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  1. I can't believe that this kind of game has a demo . I just saw it on psn store and watched some gameplay on youtube but what I saw is not that appealing. It really looks like a free to play mobile game and the music is annoying and I think 5,99 is actually to much. Now I am checking out Sigi - A Fart for Mesulina, seems more interesting .
  2. I delete Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Just to give you some opportunity to do all the fun level grinding and card finding again, isn't that nice?
  3. I've started the game a few days ago with all but one missing DLC (the one they forget to put on the disc). I've had no problem using the download code for the missing DLC directly in the Store and the game recognized the installed DLC just fine. I don't know about trophies but buying and installing DLCs should not be a problem.
  4. I'm playing Celeste. Great platfomer and I really like the story, I'm having a lot of fun so far. And I started Dragon Age: Origins. Although it's old I hope it has kind of the same impact on me than Mass Effect. I am still at the very beginning, Choosing and customizing my character took forerver. I hate (but also love) too many options
  5. I pick - A way out. I'm waiting for a sale since release. I don't know if that ever gonna happen.
  6. Good luck. Still, try to get your money back. I never did unfortunately.
  7. I did not have to buy the DLCs again. The german PSN bundle DLCs worked fine with the disc version.
  8. Yes. At least it worked for me. I borrowed the normal version from a friend and all medals were unlocked and I could get anything else.
  9. That sounds like the problem I had when I bought that version ages ago. The DLCs in that bundle are not compatible with the digital version. I can't believe they never fixed that. I had to borrow the disc version ( this is compatible to the DLCs) to completet the game.
  10. Finally 100% in Metal Gear Rising: Revengenace. That was one hell of a long journey for me...

  11. Guys, can't you just stop it. He was wrong, so what? Just leave it already. I am still hoping for a patch since I don't want to pay almost 30 Euro just to get one trophy. I know it costs money to get a patch on PSN but trophies are part of the game and they also should be patched in time and not almost a year later.
  12. ME3

    I don't think Mass Effect: Andromeda is in any circumstances a result of Mass Effect 3. ME:A was made by a whole lot of other people and a result of no clear direction and a lot of problems during development. I liked ME3 as much as the other two installments. ME:A on the other hand was not a bad game but nothing what deserves Mass Effect in the title.
  13. I know your post is a bid old but did it work? Or someone else here who can help? I've beaten Terra on normal and Ven on critical. With Aqua I also started on critical and now I'm near the endfight. These are also the ones I want to do the 100% reports (I don't want to beat MF with Terra on critical). I know I have to beat Terra on critical as well for the critical competitor trophy, but I've read there can be problems if you still have another difficulty save so I want to avoid any problems. In what order should I do the rest? 1. Just playing Terra on critical before the ending with Aqua? Or 2. After Aquas ending but before finishing final episode and deleting the normal save? Or 3. Is there another recommendation to avoid critical competitor problems?
  14. I'm asking that myself that for MONTHS now. February is loooooong gone.
  15. I like to be a completionist and I even do stuff in games I don't have to do trophy wise just to have the feeling I've seen almost everthing and I've done everything I could. It's my way to value the game. And I think it's fine to have now and then the urge to go back to incomplete games. 100% looks so good and... complete . Of course there will be stuff you may not like to do but on the other hand going back can also be fun and entertaining. Maybe there was a hard challenge you weren't motivated to and now have the time to get satisfaction out of it. Or another playthrough you didn't want to do because you were oversaturated from that game, waiting a year or so can make another run enjoyable again. What I didn't like was the time when trophy lists influenced my selection of new games for the sake of 100%. After I realised that, I forced myself to start super Meat Boy, because I knew I most likely would never complete it (for the record I still go back to that game and after years just one trophy is left for completion ). To some extend I still look at lists in advance (I don't like unobtainable trophies) but otherwise I just go with the flow of what I want and what I like. If I don't complete it right away then I may go back some other time or even years later. As long as you don't have to force yourself to play a game you have no fun with, everthing is good.