's enough to be in time, get a 50 combo and kill some dwarf gekkos. The fight is much easier if you not try to perfect it and have some nano packs in storage.
  13. I must have been really lucky. That was my first trophy I got in the game at the spot with the two facing glass mirrors. But I have to say my Trico had a lot of time to do it, if I think of how many times I had no clue where to go next and just wandered around .
  14. You should overthink that. I have a bad memory and sometimes already problems remembering games I've played one year ago. Same goes for movies and stuff
  15. I'm not sure if it was just a strange coincidence or something got messed up with the necromancer update. Fact is both me and my coop partner got the Dream Team Trophy with just 5 characters beeing Level 70 end of last year. He never touched the Demon Hunter and I never played the monk once and both of us haven't even bought the necromancer pack at that point. I actually thought it is a common glitch but I guess it's not?