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  1. Sora - Kingdom Hearts
  2. Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure
  3. Hey, welcome to the forums
  4. I dont really know if it counts as a "tv" show if its only on Netflix, but ive been watching Orange is the New Black, and its one of the best shows ive seen in a long while.
  5. Tess - The Last Of Us
  6. Hey there, welcome to the site
  7. Clicker Make up artist can be found here
  8. Hey Paul, welcome to the site
  9. Hey, welcome to the site
  10. Are you saying that if youre unable to move then to reload the checkpoint?
  11. I think im finally get the hang of TLOU multiplayer c:

  12. Ahhh really? You can kind of force dragamuffins to spawn at the glittering grotto for those (assuming youve gotten that far?), although theyre still kind of a pain to get. Or have you already collected the scrolls now?