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  1. This game actually looks pretty good, so I was thinking of picking it up soon. But as you can tell from the title, I’m slightly worried that this game will be a boring grind because the rarest trophies are all grind-based. So, how bad is the grind?
  2. Boosting this game is kind of pointless. You need to get to rank 30 anyway, so you might as well just get all the versus trophies along the way. I guess if you can’t find a match for a certain gamemode, you can try to get some friends to queue up with you. Other than that, there’s really no purpose in boosting, and it won’t really make the game faster. The only thing you need other players for is the special operations and co-op, but I wouldn’t consider that boosting.
  3. Good job getting that data. I used the data from the third game to find what the increase percentage of total zombies killed were. 1-2: N/A 2-3: 320% increase 3-4: 168.75% increase 4-5: 148.15% increase 5-6: 137.50% increase 6-7: 120.00% increase 7-8: 127.27% increase 8-9: 133.33% increase 9-10: 135.71% increase 10-11: 125.00% increase 11-12: 115.79% increase 12-13: 130.91% increase 13-14: 137.50 increase 14-15: 141.41% increase 15-16: 160.71% increase Average: 150.15% increase The percentage seems to start off high and then go to it’s lowest at 11-12. It then begins to increase every time with some exceptions, but I would assume that it keeps increasing after 15-16. I’m not sure exactly what the increase percentage would be after that, but since we ended off with 141.141 to 160.71, and it seems that it will continue increasing with the gaps getting bigger, I’ll use some arbitrary numbers that I think could be close. Let’s say the next 4 percentages are 183%, 210%, 249%, and 296%. With these percentages, you can expect the total amount of zombies each round to look like this. 16-17: 1647 17-18: 3458 18-19: 8610 19-20: 25485 As you can tell, these numbers are ridiculously high, and I can’t expect anyone to ever reach them. Hopefully I am wrong about all of this, and it actually doesn’t keep increasing at a rate like that. I’m not that great at math, so hopefully someone could come in and actually figure out a sort of formula to determine the real numbers. Just to let you know, the level doesn’t always change because of a zombie you killed, as it can sometimes change while you aren’t even killing a zombie. For this reason, I think time is involved in all of this in some way.
  4. Well, how many zombies are in each level up to 15? If you can give that information, maybe a formula can be determined, so we can apply that to level 19 and figure out how many zombies will need to be killed to reach round 20.
  5. I’m in Canada and I just checked. It seems you may be right because I found two ps4 versions of the original PvZ on the store. However, one weird thing I noticed is that both of them are labelled as a “Level” instead of a full game. I loved this game as a child and my only PlayStation device is a PS4, so I hope the game actually works. Here are the screenshots (I made them into GIF’s to show them here: https://giphy.com/gifs/50oShiUJG8gdvlZsOn https://giphy.com/gifs/WDXohj6XfmEv8GDCAj EDIT: Wow I guess it flew over my head that it’s a pinball level. I need to read better haha. According to some comments in that video, the game only released in Malaysia for a short time before being delisted. I assume it’s possible that they accidentally released the game and wanted to release it later, so maybe there is still hope. My best guess is that it will release in May, since that is when the birthday of PvZ takes place.
  6. I just thought of another suggestion, this one regarding the image thumbnail for Tannenberg. Currently, the thumbnail is pretty bad and I think anyone could admit that. It doesn’t follow the format of Verdun and is simply a zoomed out image of randomness. Luckily, there is an image that follows a very similar format (the image is bigger, but can easily be cropped) of Verdun and looks a lot better in my opinion, but you guys can decide. Here it is: Here is the current thumbnail for Verdun as comparison:
  7. This isn’t a trophy list update, but this is the closest thread I can find to what I want to suggest, which is the creation of a series including Verdun, Tannenberg (NA), and Tannenberg (EU). Another game in the series named “Isonzo” is planned to release this year. For the name of the series, I would suggest calling it “WW1 Game Series”, as that is what the developers call it.
  8. What do you guys think about these trophies? Looks just as hard if not more hard than SMB.
  9. I see that you have the 100% now, so I’m wondering if you had to get the statistic to 50,000 earned GP or if the Bread Winner trophy simply popped for you? I’m stuck at 7935 earned GP even though I’ve earned way more. Thanks, I know this is a very late reply.
  10. Operation7 Showdown will be delisted on 1/6/2021, and the servers will be shutdown on 1/8/2021. It’s pretty sad when a games servers don’t even last a year. Source: http://op7showdown.com/board/news/news_view.php?no=320
  11. The guide states that you can check how much GP you’ve earned in statistics, but it says I’ve only earned 4110 GP even though I know I’ve earned way more than that. Does this trophy only pop if I get that buggy statistic to 50,000, or will it pop when I actually earn 50,000 in total?
  12. Well the only way I was able to get it was when I wasn’t playing as an NCO, so it seems that you had the complete opposite experience for some reason.
  13. Can the trophies “Prolific Creators” and “Full House” be obtained in an online match if you have 6 people? I can’t get access to 6 devices so this is the only option besides using an emulator which I found to not work. Thanks.
  14. Are you sure you are referring to the correct medal? You don’t need to be an NCO to earn that medal, you need to be anyone who isn’t an NCO.
  15. You have to play as anyone except for the NCO. Simply stay in the yellow circle shown on the mini-map (NCO’s aura) and get as much score as possible (will mostly come from kills). I’m sure you know to play on Asian servers by now.