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  1. I was afraid it would be to hard in the end but I think it was fairly manageable. The materials for boosting stats and all the other materials can be farmed during the level 99 grind, so for me it wasn't time I spend extra. Since the softcap is at 80 for the stats it is also not that much. The data fights are easier than you think with heavily abusing guard or reflega, limits, summons, drive forms, and some loop uses (Axel and Lingering Will). And the right equipment (some ribbons and full bloom+ are great), set of abilities and smart choice of shortcuts of course. The only one who gave me a headache were Xaldin, fuck this guy, I needed 10 to 20 tries for him because of his last phase, where I was just running and flying around like a chicken with no clue what to do . Everyone else was down in 1-5 tries max. Xemnas 2. form was kind of hard at first until I just spammed the Limit of him and Riku in the second fight. The last one I really did not like was the gambler, so easy to fuck up his last mini game.
  2. I also would've liked that. It was too obvious with his father from begin with. Not the only options, just the only male options. I think Samara was another female option if I remember correctly and there was this kind of fling with Kelly Chambers. The latter I did so she could feed my precious fish
  3. As FemShep In ME 1 I romanced Kaiden but to be honest it was because I had no other male option. His personality is good for friendship but had zero attractiveness for me. In ME 2 I was torn apart at first, no option seemed to fit for me. Garrus was my friend, I liked him a lot in ME1 but romance? Thane was a nice guy but his slow talking and the strange memory scenes were not my thing and on top he was ill, so not a good deal. Jacob is dead boring and works for Cerberus, no need to say more... But staying single was not in my interest so I had to decide 😀 So in the end I went with Garrus and oh boy was it hard to stick to that in the beginning. How femshep approached him was so out of the personality I chose for her. My Bro Feelings for Garrus and his Alien looks made it not so easy to fall in love with them as well. But it was funny and Garrus awkwardness kind of cute, I grew with him In ME3 for a short time I was thinking to break up with Garrus and going back to Kaidan but after a while it was clear he didn't change (except that he was now bisexual :D) so I stuck with my spiky, funny and always calibrating Turian Guy. And that was the best decision I could've made. The relationship got so good I even kinda fell in love myself and didn't want it to be over. Afterwards I discovered Fanfiction Writings and started to read the romance stuff to get my happy ending
  4. I really liked the boss. With Adamantoise I was lazy and used the ring, which is not possible here, otherwise I would've been lazy as well I guess . With Omega I finally could use a lot of my items, especially elixiers (had 99 of them of almost every category) and the stat buff items and even created some somewhat potent magic spells while fighting, which I've never done before. I haven't read about a battle strategy just went into the fight prepared with food buff, ribbons and Magitec suits V1 (don't know if the ribbons are useful) and tried things. Mostly I used armiger unleashed and halfway through some of my magic while getting armiger ready again. It took some time to beat him (around 20-30 minutes), but it was satisfiying. Just one thing no one mentioned. It's possible to take advantage of food buffs, although you can't cook in Insomnia. When you camp in the past and then travel to Insomnia the stats boost will stay and not vanish. I've eaten this fancy new blue Tuna recipe from the fish you can get after encountering Bismarck in the Altissia sea, which gives a boost to all stats, a 100% crit rate and 50% EP bonus. There is no need for that. When you want to cancel armiger mode, just switch to another character and it ends immediately
  5. Jaal is at least for the female Ryder exclusive and therefore you have to meet with him on Havarl and make things serious with him if he asks for that to count. Normally it goes the same with the other exclusive ones. They invite you somewhere, you have a date and get a clear question. Before you do that, date two flings and then you are good to go.
  6. I'll take Shantae:Half Genie Hero Ultimate Edition I played the first two and I waited for I don't now how long for a good price in PSN Store for the normal edition. Since Ultimate Edition was released I'm waiting for the Ultimate Edition to be on a nice sale
  7. Doing all of them in every act isn't less boring and sometimes very annoying when the quest marker won't show up for several minutes and you're running the wrong way until it pops and you realize you have to go back to the other side of the map. But with two people it was okay doing it, saved me 250 bounties and at least I got some ingredients for crafting if another class will be released.
  8. If I would accept 30 fps? Of course. Why not? I can enjoy a lot of games, which no graphic whore or fps Guru would enjoy. The game itself and the fun I can have with it is my priority, not the specs. If I would prefer 60 fps? Definitely, if it's steady. Everytime in a game with the choice of better performance over graphics, I choose performance. Who doesn't like a smoother gameplay? Still, this should not be mandatory in every game on PS5, every developer should pick their preference and where they want to go with a game. If they think it's possible to release good 60fps, they should go for it. If not, I would rather see a good and steady 30 fps game than a 60 fps stutter festival of game.
  9. The only absurd Trophy in my opinion is the all talked out trophy because it is really annoying to have to watch a one and a half hour video while playing and to wait, sometimes several minutes, until hints trigger. They are just taken too long to get activated. Otherwise I enjoyed hunting the rest of the trophies. You could argue the point of a speedrun trophy in such a game but it gives a different insight of how to play the game and you are forced to learn how to interact with Trico in the best way possible. This is definitely not a game where you should focus on trophies in the first playthrough, it just kills the immersion of the game. If someone want the platinum it's not possible to do it in one playthrough no matter what you do, so why bother with hints the first time around even as a trophy hunter? Sometimes I really don't understand why people put themselves in a immersion breaking position instead of just enjoying a game.
  10. Knack's trophy order is definitely messed up. He got all story progression trophies after the trophies for completing the story.
  11. The loot box system is kind of the same for Andromeda, although I have the feeling it is much more to unlock know and so it could take a bit longer. Weapon and Character Upgrades will still just drop ones. I haven't played that long but due to joining higher missions with randoms I was able to get one class (of course not the one I was playing ) and almost all of the basic weapons to Rank X. I'm not much of a multiplayer fan but I really liked ME3 MP, cannot say the same for MEA. 40% of all my games stopped abruptly (with no rewards whatsoever) and after a bit internet search I found out it's normal for a lot of players to get kicked out of missions because of server issues. Beside of the technical issues and too long loading times, I think I just dislike the gameplay mechanics with all this jumping around, the automatic cover and hordes of dumb enemies who just ran you over. I think I am not alone with my opinion. I played ME3 last year and was still able to find a lot of full lobbies despite the age of the game. The MEA lobbies seemed kind of empty. I mean I found enough lobbies but somehow these were always the same and on two ocassions I couldn't find any at all. Maybe because of the time of day I played, I don't know. It just felt more empty for me, especially in comparison and regarding the fact that it is just a one year old game At the end I did my five gold extraction at level 14 with some randoms. Needed 4 or 5 fully upgraded Sniper Shots just to get rid of one mob enemy and would have died pretty quickly if it wasn't for cloak .
  12. Unfortunately it is not possible to play it online with a friend except via shareplay.
  13. Isn't there some Sound Shape Version he can do legit as a compromise to get 2 instead of 5 flags? Of course he cheated but I'm all in for second chances and this would provide a way to redeem himself.
  14. I can just say how the game worked for me and I can guarantee you I've never played offline and I definetely died at duck rooms after collecting them (sometimes even stupiditly often...). The autosave takes place as soon as you go into another room, not if you die (You can even see the save icon every time you enter a room). Before I started my trophy run I read that on a trophy guide that it is enough to restart the game, instead of loading. And that's exactly what I did everytime I died or did something stupid. Backed out of the game, before entering another room, restarted and got every trophy on the way. And this is the difference between you and me. You tried to use back up saves. I've never reloaded a former save or let the game autosave after mistakes, so your problem could have never occured to me. That's why I was so confused when I read your first post I guess (and the fact that couldn't remember at first that I did not use Back Up saves). Out of curiosity I tested if your problem would be there with a save and yes it happens like you say, the game don't care if you load an older save, which I think is pretty strange, so your recommendation to play offline if you want to use older saves is good. Better save than sorry. But otherwise backing out of the game and restarting should also do the trick.
  15. I really like the game but this is by far the worst trophy the devs could have choosen for a game like this. I also used power pyx videoguide in my second playtrough but sometimes the game just won't say these precious lines and although the guide was great some of his recorded hints (I think 5 or 6 of them) won't get spoken that easily if you do it like powerpyx did. One of the YT comments mentioned it, so I took extra care for them. Nevertheless I missed a few but wrote the ones down and luckily it was just one missing and that was from the starting area, I guess I got the other ones in my first blind run.