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  1. Do you get deleted although you recently had contact like chat together or played something together? I can understand why you'd be upset about it. I personally don't mind getting deleted as long as this are no RL friends or people I had a good going online friendship with. But these are rare for me, since time is limited and you can't be good friends with everyone you occasionally met. Normally I don't even notice if someone deletes me, and I am pretty sure that a lot of people of my friend list wouldn't notice either. This thread reminds me to go through my friends list sometime soon, it's been some years since I did it last time. So many names pop up now, where I have no clue why I befriended them in the first place .
  2. I'm not surprised that the profit of used games declines with GameStop. There are just too expensive and it doesn't matter how old the game is the prices don't change. Why should I pay 30 Euros for a three year old used retail game or older if I can get it new for the same price or even much cheaper in digital sales? At least that's my experiences in several GameStops in Germany, they just never readjust prices and go with the market when it comes to used software. Every time I am somewhere shopping and there is a GameStop nearby I go in and just go through their stuff, but that's it. In seven years and so many visits to a GameStop I've bought 2 games and exchanged my normal PS4 with the Pro Model. But I don't think GameStop will go down that easily they will just rearrange with even bigger emphasis on merchandise and other stuff. Fine by me, I like to look at some cool figures. There is some pretty beautiful stuff and seeing it and comparing it in real is much better than seeing it on an online site.
  3. And another tipp: Watch the Intro after you started the game. That worked for a lot of people to get trophies to pop.
  4. The Onkiri from the Lestallum Shop is a very good weapon for early gameplay, just buy one or two. With some fire crystals from the low level bomber mission you can evolve it into the ashura wich has a pretty high damage output. If you go for the Behemoth Horn later a mace would also make sense, crushing his horn is easier with it - aim -> jump -> slash. Even without the Cid buff weapons can get pretty decent, just put anything in it which gives strength/defense. I saw a lot of people waiting with crafting for better stuff or better weapons and the Cid Buff, which is fine if you have someone to drag you through missions, otherwise it makes going through the game alone just harder because of missing strength. Two of my weapons I used when I conquered Ifrit where done early-midway just with any okayish material I've found. Later on get the Dragon Whiskers and Dancing daggers if you can from Cauthess. The latter has some nice buff, not everyone uses them but I found them incredible useful on my character even if it is limited at level 30 before you can get meteorites.
  5. In case someone doesn't want to wait for the six days to get the Cid Buff. You can replay the daily mission and get Shards and elemental stones from enemies. I accidentally screwed up my buff and just farmed 2-3 hours the dailies and went from my initial ~15 each to 60 elemental stones each. It was a rather easy one today, so idk if it will be similar with other or harder dailies. I usually got 3-6 stones and 12 to 20 shards. Everytime you have more than 50 elemental shards you can trade them into 7 of any element you need at the buff shop. Having 30% chance of getting items helps I guess. And if you want to save time you can abort the mission a few seconds before it ends. This way the item buff stays, you still get your stones and shards and less annoying loading times.
  6. If I build the dragon whiskers with a lot of laser sensors, does the negative magic and spirit stats effect my character or does it not count below zero? In two days I should be able to get the Cid Buff and hopefully have more or less all materials ready, but the negative stats is something I've been wondering about. I looked up build guides but no one adressed that.
  7. You can access it directly from the main menu. You don't have to go through any of the main game.
  8. I'm trying to complete the pantheon of Hallownest and usually I go with unbreakable strength, quick slash, quick focus and long nail, so far so good, but I want to change the combination for the later bosses like Nightmare King Grimm and Pure Vessel because I like to get hit too much. While practicing them I went with unbreakable strength, quick focus, shape of Unn and Mark of Pride and that works mostly (but unfortunately not always especially with PV) in the single boss attempts. I'm wondering if there are some better defensive builds I can try out? It should also be good for Absolute Radiance, I still have to make it to her and couldn't practice her yet, so no clue if my build would be good for her at all. Some tips would be great .
  9. You could try another romance if you have the save before commiting to Suvi, like Vetra or Jaal. It doesn't matter if the romances are on different saves in the same run. Are you all sure that Pebee counts if you just hook up with her in the chamber? Just asking because you still can have a thing with her and put her down later after the scene when she tries to get everyone to help her and I thought until now you have to proceed to this moment with her to count.
  10. No, I haven't filled the journal with all the text at that point. And I think you you mix up keen and true hunter or I don't get you.
  11. Just to be clear. I am talking about the keen hunter trophy to record all creatures not the true hunter trophy. And it popped with 145/156. I know that because I wrote down every enemy I had to find and kill multiple times afterwards for the true hunter. NKG and new enemies in Godheim not included. The True hunter I got then at 156/156.
  12. Yes, where you get the new simple key. But what I say is that this enemy with the key was my last one before the keen hunter trophy popped. So for me and my save this enemy was definitely needed, otherwise I would have gotten the trophy before I went there.
  13. But why didn't I get the trophy sooner then? The enemy is not in Godheim it is in a secret area on the normal map and since it popped right after I killed it I surely must have defeated every other journal enemy. I wasn't in Godheim before I hadn't had a key left. I don't believe any new monster within godheim counts nor NKG, but this guy for sure, at least in my case. The only thing I can imagine with your theory, is that reading the text of the Godheim door counted that monster in but I can't remember if I was there before. Idk
  14. Okay that can be. I haven't tried to beat him. But for him I think he will be at the pantheon no matter if you fought him or not. I mean I'm not there yet but I've read a lot and it was never mentioned that he wasn't included (unfortunately ). With the vanilla enemies and the hunter's journal I am not so sure that it's correct in the PS4 version. Because mine popped after I fought the guy in the secret passage at the colosseum to get that fifth simple key, which was included to get access to the godmaster content. It's not missable but it is also not a vanilla enemy. There is just the one.
  15. As far as the trophies are concerned, they pop as they should. I've banished the Grimm Troupe and got the trophy for it as well as I could complete the hunter's journal and get all charms.