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  1. I'm a victim of checklist's and progression bars in and on games. It doesn't matter if it's a trophy list or some ingame achievement list on other platforms. If it's not 100% I try to complete it sooner or later. It just feels good and having the feeling of completion let my Dopamine level spike. I also do a lot of stuff in games I don't have to for platinum, I just want to experience "everything" possible. I don't like the thought of missing something. Sometimes that can be really annoying because I spend a lot of time with stuff that is not always worth it. But that's why I don't bother with MMOS, other MP Games or sometimes even very big open world titles, because they would likely eat me up and I'll get exhausted. To have fun is still my top priority and all in all I am happy with the way I approach games. My PSN Level on the other hand or how much trophies I have doesn't interest me at all.
  2. I really hope this early access store becomes a fully functional, logical tool again to buy games. As for the wishlist, I'm pretty sure it'll back. In the new Playstation app there is a setting to enable push notification for wishlist update. It wouldn't be there otherwise.
  3. When you know the bosses you just need a little luck with the right equipment. Maybe look for other players. I've never played alone, so can't say it's easier or harder with a team, but being able to resurrect is nice.
  4. Ah, you got the coin. Congrats, must have been fun 32 times . If youplan to get some other stuff I can recommend playing with ramdoms once in a while. It's more fun.
  5. If you have troubles just do the ravager fight on Yeasha and play the lullaby. No fighting required.
  6. Adventure mode does not gurantee a simulacrum drop, only campaign mode. There is a better way to farm simulacrums (and glowing fragments) in corsus at the fetid pools dungeon. There are some videos on YT you can check out but I'm not sure if you need the DLC though. Other than that RNG is a bitch . For me personally the coin dropped two out of two times at campaing mode on earth. But yeah it's all luck, I had some other events, which just didn't want to spawn and I rerolled for ages on adventure mode.
  7. Did they patch that? I can see where I am on the map. Collecting stuff is pretty easy.
  8. They do explain that in the game. There is a tutorial about it . Like OP said, favor the one you like and then press L3 or R3 to cycle.
  9. If the devs want the game to continue striving they have to add more variety. I look forward to that. I'm tired of a third of the existing mini games. And thanks for the correction. I guess many people spell it "loose" and not "lose" because of the pronunciation? The word sounds also stretched and at least in my mother tongue such words are always spelled with two vowels. Although I know both words such mistakes happen easily while typing fast and a lot of other mistakes as well. Most of the bigger mistakes I'll catch when proofreading but not all (especially grammar and tenses, I suck at that). Yeah he was holding on to you a bit too long and couldn't jump himself. I guess it was karma for being a mean bean
  10. Finale fits, time fits, story fits. I may have played in the same finale with a friend. I've died already but watched my friend grabbing one of the two guys remaining and both fell into the abyss and lucky guy number 3 won^^. My friend lost his streak the round before so he had nothing to lose and just wanted to fasten things up and grab before he gets grabbed. Jump Showdown is not a finale to play with a streak, too risky. And beside that the final is not even interesting, just lame in my opinion.
  11. Had it today for the first time (prepatch). I fell right through the last plattforms in Hexagon into death.
  12. This! Exactly the same.
  13. Works normally. I have no problem quitting at Royal Fumble or anwhere else.
  14. That's highly unlikely. Trophy hunters are just a small number to overall playerbase and since I am the one who more or less "leaked" it (at least here and on another site) I can assure no one paid me or told me to reveal that method. Would've been great though to get paid for it
  15. I got the infallible trophy tonight after winning five episodes within 7 episodes! I've won the first three finals, in the fourth episode I couldn't grab the crown on Fall Mountain and left the game via options before I got eliminated, in the fifth episode we were way behind in Fall Ball and I left the game via options before I got eliminated. Two more wins in the sixth and seventh episode and the trophy popped. I was level 40 and played with two other people but I don't think that this is somehow important for the trophy. Just leave the game via options early enough before you get eliminated that should do the trick if they don't patch it.