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  1. Which levels do you still need to do?
  2. Level 7 was one of the levels I did with a partner. Was way easier and only took around 5 minutes since you can kill twice the amount of enemies as a single person would. And yes, the game certainly does not back down from difficulty from there on out haha. Many of these levels are ridiculous with the amount of deaths you accumulate.
  3. I did all of the levels on 1.08, many of them solo, but my strategy for nearly all of them was brute forcing, so unfortunately I can’t help much in terms of strategy besides some specific things on certain levels. You can find some people on YouTube who show how to beat every level on nightmare for the pc version, but they assume that you are always carrying over weapons from the previous levels, which is usually unrealistic. What you would want is a pistol start guide for each level, but for most levels, pistol start is extremely unrealistic without dying many times, which is why these guides barely exist. This is why I brute forced most levels, as it is often the only option. Anyways, if you need tips on a certain level, feel free to ask. There are sometimes little things that can make brute forcing easier.
  4. I have heard that you can start at 28 and still be fully set up for 29, but the guide I watched started at 27, so I got very comfortable with that and didn’t want to change.
  5. Extremely tough to do, and I failed many times, but here you guys go! Feel free to use this as a template for your runs. Hopefully it helps! My nightmare trophy has sadly not popped yet, but I’m going to run through some levels I’m concerned I didn’t do. Hopefully it works! Edit: Ran through about 15 random maps again on nightmare and the platinum popped on map 26 (:
  6. Just saw that. Definitely going to pick it up since I doubt there will ever be a better chance. The 100% is going to be my longest completion time ever.
  7. Makes sense that nobody is finished if there is a ton of new content. Otherwise it would be very surprising to me considering people are saying the list isn’t too tough due to save abuse, and as a comparison, a handful of people had the platinum for Doom 1993 within a couple days, so I expected the same story with Quake.
  8. Why is nobody close to the platinum yet? You would figure that veterans of Quake would have finished release day, but there are so many trophies at 0%, a lot of them seemingly easy. Are some of the trophies glitched?
  9. What’s the best way to go about this besides playing legit? Is boosting even practical? What about the custom lobbies? This game is fun and all but I don’t enjoy it enough to the point of winning 1047 games naturally.
  10. I did this less than a month ago and only had to do around 850 notes for some reason.
  11. I should have asked this earlier, but was this data stored in the past? The reason I ask is because I don’t understand how Sly made all of those graphs without having stored data. Did he just start manually tracking it at a certain point and then begin making the graphs in the future?
  12. That’s an extremely vague way of putting it, which is why it would be cool to actually know the specifics of each trophy.
  13. Alright then, I guess it isn’t feasible then if the data isn’t tracked. I would have to disagree with the reasoning Sly gave for removing the feature though because plenty of games have trophies that change in rarity drastically months after coming out. For example, pretty much every ps plus game, as well as games with a low amount of owners where a handful of people earning a trophy will change it quite a bit. An example of this is the game Verdun. Never was free but went from a 0.37% platinum to a 0.56% in a short amount of time.
  14. I was surprised to not see this suggested before (maybe it was, but I didn’t find it). I think it would be cool to click on a trophy and see the history of its rarity. This could also be applied to the rarity of 100% achievers. I’m not much of a tech guy, so I don’t know if this is even a feasible suggestion, but I would assume the website keeps past information, so hopefully it is doable. That’s all, thanks. Let me know what you guys think.
  15. It’s not glitched, but it is hard and relatively grindy. It’s also a free game which heavily contributes to the rarity. You’ll want a group of 5 players for the spec ops mission on hard and for the HQ mission.