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  1. Looks simple with a few fetch quest and possible single playthrough. What's your thoughts about The Medium, if you already have experience with it?
  2. Morrowind for 2022, perhaps? It would be it's 20 year anniversary. Oblivion would be great too.
  3. I wonder if the all Q's password will work for Quake 64 in here lol
  4. Still has the Trent Reznor produced soundtrack!!! NIᥢ
  5. Fighting Ex Layer! Been waiting for a sale for that game since I missed the last one *whooop whoooop!*
  6. This project seems like it's someone's tax write off.
  7. Hey Rebourne, read about you on, congratulations on popping every Final Fantasy trophy! 🎊🎉🏆

    1. Xenoblast91


      What about Fortune Street? Are you going for it too, or it doesn't count in the series as being a crossover with DQ? Congratulations too!

    2. dermarx


      Read about it on a german gaming website. Congrats, impressive achivement :yay:

    3. Rebourne07


      Thank you guys very much :) To answer the question about Fortune Street, it doesn't count because it's outside my region and I don't do out-of-region stacks or trophies of any kind. If its ever released in NA I will definitely do it!

  8. Anybody take a nice look at the photo posted with this game on the PS App? The way it has a door on the left seemingly barricaded? Jason Longfield is the known protagonist of Abandoned. Also looking through Silent Hill Fandom and what do I find? "Jason is a former soldier introduced in Among the Damned. Suffering from survivor's guilt, Jason had decided to end his life. While en route to the place he intended to carry the act out at, he runs his car off of the road to avoid hitting a figure that had darted in front of him. Since that event, Jason has suffered from a recurring nightmare. The episodes start off with him standing atop a mountain ridge with a pistol in his hand, ready to kill himself. This vision never lasts long before it transitions to the memory of the attack on Jason's unit. Rather than human combatants in his dreams, it's monsters that beset his unit. It is this dream that compels Jason to finally attempt suicide and head out to that mountain ridge in his dream. That ridge, however, lies near Silent Hill, and Jason finds himself swerving off of the road in an attempt to not hit a figure that ran out in front of his car as he passed near the town." More coincidences'? Probably. they not helping themselves 😂
  9. Uh-ooh ...PS3 games being pulled? Once they leave, they never come back. It happened with Dead Rising 2: OtR. Once it was removed, I was not able to play it again until I got my PS3 recently and bought a copy. It also happened to me with GoW 3 (PS3). I had finished the story portion on PS Now but didn't get to do a 2nd playthrough as it was removed and replaced by the remastered version.
  10. I suppose anything printed by Limited Run and Strictly Limited Games, but most of those are available digitally also. I also already seen prices for Berserk and the Band of the Hawk up well over $100. I also never saw it on sale on the PS Store. Same goes for physical copies of Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 (PS4).
  11. Master Beggar Race?! 😀
  12. The Show 17 is closing in a couple weeks. It seems that MLB The Show servers last about 4 years.
  13. I think there's potential for that. Because I don't if you've heard of a company named Arcade 1UP that has replica arcade units of games of past games that I personally thought we're impossible to license, to purchase. I wouldn't pay the couple hundred $$$ for these units but they're pretty cool and give me hope that we could get them digitally in the future! They have the games you mentioned; released or coming soon.
  14. Anybody downloaded these maps? If yes, How are they to you?
  15. When it comes to FPS games, I didn't want another COD game. But if it was Far Cry 3/4/5/Primal/New Dawn I would've totally been down. I'll take A Plague's Tale though until I get a PS5.