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  1. The latest mode is Search and Destroy, but this gamemode is very hard to win afaik and takes a while, so there is no reason to play it. The best gamemode for wins is Last Man Standing, usually there's only a few other players, and they generally are bad at the game. I've won matches in less than a minute before.
  2. I believe I had around 70 wins in LMS and 30 in TDM, so it couldn’t have been that. I think they must have made a patch where any mode counts towards the wins now.
  3. The wins actually do count if you do them in LMS, as well as the time played. I had to win one extra match in tdm for the trophy to pop though.
  4. New hidden dlc trophy this update, complete Modern Warfare on Mein Leben difficulty.
  5. Yes, the game crashes every time I die sometimes on certain checkpoints. You can fix this by getting to the next checkpoint but it will probably happen again later on if you die a decent amount on a certain checkpoint. I find it unbelievable that their game is this broken even after the update...
  6. Trust me, Homefront is not 20 hours of multiplayer. The multiplayer takes 5 hours max. You only have to max out one of the classes (I think it’s the survival one), and the trophy for all will pop.
  7. I tried playing today and got black screened. I’m using the ps4 slim so maybe it’s only fixed for the more powerful consoles.
  8. Is there any boosting method for quick wins, or am I going to need to just do it legit? EDIT: I found that Last Man Standing is a pretty easy and quick way to get wins, do these wins count towards the trophy, or only the TDM wins? Also, does time played in Last Man Standing count towards the 30 hours or no?
  9. I mean, you can play the campaign, but you’ll barely get past one checkpoint if your lucky before a black screen hits, so it will be a very painful process. Best to just wait until they fix the game, there’s no way they will just leave it as it is, that would be ridiculous. So for the time being, downgrading is the only practical way to earn the platinum.
  10. Just a basic question, what are your thoughts on this game? Is it fun to go for the platinum?
  11. It has been a week since anyone has earned the platinum, that's how bad the situation is. I guess I was wrong when I said the game was virtually unplayable, the correct term would be completely unplayable, as Sheep-Man said.
  12. I have read about others suffering this problem on Reddit, but I’m also wondering if you guys are experiencing it, and if there is a possible fix, I would like to know. Essentially every time I try to play a campaign level, the game will freeze up and all I can see is a black screen within 5 minutes of any level. This forces me to close the application, but when I do that, it freezes the entire console, forcing me to do a hard reset (unplug console). Extremely frustrating to pay for a game and not be able to play it. I have tried restarting console. I have tried deleting all saved data. I have tried deleting everything and reinstalling multiple times. I have tried playing 1.00, but it won’t let me play campaign. I have tried fiddling with graphics settings but to no avail.
  13. New problem: For the past couple days I have not been able to load into any campaign level, even if I leave it loading for an hour. I have tried deleting data but nothing will work. Anyone know a fix?
  14. Thank you so much man, I was losing my mind.
  15. Killzone Mercenary is still up, so I would say don't worry about Shadowfall until at least a Mercenary shutdown is announced. Worst case scenario is they announce the shutdown for both games simultaneously, but more than likely, Mercenary will be first.