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  1. Old thread ...I know. But this game reminds me of Guardian Heroes (Sega Saturn/Xbox 360) by Treasure. Which are known for Gunstar Heroes (Genesis), Radiant Silvergun (Saturn) and Ikaruga (Gamecube). I wonder what they're up to these days 🤔
  2. Sony should have ALL TROPHIES appear across ALL CONSOLES!!!
  3. It was on Play Asia for 0.000001 of a second 😵
  4. How did you play this on Vita? Was it by purchasing the Japanese version?
  5. If you look at the current trophy list, it seems that someone Platinumed the game. Whether or not it's legitimate is uncertain.
  6. "How's your internship going, Jackie?" "Not so great." "As hard as I try to beat this dungeon, I always get my butt kicked before I reach the bottom." "Are these, like, metaphors, or..." That's gold, baby Ahahahaha! Love it when characters break the 4th wall.